Detox with Dr T; FREE SESSION on Spring Detox followed by Q&A – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter March 18, 2021 – #10, Vol 11

with Dr Teitelbaum
this event was on March 13th, but we have attached the video recording in case you missed it.

Neem is yet another divine very bitter tasting herb that is well known and used extensively in Ayurveda internally and externally. Neem, overall, is used for detoxification, especially of the skin, and for immuno-modulation.
In Sanskrit neem leaf is called nimba. The Ayurvedic text Bhava Prakash describes it as sheeta (cooling), tikta (bitter), grahi (enhancing absorption), katupaka (pungent effect after digestion), and krimipranut (making it hard for harmful microbes to live with).
Neem is one of the most powerful herbs for detoxifying the liver. With the compromised state of the modern physiology and liver in the world today, this herb must be used with extreme caution: if the liver is detoxified too quickly, the old toxins sitting there will go back into the bloodstream and relocate in other parts of the body with the potential to cause serious problems and disease. That’s why Vaidya developed Trans-dermal and Trans–mucosal application of this potent plant.
Neem for the Skin – Transdermally
Neem taken in large doses is very powerful. In fact, the crude form of this herb should not be taken in large doses as it may awaken the detox process faster than the toxins can be safely evacuated. Neem soap, however, delivers many of the properties of neem that support immunity but in a manner that will not overwhelm the body’s detox pathways. 
Another benefit of neem in the transdermal delivery system is that it can be used directly on targeted areas of the skin, when and as/where needed for gentle detox and to support skin immunity. For example, here is what you can expect with the Soap:

  • Transdermal absorption of neem while you bathe
  • Only the prabhavas (special qualities) of neem are delivered. The highly bitter and detoxifying rasa (taste) is not present.
  • Allows for targeted topical application of neem on specific areas of the skin
  • No SLS foaming agent or harsh preservatives found in most soaps
In contrast, the transmucosal delivery has different properties.

  • Gives just the prabhavas (special qualities) and sukshma bhag (subtle essence) of neem without the strongly liver detoxifying bitter taste
  • Provides a gentle delivery of this powerful herb
  • Added to 1 to 2 liters of cool water and sipped throughout the day 
  • Does not have to go through the digestive, metabolic or liver system
  • Although not as detoxifying as whole neem leaf, this herbal-memory nectar should still be used with caution and under the supervision of an SV Ayurveda practitioner. 
With the nectar drops you get the benefit of the prabhavas (specific ultimate effects) of neem without a strong detoxification effect. Nonetheless you should still use caution, even with these drops. Vaidya Mishra recommends that you not use these nectar drops except under the strict supervision of your Shaka Vansiya health practitioner.
The Neem and Brahmi Body Wash is a great favorite of many – with the same transdermal benefits of Neem for the skin and the added properties of Brahmi. It’s a great companion for your daily hand and/or body wash, free from chemicals and preservatives. You have to try it to see what we mean!

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Spring Home Detox
April 15 – June 3
1) What does the Home Detox course cover? 
WHY/WHEN/HOW to detox safely and effectively with SVA time-tested protocols. This year, you will also learn a powerful pranic meditation for mental and emotional support — Vaidya Mishra’s Samadhi Marma Meditation. Total value of $351 includes herbal formulations and technique – included in your detox package price.
The detox course covers 4 types of toxins, in-depth knowledge of SVA detox principles, plus recipes recipes recipes that you can use throughout the year on days you feel sluggish or need a quick healthy meal.
2) How do I know this is for me?
If you are not sure the SVA detox is for you, you can schedule a “discovery call” where you get to ask any/all questions you may have to an expert SVA educator. These educators are also experienced detoxers: they have been using the SVA protocols for detox and rejuvenation for decades and can share their personal and professional experiences and details and address any concerns you may have or clarifications you may need so you can take your decision in full confidence. 
3) How long is the actual detox? 
8 weeks. You will learn practical baby steps for taking care of yourself with full-on support with products and lifestyle guidance.
4) Why is it so long?
We will be supplying additional educational materials and to help you re-instate long-standing change and habits that will become part of your daily life rather than doing a quick short weekend detox and then falling into old unwanted habits. 
5) Can I do it later if I am not able to do it with you all during the 8 weeks? – It’s ideal to detox at the seasonal junctions for utmost benefit; also you will get live support and interaction when doing with us. Committing to change is the first step towards change…. 
6) Can I use the recipes i learn in this course later on during the year at all times? Absolutely Yes! They are delicious light yet nourishing. 
7) What if I need more products? 
You may purchase more cleanse products at a discounted 20% off rate that is valid just for the duration of the detox course and exclusively for detoxers. 
8) If I have already taken this course before, and I already have a lot of the products, can I just join into the community to be part of the process? 
Yes, you may and are very welcome to do so. We invite you to connect with one of our SVA educators to determine further details of your participation. We are happy to extend the early bird rate for participation/knowledge. 

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CONGRATULATIONS to all our Marma Graduates and THANK YOU for an amazing year of delving into deep ayurvedic knowledge in companionship. Each and every one of you made this course extra powerful, specially under the challenging transitional circumstances. We’ve all come out of this experience richer with knowledge but also stronger with new heart connections. Welcome to our SVA Community of healers, educators, and life-time learners.
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