Upcoming SVA Events Online & in-person: Ayurveda Life Mastery with Traci – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Dec 12, 2019 – #48 Vol 9

Join Traci’s February 2020 Cohort of Ayurveda Health & Life Coaches in training…

Overextended serial-givers, yogis, moms, multi-passionate wellness pros, & self-improvement junkies, are you tired of never having enough time & energy at the end of the day to give to yourself?
Are you ready to create the radiant health you know you deserve and need, to be of greater service in the world? Wanna really make a difference, not just a living?
If you’re a multi-passionate serial giver who is ready to anchor into the daily nourishing routines of Ayurveda and Yoga and are ready to evolve your nutrition, lifestyle choices & relationships, it’s time for you to receive the ongoing 1-on-1 guidance and caring community support you deserve to bridge the confusing gap between where you are currently and who it is you’re leaping into…
* Deepen your Ayurvedic knowledge and tool chest 
* Experience transformational life-coaching skills, mindset philosophy and practices
* Evolve your lifestyle choices, limiting beliefs, relationships, time-management skills & more
Program Bonuses:
SVAyurveda Cooking Immersion
Ayurveda Aromatherapy Immersion 
Ayurveda Self-Care & Life Visioning Immersion
Ayurveda Assessment Skills Immersion
Ayurveda Coaching Internship & Monthly Community Clinics 
Monthly 1-on-1 Ayurveda Health & Life Coaching Sessions with certified Ayurvedic Practitioners & Coaches
* Online & In−person Options.
* Affordable Monthly Payment Plan Option Now Available.
Traci is a long time student of our beloved Vaidya Mishra whose lineage knowledge she joyfully and respectfully passes on in all of her programs and trainings. 
Dates: Starts February 5, 2020
Serious about wanting BIG CHANGES IN 2020, take the first step…Schedule a discovery call below to get clarity around your next chapter and discover if our program is the right fit to help you get there:
* MENTION “Chandi” code during your discovery call to receive $100 course discount and to support Chandi C,
Learn More or Register Directly Here:

The holidays are a special time but they can specially stressful too – too much happening too fast! This holiday season, you can breathe-in and stay grounded with our unique Stress-Free Oral Mist – it’s as powerful as it’s effective and you’ll experience the difference in seconds…
How does it work?
A water-based oral mist (spray) that works literally within seconds, as it supplies the intelligence of the herbal synergy through trans-mucosal delivery, supporting the mind to cope with day-to-day stress. The oral mist contains the “intelligence” of the herbs in homeopathic doses, making the formula even easier to be accepted by the stressed physiology. 
What does it contain? 
Ashwagandha: the famous adaptogenic plant to help the mind and nervous system settle down and not overreact in response to high stress;
Gotu Kola, also called “mandook parni” in ayurveda, is a kind of “brahmi” (Bacopa monnieri). It shares in the “medhya” properties of “brahmi.” “Medhya” means a plant that supports the mind’s activity in all its aspects, by increasing the coordination amongst the 3 aspects of the mind: dhi, dritti, and smritti. Dhi: increases the power of acquiring knowledge;  
Dritti: is the power of retaining or storing knowledge;
Smritti: is the power of recalling knowledge. When dhi-dritti-smritti are functioning optimally, the mind is able to cope with stress optimally as well. And the opposite is also true. 
Bacopa Monnieri in Ayurveda is called “aindri.” It is another kind of brahmi that is very cooling and has a relaxing effect on the mind. It is also known for supporting the functioning of dhi-dritti-smritti, like Gotu Kola. 
Jatamansi (Nardostachys) is a famous ayurvedic herb, similar to Indian Valerian, known for being a great antidote for mental stress.
This unique combination of 4 calming herbs, along with an easy-to-use fast and effective delivery system will help you relax, as well as give you a more alert and sharp mind, so you can handle the stress that inevitably accompanies holiday bliss.
Whenever you feel stress or ungrounded, spray 3-5 times into oral cavity. Do not use more than 5 times in a day.
Disclaimer: the above information is for educational purposes only. The products have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any known or unknown medical conditions.

the SVA EMF Workshop
Taught on Saturday Nov 23, 2019
1-3pm at Revelations Café in Fairfield IA
is now available online
to sign-up (reigstration – $35) and get access, please email:

Sattva Vijaya Counseling 
Rose Carol
These sessions are not a substitute for psychotherapy. They are SVA educational sessions with a personalized approach to give you tools that initiate a process of self-inquiry to help you re-discover and draw upon your own self referral inner blissful self. They are sessions augmented with (ayur)vedic tools and guidelines. Vaidya Mishra initiated Rose into the knowledge of “sattva vijaya” – ayurvedic psychology that uses SVA precepts to heal heart and mind – many years ago during her training with him. She then went on to further specialize in the field of psychology and clinical therapy.
More About Rose Carol
Rose graduated from Pacifica Graduate Institute with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. She completed her Marriage and Family Counselor Internship in Oakland California. She then worked at JFK Counseling Center as well as worked and trained in John Bradshaw’s Inner Child Healing at the Center for Creative Growth in Berkeley California. She has worked with dually diagnosed individuals at Options of Southern Oregon. Further counseling experience includes grief counseling in Ashland, OR. In the 1980’s she attended Maharishi International University where she studied Vedic Science. She studied and personally mentored with master Ayurvedic healer Vaidya Ramakant Mishra since 1997 and is certified by him as a SVA practitioner. She completed a 600-hour massage therapy curriculum in 2004 and is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist as well. 
 Call Rose directly for questions or to set up an appointment at:
(847)636- 2744

Ready to Get Away in 2020?
A Treasure trove
Vaidya’s SVA knowledge
now available
on-line on

As we continue to make the SVA Library of Knowledge more easily accessible, we are happy to announce that SVA Cafe Serieslive lectures by Vaidya given over a span of several years – is now available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.
Join Vaidya Mishra and take a deep dive into the wonderful knowledge that distinguishes SVAyurveda from the rest. 
Enjoy 14-hour-long lectures on some of the most important topics in Ayurveda. Everything from Daily SVA Living to Marma Massage to Probiotics, Detox and more!
Absorbing this information will instill within you a much greater awareness of all aspects in the SVA Universe and help you to better understand your specific situation, what questions to ask your SVA Practitioner and to discover new products that could deliver a great boost to your vitality. 
If you do download and enjoy any of Vaidyas material, please give us a review to help spread the SVA Knowledge even farther!… Enjoy!!!

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