Hormonal Modulation for Him & for Her – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter May 16, 2019, #18, Vol 9

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“Patients suffering acute chronic conditions that have resulted from poor diagnosis walk into my clinic daily. Most of the time, their medication is not only not working anymore but it’s creating additional complications. Why is this happening? Why do we doctors inadvertently make our patients sicker? I believe we go for a “quick fix”by prescribing pharmaceuticals that will suppress and/or mask the symptoms, because we simpily don’t know why that condition has arisen in the first place! We don’t have the full big picture of the human physiology and health so we are unable to go to the root of the problem. When we fail to address the underlying cause and opt for suppressing the symptoms with pharmaceuticals, we further aggravate imbalances and cause greater undue harm. So the underlying problem isn’t only NOT addressed, BUT it is allowed to fester creating greater chronic disturbance in the long run. Examples? Here are some:
Irregular or skipped menstrual cycles: if your menses are irregular, you miss a month or two or if it comes more frequently than it should, you will most likely be prescribed birth control pills to regulate your cycle. 
  The truth is: these pills are just creating breakthrough bleeding the week the pill is stopped, giving you a false sense of security that your hormones are balanced and the cycle appears to be regular. And now you have to deal with the consequences of taking these highly toxic synthetic hormones (see my previous posts on this subject). 
  Instead, what needs to be addressed are the numerous reasons WHY the hormones are out of balance in the first place. And the reasons will definitely be different and usually multiple in each person. For example, the hormonal imbalance could be resulting from dietary insufficiencies; or could be related to chronic late bedtime and/or stress weakening the delicate glandular system; it could be resulting from a weak thyroid depressing progesterone production; amongst many other reasons.
 Your doctor needs to identify and correct these problems, then the whole endocrine system rebalances itself and the menstrual cycle returns on its own, without the intervention of dangerous toxic synthetic drugs. 
 THIS is the true art of practicing medicine. Let’s not forget that the body is fully capable of healing itself once you identify what is throwing it off balance. Don’t be lulled into chasing symptoms around the body. Look for the REASON. Symptoms are our body’s way of commucating with us, of telling us that something is wrong. Vaidya Mishra used to explain by saying that they are the fire alarm that’s going off to indicate that there is some smoke resulting from a fire somewhere. Suppressing the symptoms is like silencing the fire alarm! It is not going to make the fire go away… instead the fire will remain un-addressed, get stronger, and spread to the point where it will burn everything down…”
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Upcoming Dates for
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Meet Dr Marianne Teitelbaum on one of her many book tour visits across the USA and Canada. Here is a list of her preliminary engagements. We will announce more dates and venues as they become available.
For more information, please call us at 1.818.709.1005.
Saturday May 18, Bhakti Center, 25 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003 – 6-8pm http://bhakticenter.org/
Friday June 7th, 2pm and 7pm:  two lectures at Revelations Bookstore in Fairfield, IA – 112 N Main St, Fairfield, IA 52556, 1.641.472.6733
Saturday June 8th: ISKON center in Naperville, Chicago, www.iskonnaperville.org, 1505 Mc Dowell Road, Naperville, IL 60563, 1.630.608.0209
Sunday June 9th, 2pm: Garden of Yoga Center in LeGrange, IL, www.gardenofyoga.net, (708) 989-1329
Monday, June 10th, 7pm: Boswell Bookstore, Milwaukee, www.boswellbooks.com 1.414.332.1181

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