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What’s the SVA Marma Buzz About??
Testimonials from
clients, SVA educators, & practitioners – find out for yourself!

“Nowadays, it’s all about how we are “energy body” enveloped in flesh and bone, and I find it’s wonderful to have this paradigm shift dawning on mass consciousness. But, let me tell you: nothing speaks louder than experience, and with Vaidya’s SVA Marma System, you actually get to experience that energy body, not just hear or think or read about it.What’s better, it only literally takes minutes! Whether you give yourself a marma massage or offer it to someone. It’s that powerful! Don’t take my word for it, watch the testimonials below, or even better: find out for yourself! Join us for the SVA Marma-thon course in March culminating in our April practicum weekend. See you there!”
Melina Takvorian-Mishra (PhD)

A long-time student of Vaidya Mishra and SV Ayurveda,Purnima Chaudhari offers the full line of SVA protocols and services in Canada. She is also a certified SVA educator and will be joining us for the upcoming Marma Course in March and April via live-streaming and in person.
Carol will also be one of our instructors on- and off-line during the Marma course
I have been offering SVA Signature Marma Chikitsa services at Bodhi Ayurveda for over 3 years now. The SVA Signature Marma Therapy is a system taught by Vaidya RK Mishra. It’s unlike any other Marma therapy. Personally, I consider SVA Marma Therapy System to be the most divine gift bestowed upon me by Vaidya Mishra. It has been a true boon in my life personally and professionally and I feel humbly blessed to have received it, and be able to share it. More often than not, my clients are intrigued to hear about it. After a session, 9 out of 10 clients share unique experiences, and the same client relates unique experiences after each new marma session. 
What Carol’s clients say after a SVA Marma session
Here are some of the experiences they have shared with me: 
  •  “I felt so calm and at peace”
  •  “I saw colors”
  • “I had a past love one come through in a vision”
  • “When you touched one marma point, I felt it on a completely different part of the body”
  • “I thought you were still on the marma, long after you started working another”
  • “I smelt cigarette smoke” – (this is from former smoker who quit 15+ years ago)
  • “I had more energy for months following the one marma session”
  • “I heard inner messages that weren’t from my mind”
  • “My pain has reduced greatly”
  • “The Neuropathy in my feet has reduced greatly”
  • “I had a strong emotional release” – this happens on a regular basis when I work on the specific marma points connected to the emotional heart cetner (Talahridaya & Hrid marma points)
My personal experiences also are unique with each session in the form of messages, physical sensations, emotions, and scents. Taking time to read the client’s pulse before, during and after the marma session confirms the efficacy of the profoundly subtle, yet transformative system of SVA Marma Chikitsa®. The patient gets recharged, but the technician also gets the benefit: I’ve had clients walk in just after I’ve offered a marma session and they inevitably comment on my calmness and glow. 

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master
SVAyurveda Educator
Professional Member - Ayurveda Association of Canada
Member of National Ayurvedic Medical Association, USA

Click HERE for Testimonial from Kelley R. – Manitoba, Canada
Calendar of Upcoming Events
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Upcoming SVA events across the US & Canada :
  • February 5: Ayurveda Life-Mastery with Traci Webb in Arcata, CA
  • February 10: Melina Takvorian-Mishra on EMF & SVA Remedies with booth at the Conscious life Expo in LA
  • February 14: SVA Facial Marma & Samadhi Marma in British Columbia, Canada
  • April 3-10: Magical Moon Retreat with Purnima Chaudhari in British Columbia, Canada
  • March 7-10: Yoga & Ayurveda: Taming the Tanmatras with Carol Nace in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – registration is now closed.
  • April 17-19: SVA Marma Training & Certification in Redondo Beach, CA
  • April 24-26: SVA Marma at NAMA & booth – Boone, North Carolina
  • May 7-June 4: SVA Spring Home-Detox – online, from the comfort of your own home!
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