Navaratri STOREWIDE SALE ; SVA in Boulder CO & Manitoba Canada; 2019 Dharma Summit is on! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Oct 3, 2019, #38, Vol 9

Dr Lisa Raskin-Eckstein
will present a SVA talk entitled
as the Keystone for Health & Wellness”
Set up a SVA consultation in Boulder
(starting October 15, 2019)
for more information email:
or call: 512 698 3902

OCTOBER 19, 2019
learn how to give or receive
Samadhi Marma
upcoming course in Winnipeg – Canada
to sign up email Purnima Chaudhari at :

Maha Navaratri is one of the most sacred times of year in the Vedic Calendar. 
During this nine day and night Vedic Celebration, Nature is undergoing a powerful transformation process. She is awakening and enlivening on all levels of life- including within our own bodies.
This sacred celebration honors the goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati, reminding us to transform, receive, and awaken on all levels of life.
It is a reminder to align with your dharmic path, your souls purpose and conquer the darkness within. 
2019 Dharma Summit is on
Daily Wisdom Sessions with embodied Dharmic Leaders. 
Empowering resources and live rituals.
Support and guidance for your dharmic path.
Tools to activate your souls purpose.
Sign up now and get the free Awakening Dharma eBook. 

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As we continue to make the SVA Library of Knowledge more easily accessible, we are happy to announce that SVA Cafe Serieslive lectures by Vaidya given over a span of several years – is now available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.
Join Vaidya Mishra and take a deep dive into the wonderful knowledge that distinguishes SVAyurveda from the rest. 
Enjoy 14-hour-long lectures on some of the most important topics in Ayurveda. Everything from Daily SVA Living to Marma Massage to Probiotics, Detox and more!
Absorbing this information will instill within you a much greater awareness of all aspects in the SVA Universe and help you to better understand your specific situation, what questions to ask your SVA Practitioner and to discover new products that could deliver a great boost to your vitality. 
If you do download and enjoy any of Vaidyas material, please give us a review to help spread the SVA Knowledge even farther!… Enjoy!!!

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