SVA Remedy for Eye Floaters?

“Please provide medicine for eye floaters. I am 27 years old and facing this problem since last six months. It seems that there are many transparent ‘strings’ floating in both eyes.  The shapes of the floaters are like dark specks…. Thank you. Ashish”

Vaidya: Dear Ashish, I would first highly recommend you get your eyes checked. Go to a licensed optometrist to rule out any specific eye problems you might be having. Many different medical conditions can cause floaters in the eyes, so you will need to find out if any is affecting your health right now.

Otherwise, I have put together several SVA formulations to help keep our eyes refreshed and in balance daily. For overall support to the eyes, we have the new Soma Netra Eye Drops with Organic Rose.  This drop pacifies alochaka pitta, the fire/me

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tabolic principle that govern the eyes. The drops also balance vyana vata, prana vata, and sadhaka pitta.  Alochaka aggravation contributes to the manifestation of floaters.  You may also be able to help this situation by doing my SVA Eye Marma protocol with the ALA Aroma-Free Cream. This will improve overall circulation to the eyes and supply more pranic energy.  You should also use my Triphala

Ghee – as directed – to nourish and lubricate the eyes.  SVA™ Self Marma Eye-Care with ALA Cream – Aroma Free & Why Use Triphala Ghee for the Eyes.  Lastly take care of your eyes by minimizing use of computers, cell phones, too much tv, etc. Or when you have to, for a reason or another, give youreyes a break every 45 minutes – find a distant point on the horizon and start at it to help relax the eye muscles. The Soma Netra Drops can also be used more frequently when you are doing intense computer work. Finally, protext from too much sun exposure – wear sunglasses whenever you go out in bright sunlight, or tinted anti-glare glasses even indoors if you wear reading glasses.

You can also do a wash with Triphala tablets – crush 1-2 tablets of triphala, add some warm water, soak in a piece of cloth or a small towel, and apply on your eyes and wipe. Repeat several times. Do this at night before bed to help relieve eye fatigue.


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