“Sattva Vijayanthi: Dispel your Sorrow this Holiday Season”; the “Cloud of Unknowing”; and more! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Oct 31, 2019 – #42 Vol 9

When temperatures drop in the Fall, our micro- and macro- circulatory channels shrink, trapping in excess pitta, keeping the nutrients and heat from circulating evenly, and resulting in cravings, specially for sweet and heavy. And if our agni is not sharp and balanced, we end up making ama. With our channels being clogged, the evacuation of toxins is also blocked, and you guessed it, our immunity crashes and we catch a cold or develop a cough. There are many things we can and should do to ward off the seasonal cough and cold. Here are some key practical tips:
  1. Mind your channels: your physical and vibrational channels need extra support when the weather gets colder. Don’t skip your morning self-massage. Even if you have to cut it short in case you are running late, do at least your arms and legs. Some light yoga and/or exercise will do wonders for your circulation as well as mental and emotional balance.
  2. Don’t skip or delay meals: this will further aggravate your pachak agni or digestive fire, make your vata dosha higher resulting in more sugar cravings. Keep your cravings in check with light easy to digest protein – if you are vegetarian, Vaidya’s Vegan Protein shake with Vaidya’s Vegan Protein Powder for example. 
  3. Be Dosha-wise: “dosha” means “fault” or “imbalance.” Nothing more. Being a body-type only means you have the propensity towards particular imbalances. And you can ward those imbalances off before they accumulate. Being a vata type or dosha, for example, only means you are prone to slow digestion, dry skin, a restless mind, etc. This can be corrected. It is not who you are unless you allow your body’s propensity for imbalance to take over. 
Following these three primary tips will help your immunity stay strong so you don’t contract infectous diseases, however, if you find you are contracting something, there are many ayurvedic remedies you can use. In particular one!

Vaidya’s SVA Tribindu spray is a must-have. Tribindu stands for – “tri” for three, and “bindu” for drop. Tribindu is made of 3 ingredients: Camphor, Ajwain, and Peppermint. Vaidya has brought this ancient formula back for us, adding another holy ingredient to it: Tulsi, to make it even more potent. 
How do you use Tribindu?
In India, during the rainy season, disease can be rampant in village settings because of the prominence of water and air-born infections. Vaidya’s ancestors used this formula to keep infections at bay within the individual or in the environment. They would recommend different ways of using it to either cleanse the environment or strengthen an individual’s immunity.
The ancestral SVA healers long knew about the powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of Camphor, Ajwain, and Peppermint. They also used this formula to help with insect and mosquito bites. In addition, they recommended it for extreme cold weather conditions when the body’s physical circulatory channels are known to shrink. In this case, simply inhaling this Tribindu would help relax and open the channels and support overall immunity – open channels release toxins much more easily and readily. Spray it on a cotton scarf or handkerchief and inhale gently. Or spray it in the room – if you get it in your eyes by mistake rinse off with cool water. Spray it on the soles of your feet at night and wear some loose socks and feel the warmth!

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The Cloud of Unknowing
~ David T Hanson

We are proud to feature renowned photographer David T. Hanson’s beautiful work on our website. David is widely acclaimed for his studies of environmental ruin. In his previous books—including Colstrip, Montana (2010) and Waste Land (2018)—he has exquisitely photographed what we might regard as visual indifference, even devastation, in America’s inhabited landscape.
As a counterpoint to what can only be described as the toxic, he has now made an extraordinary document of sacred, cherished spaces, from Cedar Rapids to Kathmandu. Under the title The Cloud of Unknowing, derived from the expression of a medieval Christian mystic, but equally applicable to the voice of a Buddhist seer, Hanson has redressed the imbalance of corrupted space with places of profound harmony.
In creating this series, he traveled throughout the United States and made seven extended trips to India and Nepal. The photographs grant us access to sacred sites, shrines, “resting places for the spirit,” that transcend religious divisions and suggest a universal point of focus.
From Indian reservations to missionary churches to the temples of the modern world and the ancient, Hanson’s work reveals a realm of contemplation that exceeds geography and survives in the most unexpected corners of contemporary life.

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