Memorial Day Sale; Spring Detox Update – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter May 21, 2020 – #19, Vol 10

In our third session, we covered the second type of toxin that can also result from mental and emotional stress in addition to an imbalanced diet. We also learnt and practiced the Samadhi Marma Protocol to help address mental and emotional stress. Then we shared our detox experiences. We had a 4 hour long session animated with a lively Q&A, sharing tips, knowledge, anecdotes, and more! Next week we continue with the 3rd type of toxin as taught in the SVA tradition – garavisha….

We had our final live-streamed session on April 30: we covered specific formulations for SVA Marma Therapy and delved into additional related topics. It was a fabulous final live session, and we were all sad to conclude this portion of the course. We all look forward to when we will be able to get together for our practicum weekend and practice our newly acquired skills. Until then, we will be staying in touch via our virtual classroom and communicating via messenger.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at:, or call us: 1.818.709.1005

Calendar of Upcoming Events
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Upcoming SVA events across the US & Canada :
  • April 17-19: SVA Marma Training & Certification at the Prana Center, Chatsworth – CA
  • April 24-26: SVA Marma at NAMA & booth – Boone, North Carolina
This event is being held on-line. There will be a SVA Marma presentation by Purnima Chaudhari.
  • May 7-June 4: SVA Spring Home-Detox – ONLINE – from the comfort of your own home!
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