Question about dark arm pits/belly fat…


“I am very thankful to Vaidyaraj Ji for giving a tremendous advices through his blog. I just started last night reading his whole blog! I got so much interested and keep going until the last page. Wonderful information provided. That inspired me to ask couple of questions for myself. I hope Vaidyarajji has time to answer. It will be very helpful. My question is I am trying to reduce my tummy since two years. I have a tummy like I am 9 month pregnant. And this is since last 20 years. I have tried many things but it just not go away. I am sure Ayurveda must have some sort of solution that can remove bulging belly forever. Vaidyarajji, could you please advice me on this. Also another question, I have dark arm pit and lots of skin tag there. What is remedy for this? Thank you very much in advance for your time.”
Vaidya replies:
“Dear Hetal: from your description it seems like you have a lot of toxins accumulated in your fat tissue, that is why when you sweat, the toxins come out through the armpits – sweat detoxifies the fat tissues – and your armpits get dark. The same thing applies to the fat on your belly, fat accumulated on the belly is usually mostly toxins accumulated in the fat tissue. I recommend you call Dr Teitelbaum who is an expert SVA practitioner and have an ayurvedic phone consultation with her so she can guide you to adopt a full and effective ayurvedic protocol. Her number is: 1.856. 786.3330. Thank you.