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Ojas in Relation to Emotional Bliss and Mental Balance 
(part 2 of a 3 part article)
By Bonita Carol
Certified SVA Expert and Licensed Psychology Counselor
In the first installment of my article we discussed the notion of “pragyaparadh” – an experience of seeing life in fragments, appearing separate from the wholeness and source of life as the cause of suffering. In addition, feeling attached to any type of changing relative experience whether it’s being happy, healthy, or clear. Happiness is also a changing relative experience - it comes into our experience and then slips away Vedic scriptures say “Knowledge is the greatest purifyer” (Bhagavad Gita, chapter 4). Studying Ayurveda itself is considered part of the protocol for feeling more balanced and healthy in life. Understanding and experiencing the non-changing wholeness which is our core nature is a potent path to greater feelings of peace even admist the chaos of human life. The non changing transcendental level of being as the backdrop to all events, all moods, feelings, and experiences. It does not mean that you will always feel happy once you realize this Being because feelings are not static. Even when one has grief, pain, illness, if the knowledge and experience of the eternal part of beingness is there, we can experience peace. Pure consciousness is devoid of qualities, yet if forms the basis of all qualities.
Effect of Over or Under Use of the Five Senses on Mental Health
Modern culture continually bombards all five senses with outer stimuli, such as: air and noise pollution; indoor florescent lighting; incoming advertising; daily driving; overworking; overeating; and mindless entertainment via technology devices such as the internet, cell phone and television. In addition, many people who live in large cities are no longer connected to the natural world and do not have access to nature, whether through gardening, walking in forests, looking at the stars at night, walking barefoot on sand, visually looking at a distant horizon, or swimming in natural waterways. In the larger cities one cannot see the stars in the night sky due to the city lights. 
From an Ayurvedic perspective, not only do the senses become over-stimulated creating excess vata, but also the individual becomes out of sync with the natural rhythms and cycles of the body, the natural environment, and cosmos. I believe that this lack of physical perception and experience of nature, can lead to a myopic visual orientation and promote limitation in one’s thinking, leading to depression, black-and-white thinking, and a lack of problem-solving abilities, leading to anxiety and depression. An Ayurvedic protocol would be for the client to observe the sunrise or the sunset to connect him with the rhythms of nature. Take breaks from computer work every few hours with a walk near trees and nature, without the cell phone. Perhaps joining a gardening coop, swimming in natural lakes and rivers, or walking outside on a forest trail. 
As an Ayurvedic practitioner and therapist that used to live in Silicon Valley, I have seen the mental and physical damage from individual overworking 60 plus hours on the computer. I remember Vaidya sharing his experiences as well and explaining how “ojas” gets burned from over exposure to EMF radiation and overwork. This is one of the benefits of doing his Transdermal Marma protocol as it helps to lubricate the dried out channels or nadis that carry prana throughout the system.
The Effect of Physical Toxins on Mental Health
Toxins, or ama, form a sticky substance that blocks tissues and bodily channels, disturbing ojas and digestion. In addition to physical ama, there is a type of “mental ama” or mental toxicity that disturbs the mind and can results in excessive anger, fear, self-criticism, greed, or resentment. Undue stress due to intense relational problems, tension at work, loss due to death, divorce, or financial problems can contribute to the creation of ama if the individual lacks resiliency or ojas. Exposure to negativity, violence, and shocking sensory stimuli whether in real life or media increase vata. Ayurveda can assist in reducing depression, anxiety, and memory problems by helping the client eliminate these toxins through Ayurvedic detoxification therapies, diet, and herbal medicines. 
Ojas and it’s role in Well Being and Emotional Balance
The ancient Ayurvedic medical textbooks describe a physical compound produced from good functioning digestion of high quality food as Ojas. Vaidya Mishra explained that Ojas is the connecting factor between universal intelligence and inner intelligence. When ojas gets low in the body, depression symptoms gets high. “In simple words, ojas is the will to live life and when the desire of living is exhausted it’s called as depression” (Hirpara, K. 2016, p. 3). Ojas, according to Vaidya Mishra is a neurotransmitter that is enhanced by consuming healthy fats such as clarified butter called ghee, fresh fruits, olive oil and pure water. Emotionally, ojas is enhanced through loving relationships, sleeping well, laughter, cultivating patience, compassion, and living a sattvic life. (Teitlebaum, M., 2009, p. 205). 
     One of the most important factors responsible for the cause of both physical and mental health issues is low ojas. The strength of ojas is directly proportional to a person’s resistance to dysfunction or disease. Just as in the body, the quality ojas cultivates strength and stability in the mind. “The role of ojas is to stabilize the mind. It allows the mind to resist stress and protects it from faulty impressions that enter through the bodily senses and the external world” (Tabb, K., para 9). When ojas is healthy it helps one feel confident and grounded and allows for feelings of contentment and peace. It is ojas that protects against feelings of depression and fatigue (Tabb, para. 9). Ojas can be observed on the skin as radiance, healthy glow in the eyes, voice and behavior.
    Depletion of Ojas Effect on Emotional Balance
Ojas is depleted or weakened by excessive alcohol, fever, excess ejaculation, overwork, fasting, excessive exercise, anger, poor sleep habits, chronic pain, recreational substances, excessive travel and aging as well as exposure to environmental toxins.
  As a therapist trained in Ayurveda, it is important that the therapist be alert to the signs that indicate low ojas in order to create a treatment plan. Usually when there is depression, anxiety or other types of physical disease, ojas will be low. The goal in an integrative approach is to increase ojas and eliminate ama and make available stress reducing therapies , meditation, herbal protocols, change of diet, behavior modification and Ayurvedic treatments as recommended. Often there is a connection between the level of sattva and ojas, meaning that sattvic (calm) lifestyle can help to increase the level of ojas, and low ojas is be connected to activity that is kapha or tamasic (destructive or stagnant) in nature  The three energies that govern the mind, and living beings are the three gunas–sattwa, rajas, and tamas. By knowing these impulses that govern the mind, the therapist can better understand the nature of the client undergoing therapy and create the treatment plan. 
Ojas is one of many things that can be felt in the pulse.  Once, I had taken the pulse of a young man and received a strong image of him cursing and swearing as well as having depleated ojas. He was surprised how I could detect swearing in his pulse and he revealed that he was trying to over come a life threatening illness.  The cursing, he said, had been a life long type of defense, with every other sentence cursing since he was 11 or 12 years old.  This negativity had gone deep into the vibrational channels of the body, the swear words could be detected within the nadis.   His protocol was to start blessing instead of cursing and also do Transdermal SVA Marma. Vaidya recited the Heart Lotus mantra daily and encouraged us to learn it as well.  There are two type of Ojas, one that you are born with and the other where levels increase and decrease.  Ojas is born in the heart and so the heart mantra which helps to open the heart petals and allow us to have a strong mind is a great technique to increase our ojas and immunity.
to be continued 
(Look for the third and final installment of this article by Bonita Carol in our upcoming issues) 

About Bonita Carol
Bonita Carol offers Holistic Psychotherapy and SV Ayurveda as adjunct therapy for personal growth, the Highly Sensitive Person, Sleep, Anxiety, and Trauma Disorders. She holds a masters degree in Counseling Psychology and has studied with Vaidya Mishra since 1997. Online Sessions are available as well as in person 2-Day Rest and Rejuvenation Weekends. You may reach her at
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