Why Do We Get Dry Itchy Skin In Winter? PLUS: Meet Sofia: Your SVA Wellness & Reflexology Expert; SPRING DETOX – Open Enrollment – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter March 2, 2023 – #8, Vol 12

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Why do we get Dry Itchy Skin in the Wintertime?

Despite the abundance of lubricating and nurturing soma in the environment during the wintertime, a lot of people suffer from dry, flaky, and itchy skin. Skin is the barrier between the external environment and the body. Skin’s health and appearance is regulated by three sub-doshas. Vyana vata governs circulation in the skin and modulates the sense of touch. Bhrajaka pitta governs skin temperature and the biochemical processes that occur in the skin. Whatever touches the skin, including sunshine or cold winds, gets “cooked” on the surface of the skin by bhrajaka pitta. Bhrajaka pitta supplies fuel for the bhrajaka agni flame that “fries” the material topically applied to the skin so that it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Sleshaka kapha regulates moisture levels and lubrication. 

In the winter season, the reception of Soma from nature increases. The skin absorbs soma through vibrational channels called “Loma Randra,” which are connected to the medium layer of the skin. When the overall physical channels are clogged, agni is localized in the stomach and not freely flowing in the body, so as a result bhrajaka agni is not able to “cook” and process the environmental soma. This, in turn, limits the vyana vata’s ability of circulate soma evenly. As a result sleshaka kapha creates pocket of condensed lubrication, which further freeze the channels and create dryness. Because of vata’s cold and dry quality, the skin gets especially dry in the winter time. In addition, the condensed heat adds to the dryness and makes the skin flaky and itchy. 

Winter skin has unique needs. Proper winter skin care has to be able to open and moisturize the channels. Skin care should be 100% free of synthetic fragrance and chemical preservatives. 

Discover Vaidya’s full line of massage oils that will help circulation overall, improve thermogenesis (no more cold hands and feet!) and also nourish depending on the type of blend you choose. Ashwagandha to help calm your nervous system, Vit D to nourish and support bone, the rasayana oils for men or women’s physiology, or ALA to address inflammation, or Magnesium for overall enhanced support for the muscle tissue and so much more! 

Receive a free Winter Soap bar rich with physical and vibrational channel opening herbs such as: ayurvedic ginger, wild amla, Indian sarsaparilla, bone herb, sensitive plant, nutmeg, basil, rosemary, cinnamon, saffron, pushkarmool, green cardamom, all-price, patchouli, parijat, clove leaf AND fennel. This soap will not only give you an instant thermogenic experience of open channels but will also support the flow of prana. 

Here’s to your radiant winter skin health! 

Have you had a consultation on your lifestyle, diet, or daily routine based on SV Ayurveda yet? Or a revitalizing session of Reflexology? Delay no further… 

Sofia Ianovskaia is the owner of Ayurvedic Insights Lifestyle Consultations and Massage Therapy/Reflexology.  

Graduate of Kerala Ayurveda Academy, The American Academy of Reflexology, and A2Z Health.net Massage Schools. 

Certified Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, Certified Massage Therapist (#41159), Certified Advanced Ear Hand and Foot Reflexologist, and World Reflexology Foundation Trainer.  

She has undergone an extensive internship with Vaidya Mishra (www.vaidyamishra.com) learning SVA Shaka Vansya Ayurveda principles.

Sofia shares her wisdom and knowledge of Ayurveda and Reflexology through educational workshops on diet, daily routine, lifestyle, and self-help/family-help techniques.  Sofia is available for private wellness consultations and reflexology as well as presentations at various organizations and community centers. 

Sofia was featured in VoyageLa magazine: click here to read more

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