Happy Navaratri! Here’s to new beginnings…

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms!” as a poet once said. Think about it: don’t we all live through the stories we tell ourselves in our minds? Our stories make us who we are, and we evolve as our self-woven stories evolve!
Vedic culture acknolwedges the power of stories and their role in helping us live up to our potential. One of the most important stories is the story of Navaratri, the story of victory after a fierce battle fought for 9 nights, by Shakti Devi, to liberate us from our own “pragyaparadh” – the “mistake of the intellect,” that shadow of delusion that keeps us thinking we are separate from the All, we are mortal, we are
not here to share bliss, and have more bliss!

Vaidya Mishra has been celebrating Navaratri every year, as taught to him by his maternal grandparent, since he was 14 years old. Every year, he takes time off to  complete this ancient ritual for 9 days, reciting all the chapters of the story in Sanskrit.
Tonight is the 8th night, it is the night of the final battle between Shakti Devi and the demons of delusion and self-deprecation. It is the night that concludes with joyful revelation. Tomorrow Friday is known as Vijayadashmi, the day of Victory.
Navaratri is a celebration of life and bliss! It reminds us that, despite any hardships or any challenges, we can always rise to the occasion and live in bliss, when we live life in accordance with the laws of Nature. How? Ayurveda teaches us what those laws are and how we can live in synch with the laws of Nature.
In celebration of this, and so many more wonderful vedic stories that enrich our lives, we invite you to change your story, and live up to your potential 200%!
Get inspired: watch Vaidya Mishra’s lecture from the 6th Ayurvedic SVA Cafe below.
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