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FREE Wristlet filled with Samplers – total value of $70 (with minimum purchase of $251)

Stepping back into our active lifestyles after the unexpected hiatus may seem stressful even though so very welcome! Keep things flowing and blissful by maintaining a good daily routine – diet, sleep, exercise. And pack in some SVA essentials on the go! Here is a gift of 100% cotton pouch filled with favorite SVA samplers – best-selling items from Vaidya Mishra’s ayurvedic treasure-trove (FREE with minimum purchase of $251 or more – otherwise actual value of $70). Scroll down to find out more.
Daily stress can be tough on the srotas and nadis resulting in body aches, stiffness, or overall dosha imbalance. In addition, stiff or aggravated channels can cause undue stress and further imbalances. Apply Prana Flow on cervical area, shoulders, lower back, pulse, and feet/legs and breeeeeeaaaathe! Or apply on tight muscles and massage in for an immediate relaxation experience.
Caution: Prana Flow is slightly thermogenic, if this is your first time using, test it on your wrist first before applying on cervical and lower back areas. It’s ok to use on the feet and legs right away.
Experience the health benefits of essential oils and calm your mind within seconds – WITHOUT causing discomfort to those around you. Just unscrew and breath in all the goodness of floral and herb essences and revitalize within moments.
Made with 0% alcohol yet full of the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of wholesome ayurvedic herbs and botanicals. Use it on the go in public places to shield and moisturize your hands.
Don’t sweat it! With Vaidya Mishra’s Transdermal Vit D products, we’ve got you covered – inside’n out! Specially with the Vit D Deodorant (roll-on or paste) for him or for her. An essential on the road, it will keep you nourished with non-cruelty based sustainably derived Vit D from sheep lanolin – safe and effective for vegetarians too. Plus it smells wonderful and works like a charm!
Made with fresh ground turmeric in a base of organic shea butter. Turmeric is traditionally used to support immunity and enhance the body’s glow transdermally. Discover goodness in a bar!
We all need a pick-me-up during the day. Experience the bliss of the heart and keep going with this exquisite floral blend: keep your heart lotus open and minimize mental stress. Apply on your wrists and behind ear lobes for a full experience.
When you are busy sometimes you have to eat out and yet don’t want to miss out on your favorite spices and anti-oxidants? Now you can carry Mom’s Masala and sprinkle it on your food wherever you go and never miss out on flavor!
Nourishing yourself becomes tricky on a full schedule, and yet you need good pranic food to maintain productivity! Try Vaidya Mishra’s protein powder to experience the bounty of Mother Nature: make an instant savory or sweet shake and keep going going going….
Magnesium is an essential element that aids not only in maintaining proper flow in your muscle tissue, attenuating tightness and cramping, but it is a great stress buster, as well as sleep-enhancer. Roll it on your calf muscles or apply on your pulse through the day for an immediate experience.
Discover organic flavors in an edible base. Brushing your teeth was never so much fun or so delicious! But also FREE from toxins and chemicals and full of ayurvedic herbs to support oral health and gums.
… upcoming courses …
EMF: What CAN we do about it?
In a world where we can no longer exist without technology, how can we maintain balance and thrive despite the known side-effects of exposure to EMF? Find out Vaidya Mishra’s SVA Teachings in this much requested course on EMF – details coming very soon….
Did you miss our Spring 2021 Detox?
No worries, you can catch the Autumn Detox.
More details coming very soon.
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