The Great Reckoning! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Dec 31, 2020 – #51, Vol 10

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2020 was the year of the great reckoning – personally and collectively. It forced many of us into a pause, leading us to reconsider everything: what we do who we are and what our role/dharma is in this globalized world. But no need to mince on words: it was also in many ways a violent-tragic-difficult year. It also took away many of our individual liberties and wrought havoc into our societal, familial, cultural, financial structures, forcing us to reinvent ourselves, through technology, in order to adapt but also survive. In that sense however, perhaps it gave us a chance to breathe – no puns intended – by freeing us from our daily stress-driven rigid time constraints, commitments, agendas, allowing us to re-evaluate our lives and our priorities, bringing to light patterns that no longer served us. 
2020 could thus have been a year of radical new beginnings. We can’t deny it initiated a “great reset” of some sort. And while we may still not be clear on where it – and we – are all headed, as we ring in 2021, may we pray to have eyes that see – always – the best in people and situations; may we speak only sweet truths; and may we ayurvedically nurture a balanced mind that stays always grounded in an open heart.
We are indeed fortunate to have access to Ayurveda, the timeless vedic wisdom of humanity, to help us stay on path in every way. At Vaidya Mishra’s Prana center, we are humbled by the opportunity to continue to serve our global community of SV ayurvedic followers, therapists, doctors, and educators. 
We look forward to growing together – in always more bliss and balance – in the days and months to come, as we continue to offer Vaidya’s Mishra’s exquisite formulations and SVA knowledge courses to help you surf the waves of the future in confidence and with grace.
Wishing you all a blessed blissful new 2021 year.

We concluded our live assessment sessions yesterday with flying colors – CONGRATULATIONS to all who worked so hard to see this course through! YOU DID IT! We will be holding a virtual graduation ceremony in the New Year. More details coming sooooooon!
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