SVA Kitchen: Quinoa Flakes Upma

159If you crave something savory rather than sweet in the the mornings, here is a light yet nourishing delicious recipe. It has been inspired by a famous South Indian dish that is originally made with wheat called Upma. This recipe is balanced and will be adequate no matter what your dosha!


Step one: in a dry pan (no oil no water) 1/8 tsp fenugreek seeks, 1/2 tsp pine nuts and saute for 2-3 minutes until both are toasted and release their aroma

Step two: add some ghee in your pan, and 1/8tsp turmeric powder, 1/4 tsp Soma Salt a couple of curry leaves (if available), a couple slices fresh ginger and one green (thai) chilli (if your constitution allows you otherwise avoid the chillies and ginger!)

160Step three: Saute the above mixture for 1-2 minutes with flakes then add 3 handfuls of rolled quinoa flakes and mix in with the nuts and the oil



161Step four: add a drizzle of olive oil and mix in well w/olive oil




162Step Five: add a little water just to moisten the mixture not wet it through and mix it well, cook for another minute or so…. w/water



163Step six: rough chop a handfcilantroul of fresh organic cilantro and add to your mixture and mix it gently



164Final step: your quinoa upma is now ready to be served. You may squirt some fresh lime on it for added flavor. Enjoy! final quinoa


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