Face, the Cold: Your Full SVA Skin Regimen! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Jan. 25, 2024, #2, Vol 13

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DID YOU KNOW THAT She is the ultimate goddess of bliss and beauty, and this is why Vaidya’ ayurvedic beauty line is named after the most divine of all goddesses – Lalita?

Vaidya Mishra’s Lalita skincare line is formulated using guidelines from the ancient Vedic texts, the teachings of SVA, and traditional beauty recipes. The ingredients support, nourish and enhance outer and inner beauty, promote luster, and slow the aging process. The blends are chemical and preservative free and therefore do not disturb the vibrational potency of the herbs – or prabhava. The herbal ingredients provide a rasayana effect and enhance the coordination between our mental functions thus delivering a positive effect to our gunam / inner beauty. All of the materials and methods that Vaidya Mishra used enhance our skin’s cellular beauty as well as our spiritual beauty, strengthening our mind-body-soul connection. Don’t take our word for it, try them and find out for yourself!

Cold Winter Weather is the Best Time for Facial Transdermal Nutrition

No matter where you may live, perfect weather conditions may not be present all the time anytime, so we have to learn to make the most out of existing conditions. And it is possible to get great benefit for the skin and physiology out of any climactic condition with the proper knowledge. Every season comes bearing its own gifts!

Out of all the seasons, cold winter weather may be the harshest for our skin, because our bodies have a hard time supporting and hydrating our skin internally due to shrunk micro and macro circulatory channels. That’s when our skin becomes dehydrated both in terms of its lipid as well as water components internally. In this situation, transdermal nutrients are the best option, since the internal pathways are already shrunk and circulation has slowed down due to the cold, so whatever is consumed orally may not reach its destination on time!

In this sense, it becomes even more crucial to use just the right product for your face in the wintertime, because you don’t want to further “freeze” your already shrunk channels by applying heavy clogging creams. If you clog your pores and channels further, you hinder the evacuation and movement of toxins or “mala”s and bring about more toxic accumulation in your skin. For those of us who carry amavisha (reactive acidic toxic build-up) and/or garavisha (xenobiotic toxins created from too much exposure to EMF or industrial chemical fumes or the us of products with preservatives), these virulent toxins do not get evacuated through the proper detox channels and are bound to eventually come out through the skin causing rashes and other imbalances. A cream that has not been intelligently formulated to have the perfect balance of Soma, Agni, and Marut ingredients, will freeze and block your skin pores making your skin dryer, itchier, and more depleted in nutrients.

Vaidya Mishra explains that in the SVA tradition, his father taught him to focus on nourishing the skin trans-dermally because in the wintertime the skin is already hungry and thirsty for nutrition and hydration. It readily takes in and accepts what you apply on it externally since it cannot get nourished and balanced internally.

Re-enliven your skin

When, in the wintertime, internal nutritional delivery to the skin is cut off due to clogged channels, as well as externally depleted due to cold drying weather, there are two important things you need to consider.

First: you will need to use slightly thermogenic channel-opening facial products, particularly cleansers. Most cleansers on the market tend to dry out the skin. Their cleansing properties can deplete the skin of Soma – the lubricating principle of the skin. Your skin will already be craving for lubricants, bothin the lipid and water-soluble format due to cold dry weather. So the first step towards balancing your skin has to start with your skin cleanser. You cleanser should carry a channel opening effect. In SVA terms, it should be slightly thermogenic. Usually when a product is thermogenic, it is also drying, but your cleanser should be thermogenic without being drying at all…

Second: in colder weather, the friendly bacteria of your skin do not receive enough nutrition because of short supply from within, so your cleanser should also address that lack and nourish your skin. It should be a balancing factor for the friendly bacteria of your skin, supplying pre-biotic nourishment for the pro-biotic bacteria in your skin so they can thrive.

When the friendly bacteria of the skin are faced with drying cold weather and the internal supply of nourishment to the skin is cut off, they suffocate and die. Probiotic bacteria are living organisms that need the right environment and nutrition to survive. The lack of friendly bacteria in your skin causes more dryness and thinning of your skin – your skin looses it healthy luster, elasticity, and glow, and eventually becomes wrinkled. This results in the lack of tolerance from environmental stressors like allergens, environmental toxins, even mental and emotional stress, particularly in the facial area.

The SVA Daily Regimen

Here is Vaidya Mishra’s daily regimen for maintaining our facial skin’s health and glow. First off, clean your face with Lalita’s pre-biotic facial cleanser. This will take care of surface impurities that clog the pores and create a layer of toxic build-up to suffocate the friendly bacteria – dust, smog, make-up residue, etc. You can do this daily, morning and evening.

Then, once a week, give your skin a deeper cleanse, with Lalita’s Facial CreamClay: a rich thermogenic facial mask that will cleanse the deeper layers of your skin, extracting toxins that have sunk in beyond the first skin layer. This CreamClay will detox without drying, leaving your skin clean and ready to absorb nutrients and hydration.

After applying the Facial CreamClay mask, it is ideal to use the Lalita’s Facial Toner to firm, reset, and ready your skin pores to receive the Pro-biotic or other Lalita’s Facial cream or oil of your choice.

During the week, after the daily cleanser, after cleaning your face use the Lalita’s Facial Toner, and then apply the Lalita’s Pro-biotic cream or the cream of your choice. You may use, depending on your skin’s needs, any of the cream for day and night time application.

The Pro-biotic cream has been specially formulated this cream to feed and balance the friendly bacteria of the skin. In addition to the live friendly bacteria that it contains, this cream also has the synergy of all 15 herbs contained in the Lalita’s Age-Defying cream. You can use this cream at night before bed to replenish and rejuvenate your skin. Or in the morning to help shield your skin against climactic vagaries.

After using Lalita’s pre-biotic cleanser, your face will feel clean but your skin will experience no dryness!

You may notice, with the full spectrum Lalita products, that your skin is re-hydrated, smooth and silky, yet without the feeling of heaviness one usually gets from facial creams.

Most creams add a lipid or water-soluble layer to give your skin moisture and elasticity. That may actually further clog your pores. The Pro-biotic cream supplies live friendly bacteria that get to work by feeding on the pre-biotic left by the cleanser. They create a live dynamic shield that nourishes your skin by enlivening it. Many SVA patrons have written us back saying they even experience inner bliss after applying Lalita’s facial creams. Try them out for yourself and let us know… Namaste!

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