Feeling Sluggish and Stiff? Try Shrotto Shuddhi Tea; Plus: SPRING DETOX – Open Enrollment – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter March 23, 2023 – #11, Vol 12

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the crucial role of

Physical Channels

in SV Ayurveda

One of Ayurveda’s most precious offerings are the self-care rituals designed to keep the body working in harmony with the seasonal changes driven by the journey of the sun across the cosmic skies. Each season brings along its own properties and has great impact on our physical as well as mental and emotional health. Seasonal change is much, so much more, than a day-light savings time kind of change! Our bodies operate differently in each season, and ideally our diet needs to be adjusted, as well as our rest and activity routines. We tend to live our lives oblivious of these seasonal shifts. And it’s ok. But when you start paying attention to what’s happening to your body inside and out depending on the season, and you start adjusting your diet according to the seasonal needs, you will be surprised to discover how it can impact your overall well-being and happiness. Spices and herbs key factors in this context. Here in the West, we tend to think of them solely as flavoring agents, but they are so essential for health. Specially when they are assembled synergistically to play a specific role in our bodies.

are you spice-deficient?

We are fortunate that Vaidya Mishra gave us so many balanced and powerful tea and spice blends. One of these is the Shroto Sudhi tea to help support our bodies during the Winter, as well as during the Spring seasonal transition. It can also be used at other times of the year depending on one’s needs, but it is a great and delicious cup of tea for this time of year in particular.

The shrotas, physical channels, in the body are given immense importance in Shakha Vansya Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic texts declare: “shroto mayo purusha” – the whole body is nothing but shrotas or physical circulatory channels. In this sense, only when these circulatory channels are open and “free-flowing” — you can think of them in terms of highways or roads – can there be health. These channels not only are the pathways through which nourishment is distributed and carried through the tissues, but they also are the pathways through which toxins are evacuated. Traffic goes both ways! And traffic needs to flow without blockages. 

The Shroto Shudhi tea (and masala or spice mix) that Vaidya made targets this aspect of our health. The tea and the spice mix complement each other in terms of their functions. The masala addresses the channels in the body that carry “earthy soma” (food materials. We use this spice mix along with some ghee or olive oil, and it targets channels that carry lipid soluble materials. 

The tea, on the other hand, targets channels in the body that carry “liquid soma” or water-soluble materials. 

Both the tea and the masala support overall metabolism but “cooking up ama” – partially digested food materials, without aggravating “amavisha” – reactive toxins. 

So what’s in this tea? And why? 

Black Pepper: Opens the micro and macro channels of the body and brain, enhances the oxygenation in the channels of the brain, supports the kidney channels.

Cinnamon: Encourages glucose and carbohydrate metabolism.

Kalonji: Balances the hormonal system, adds a unique flavor, and balances the subdosas of the colon and stomach.

Green Cardamom: Supports the metabolism of proteins, and balances the coordination of the three sub-doshas of the stomach; samana vata, kledaka kapha, and pachaka pitta.

Nutmeg: Establishes a deeper connection between the mind, stomach and colon, helps to retain the integrity of intelligence in the channels when they become open and receptive to becoming overwhelmed.

All-spice: Opens the channels without overwhelming them.

White Pepper: Adds a unique flavor, opens the micro and macro channels of the body and brain, enhances the oxygenation in the channels of the brain, supports the kidney channels.

Mace: Unique flavor, opens channels and calms the mind, enhances the connection between the mind and the digestive tract.

Clove: Opening the channels and cools the digestive system.

Of course, the secret lies in the ratio of these different spices – and Vaidya was a master formulator in that sense. Try it and see of for yourself. Make yourself a cup: boil ½ tsp of the tea mix in 8o water for 3-5 minutes, strain and sip slowly. Use mostly after lunch or dinner. 

Boil 1/2 tsp. of the tea for 3 minutes in 8 oz. water and sip slowly. Try to use after lunch and dinner.

Shroto-Shudhi Tea stimulates the whole body and opens the micro and macro channels.  It is great when you have a cold, are feeling sluggish, or anytime in winter, or when the body’s shrotas (physical channels) are closed. Enjoy a cup specially in this season – you will see what we meant!


Caution: Always be mindful and do not use if you have a medical condition without consulting your physician first.

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