Wintertime is Rejuvenation time

Why You should not Diet in Winter

If your new year’s resolution involved dieting, you might want to wait. The Winter season is NOT the best time to diet according to Ayurveda. Which means: if you do start a diet, the likelihood of losing weight is slim; and/or of discontinuing your diet and giving up on your new year’s resolutions is also […]

Why Choose SVA?

Because we offer Pranic, distinct Formulations and Ayurvedic services, to help you stay on top of your health and happiness. This New Year, treat yourself. Discover SVA: a treasure-trove of practical and safe ayurvedic knowledge, tips, and formulations, to help you make the most out of your days, your years, your life! Surf on to […]

Sweet Sesame Crunch

DIVYA’S KITCHEN –Ayurvedic Cuisine with a Master Chef’s Creative Design

Chef Divya Alter opens holistic kitchen, serving invigorating and delicious foods that will help calm your mind and energize your body New York (December 2016) – Food trends come and go, but preserving your health is ongoing. For this reason (and much more) we are proud to introduce the newest addition to the East Village, an […]

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The One and Only New Year Resolution You Will Ever Need

New beginnings inspire resolutions, a renewed promise to oneself to secure the happiness that seems to elude us day after day – perhaps it will come through losing a few pounds; quitting the caffeine addiction; allowing for (more) me-time; making time to help those less fortunate…. How come these heart-felt resolutions fail within the first […]

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