We ALL Need MORE Ayurveda! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Jan 18, 2024, #1, Vol 13

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Sunday January 14th, 2024 was “makar sangkranti” day – this is the day the sun initiates its northbound journey for 6 months, until it reaches its apex in June and then travels back down South again. The northbound journey of the sun is considered very auspicious, and this day is referred to as “the day of the Devata-s” – it accompanies the gradual re-awakening of nature from its deep winter slumber.

So what does this mean for you, personally, in your day to day life, according to SV Ayurveda? Vaidya Mishra used to say that Winter is our BEST time for total health! In the winter time when our physical channels or shrotas are shrunk, agni gets trapped in our body and goes high, we thus experience more sharper hunger and not only crave more soma-full foods (heavier more nourishing and also more sweet) but we also digest and metabolize them better. What does this mean in practical terms? That wintertime is NOT the time to start a weight-loss diet after the holidays! That you should NEVER jumpstart your new year by adopting detox protocols, because you will be going against nature and create confusion and undue stress in your body. And you are probably familiar with the fact that most post-holiday diets and weight-loss routine fail anyways! 

However, what you CAN do, is start adopting good ayurvedic routine protocols – go to bed by 9:30pm to stay aligned with the circadian cycles and get fully rejuvenated and make ojas every night; NEVER skip or delay meals so as not to imbalance your digestive fire and make toxins (ama) and end up with a cold; eat fresh prana-full balanced meals with all 6 tastes present; etc.

It’s a new year, a new beginning, and we are all inspired to make it better than the last, but you need more guidance on how to ayurvedize (!) your life fully? Why not get an ayurvedic consult with Dr Teitelbaum?

Here’s to new beginnings, and may yours be fabulous!

~ Namaste!


We ALL Need (more) Ayurveda!

~ Dr Marianne Teitelbaum

Learn to think outside the box! Did you know that the underlying cause of most health problems is far removed from where the symptom is? For example, the root cause of toenail fungus lies in the gut and the liver: if you only treat it with anti-fungal creams you will be ignoring your body’s call for help in fixing the gut microbiome and the liver functions. The root cause of PCOS lies in the thyroid and gall bladder: if you administer birth control pills and metformin to treat it, you will be burying the patient deeper into the ditch they need to come out of. The root cause of acid reflux has its origins in the upward flow of apana, the energy located in the pelvic region which moves the food downward. If you just take the acid away using PPI’s (acid reflux medicine) you will worsen the situation by taking away the stomach acid when that’s not the causative problem. Hashimoto’s is caused by disturbance in the gut, liver, and bone marrow. if you incorrectly think of this as a thyroid problem, you will be going down the wrong path and administering thyroid hormones which actually weaken the thyroid and do nothing to correct the misguided functioning of the immune system. So we have to learn to think big and wholistically instead of just zooming in on the detail and symptom, and try to eliminate/suppress

it. We have seen now for so many decades how addressing the symptom rather than the root cause – or the “hetu” as ayurveda calls it – can bring more harm than good in the long run, not to mention the side-effects of any pharmaceuticals involved. Allopathy is necessary and can be life-saving in many instances. But coupling it with ayurvedic wisdom and protocols works 200% towards helping the patient: THIS has been my experience for the past 20 years. I invite you to start your new year by bringing in more ayurveda into your life!

Dr Marianne Teitelbaum



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