Feeling Sluggish & Achy with Cold Hands & Feet? We’ve got Just the Cup of Tea for you! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Oct 17, 2019 – #40 Vol 9

What’s Shroto Shuddhi Tea
& Why & How to Use It?
The Ayurvedic texts are clear about the importance of the physical circulatory channels: ”shroto mayo purusha,” – “the whole body is nothing but physical circulatory channels or shrota-s.” Vaidya taught us that only when your channels are open, and free from acidic toxins, can health be truly yours. Only when your channels are open and balanced can nourishment reach deep into the body and can toxins be flushed out regularly & completely from the body.
Shroto-Shudhi Tea compliments Vaidya’s Shroto-Shudhi Masala, but can be enjoyed on its own anytime by anyone, specially when the weather cools off! The masala targets channels in the body which carry “earthy soma” (food materials) and, when cooked with a good fatty medium (ghee, olive oil) it supports the metabolism of lipid soluble materials. On the other hand, the tea addresses “liquid soma” (water soluble materials) and gives you an immediate boost of energy and oxygenation. Both products open the channels and burn ama (partially digested food material) without aggravating amavisha – the reactive toxins sitting in the body.
When/how to use it?
You can start your day with it: start with a pinch for a cup of water (8oz) bring to a boil and enjoy. You may add almond milk (or cow’s milk) or a sweetener – or not. You can also have this tea after lunch, in the afternoon, or after dinner! Anytime anywhere anyway! It is tridoshic – for all body types. Start with a pinch and build up to 1/2 tsp per cup to find the right amount that works best for you. Enjoy!

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