Rudraksha strung in gold

The late Trigunaji, a well-known Indian Ayurvedic doctor, once prescribed Rudraksha beads strung in gold. I have worn them since then, but I have wondered what that could have been a prescription for? Do you have some idea? I have been curious ever since.
Vaidya replies:
Dear Jeffrey: the terms “rudraksha” comes from rudra which means shiva, and kasha which means eyes. So in general, if you consider the meaning of the name – eyes of Lord Shiva – you can understand that wearing or having a mala or necklace of these beads is considered very auspicious. Why? They are known to help keep an individual connected to their own inner balancing intelligence, and also to help enhance the effect of any yogic sadhana or practice – meditation, etc.  In addition, it is believe that the vibration of the rudraksha bead supports the nervous system, as well as the rhythm of the heart. Since it is master Vaidya Trigunaji himself who recommended that you wear these beads strung in gold, he must have seen in your pulse that it would be additionally beneficial for you. This is great fortune, so keep on wearing them mindfully – remove when bathing or using the restroom, or sleeping at night.