SHILAJIT?! When & How to Take It SAFELY! BookClub Update; Meera Baavari & Upcoming Events – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter July 25, 2019, #28, Vol 9

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Shilajit, also called mineral pitch, is Mother Nature’s gift to mankind literally! Made of decomposing plant matter and minerals that have been cooked under high pressure for hundreds of years, it is a sticky, black, tar-like substance, oozing from rocky formations in the high himalayan mountain ranges, rich with fulvic and humic acids, and more than 80 minerals. Shilajit is traditionally sourced in India though now it can be found in many other countries. Shilajit has been traditionally used in Ayureda for many conditions. Modern findings now list many health benefits to its consumption including but not limited to: improving the brain’s cognitive processes, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation; aids in obesity; anemia; male infertility; etc.
However, unlike what contemporary researchers advocate, it is NOT advised to take pure shilajit in capsule form as an ingredient on its own… 
Vaidya Mishra’s Soma Shakti also contains pure shilajit – a powerful rejuvenator for men and women. And Vaidya taught us, from sutra to science – why we should not take Shilajit alone. 
This formula is the best way to take shilajit, as shilajit taken alone may be too heating. Not only that, you have to be extremely cautious about where your shilajit comes from. All too often, what is passed off as shilajit is nothing more than odorized tar. SVA Shilajit is 100% pure from the Himalayas. All in all, Soma Shakti is a very balanced formula able to modulate the immune system and provide deep detox without overwhelming the immune system.
    “How – and Why – can one formula increases all agnis, yet keeps them totally under control (not going too high)?” For that, let us look at specific ingredients.
·    Camphor root: sharpens the flame in a balanced way. Very aromatic but unlike camphor crystals, the root has more soma. It increases all agnis in a slow, balanced, sustained way.
·    Cyperus: This will sharpen the agni of apana vata. Apana agni supports the intelligent absorption of nutrients in the colon.
·    Chiretta and turmeric: Support the bhutagni, or 5 flames of the liver, in a balanced way.
·    Guduchi: provides perfect intelligence to all agni-s (flames) by supporting the transformational intelligence of the gaps.
·    Long Pepper, gajpiper, ginger, black pepper: These support all agni-s but primarily the dhatu agni-s of rasa, rakta, mamsa, and medha. This is very important because these dhatu-s accumulate the most toxins.
   What are its other therapeutic uses? Soma Shakti has the best broad-spectrum sothara, anti-inflammatory action through samyog (combination) of guggulu, shilajit, and guduchi. A high content of shilajit also gives it a shukrala property – able to instantly increase the quantity of shukra (reproductive tissue). I also use this formula to treat osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis. Not many formulas can manage both: For osteo- (bone depletion) I use it with praval pishti (found in the Soma Cal formula.) Soma Shakti is ideal for nearly everyone because it is a highly balanced and pro-alkaline formula. It is so rich in soma, along with the high concentration of nutrients from the ingredients, that it transforms that soma into ojas readily. Ojas is the primary element in our bodies that boosts our immunity.
    What organs and organ-systems does Soma Shakti support? Soma Shakti balances high ranjaka pitta in the liver while concurrently modulating (normalizing) the flame of the bhutagni-s. It also works on the pachakagni of the stomach, increasing the flame by cleaning the burner (gap) which controls the flame, thus, balancing and normalizing digestion. Furthermore, it rejuvenates the ovaries, uterus, testicles, prostate gland, and the entire genito-urinary tract of men and women through its unique combination of shilajit, guggulu, and bambusa bambos. The kidneys also receive great supportive effect by the yava kshara and Saji Khar.

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