Love & Prana II: SVA Perspective on Pretee and Prana Video DVDs


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This course was broadcast on Saturday, February 13, 2010 and contains 5 1/2 hours of lectures by Vaidya Mishra on video DVD (3 DVD’s). 

Dive deeper in the the topic of love and prana with Vaidya Mishra.  This course starts where the first audio course, Love and Prana Audio CD, leaves off.

Course Outline

Section I: Love and Prana – KARMA

What is Love?
What is Prana in relation to Love?
What is the role of the “Soul” (Gem)
What is the light of the “Soul”
The Six  “gunas” (properties) of the light
What is Satva?
What is the Heart Lotus and sixteen petals of the Heart Lotus?
What is Karma?
The Relationship between the Heart Lotus and Karma
Understanding your emotions
Ayurvedic understanding of mind, senses (or “horses”), and the physical body
How the vibration of Unconditional Love flows from the “light” (satva), to the mind, to the senses, and to the physical organs
How the Soul, its light, the Heart Lotus, and the mind and senses work together in day-to-day life – in the light of Karma

Section II: Understanding of Love and Prana – VAJIKARNA or Intimacy in Relationship

Understanding Vajikarana from the Carak Samhita
Role of Vajikarana on sensual, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual love
The major role of pranic energy in Unconditional Love
Dimensions of love (sensual, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)
Discussion  – other than spiritual love, is all other love conditional and temporary?
How to enhance the connection and coordination for all five dimensions of love
How to take care of the physical and vibrational channel for receiving and giving Unconditional Love
How good diet and routine helps in receiving and giving Unconditional Love
Enhancing giving and receptivity of Unconditional Love through: Ayurvedic Herbs, creams, and mantras
Special tips for couples for strengthening emotional intimacy

Section III: Love and Prana – KAMA and KAMAGNI – the spark of love

Definiton and understanding of “Kama”
What is “kamagni” – the bio-chemical spark of love
How Unconditional Love promotes “kamagni”
“Ashtanga Maituna” – Eight kinds of sexual behavior
Relationship between eight kinds of sexual behavior and shukra dhatu with reference to ojas
Brief understanding of seven tissues and the role of agni with special focus on shukra dhatu
“Unconditionally loving partners” are the best medicine for each other for Vajikarana and good health
How to enhance, strengthen and support Vajikarana through: behavior, satvic food (satvic food recipes), spices, herbal teas, soups, chocolate, nadi treatments with the help of transdermal creams, aromatherapy, mantras for men and women for supporting intimacy
The relationship between intimacy and enlightenment

Vaidya Mishra will share case-studies about couples with troubled relationships. Vaidya Mishra says: “Since I have been in the West since 1991, several couples came to see me to see from where their troubles came. I will share stories on how problems were solved, and how it’s possible to be together after resolving issues.”
Participate in a discussion of why the role of karma is missing in Western culture and how understanding  the role of karma helps in making, maintaining and rebuilding a relationship.

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