Lupus & Stage 5 Kidney Disease




This patient presented to our office 8 months ago. She had severe Lupus and was in Stage 5 Late Kidney Disease/ Failure.  She was on prednisone (and had been on it for the past 10 years), yet her condition continued to worsen over the years.

They told her the next option was to begin kidney dialysis where they could keep her alive while awaiting a kidney transplant. Thus, she was on the kidney transplant list and they were beginning to prep her for dialysis.

When she came to our office, the first thing I did was identify the hetu, as is true for any pathology or condition we see. In her case, she had mercury toxicity from receiving her annual flu shots. The mercury is so hot and piercing it can damage the delicate structures in the kidneys.

So the first line of treatment was to chelate the mercury using Rasa Sodhaka Drops.

Next, we had to recalibrate all 3 parts of her immune system: the gut, the liver and the bone marrow.

We had to regrow the friendly bacteria in the gut which were wiped out by the numerous flu shots and the 10 years of steroids and antibiotics given several years ago.

Next we had to cool down the heat in the liver using bhumi alma. We also had to regenerate damaged liver cells using mankand.

She was put on guduchi sattwa to clean out the liver and the 7 tissues, including the bone marrow. Regular guduchi tablets would have been too heating for her liver and would have hurt her kidneys.

With this part of the protocol we were able to slowly restore her immune system’s natural function, and by doing so, it stopped attacking her, which meant her autoimmune disease slowly started to reverse, which became evident in her blood work.

She was given transdermal magnesium to aid in the detox process, transdermal Vitamin D (low levels of Vitamin D can also trigger autoimmune responses) and a tea of coriander seeds to flush the toxins through the urinary tract.  Slippery elm was also given to create a fertile breeding ground for the friendly bacteria to grow in.

And finally she was given Abhrak Bhasma with Kidney formula, several times a day. The nano-particle in the silica (which was incinerated 1,000 times over a 4-year period of time) is able to become a vehicle to deliver the punarnava (the herb which heals the kidneys) deep into the DNA, allowing powerful healing of the kidneys. Vaidya’s grandfather felt you could treat any serious disease using abhrak bhasma because of its unique capability of going deeply into the cells to the level of DNA expression.

Her last blood work before seeing us showed that the titers for Lupus were miraculously within the normal range. And much to the shock and surprise of her nephrologist (her kidney specialist) her kidneys were working normally again, which was also indicated by her creatinine levels in her blood work. As a result, her doctors took her off the transplant list, told her she no longer had kidney disease, or a need for dialysis, and immediately began weaning her off the prednisone.  I am helping her during the weaning process by providing Maha Ashwagandha drops to get her adrenal glands to start working again (they get weak after years on prednisone) and am giving Maha Boswellia drops to prevent the rebound inflammation that occurs as someone goes off prednisone (they usually develop severe joint pain as the steroid levels go low). Ini addition, I am helping her to heal her bones — years of prednisone deplete the bones greatly, causing osteoporosis — so we are now using Praval Panchamrit as a good calcium supplement and Bone Herb, which was just added to her thermos, which will nourish and heal her bones.

Needless to say this patient and her husband are forever grateful, as I am to the truly groundbreaking approaches Vaidya left us with — a case like this could not have been healed either with pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals or tablets and teas of crude herbs, whether Western or Ayurvedic herbs — her liver and kidneys wouldn’t have been able to handle them. Nor would they have been able to withstand the harsh cleansing techniques, such as taking milk thistle, fasting or receiving colonics. And panchakarma would have pulled out too many toxins which would have also overwhelmed the liver and kidneys. All of these types of cleansing protocols could have thrown her into a serious detox crisis.

Luckily, she followed all of my recommendations and when she was strong enough we introduced very mild yet effective cleansing based on what her condition could tolerate.

These very difficult cases are a challenge, but are so inspiring as they heal…and a great testament to the knowledge Vaidya left us with.

I miss him each and every day, yet I feel he is with me at all times, especially as I take on these very difficult cases which flock to my office.

His physical presence might be gone, but his divine healing will stay with all of us forever.


Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum

Cinnaminson, New Jersey




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  1. Vaidya’s protocols are so simple, yet so profoundly effective! I am so grateful for him and his amazing practitioners such as Dr Teitelbaum

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