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Shroto Shudhi

Massage Oil, Tea, & Masala!

The shrotas – physical channels in the body – are given immense importance in Shakha Vansya Ayurveda; the Ayurvedic texts say it clear and loud: “shroto mayo purusha”: “The whole body is nothing but shrotas.” But what are shrotas? Shrotas circulate and deliver nourishment; heat; energy; they carry the dhatu-s or tissues; evacuate toxins; and so much more. Only when these shrotas or channels are open and free-flowing, also not inflamed with acidic toxins, can health be optimal. Only when the channels are optimally healthy can nourishment reach deep into the body and can toxins be removed completely from the body. Ayurveda gives us many remedies and protocols to support and maintain the health of the shrotas, keeping them in optimal balance, and clear and free from seasonal accumulation. Vaidya Mishra taught extensively about how to adopt and incorporate this knowledge in our daily lives. He gave us not only herbal remedies, but also dietary and routine guidelines to help maintain the “intelligence” of our shrotas. What does that mean: the “intelligence” of the shrotas? He explained that the shrotas already know how to operate, they know how to identify between what is nourishing for the body and what can be potentially harmful, and they know how to eliminate it; they also know how much to eliminate; when to eliminate; what to absorb; how much to absorb; where to deliver things to; when to deliver; how much to deliver. It’s a very beautiful complex system organized and maintained by the laws of nature, operating in our own bodies. 

When the temperatures drop, our physical channels or shrotas shrink. That’s when it is even more important to take some remedial ayurvedic steps to keep things flowing well. For example, basic foundational ayurvedic tips to keep our physiology in balance such as: have nourishing but timely meals; maintain a regular yogic exercise routine; stick to an early rather than late bedtime; do regular self-massage with a good seasonal massage oil – Shroto Shudhi Massage oil is great for this season; make sure to schedule in uplifting down-time activities to unwind from work or daily stress.

In addition, an easy daily way to keep things running smoothly and efficiently can be achieved with just a cup of tea! Vaidya Mishra has formulated many balancing teas that help in different ways.

Shroto Shudhi tea is one of them. Not only does it help “clean and clear” the channels as its name indicates (“shudhi” = clean, “shroto” = channels), but it also warms them up and supports overall circulation. The tea targets channels in the body carrying liquid soma (water soluble materials). This tea helps burn ama (partially digested food material) without aggravating amavisha (reactive toxins sitting in the body). If you are high pitta by nature, you can start small, with a pinch of the tea mix for 10oz water. Increase as you per your comfort. Another great way of supporting your shrotas is to do self-abhyanga(massage) with Shroto-Shudhi Massage oil. Read below for what each ingredient can do for you. 

So what’s in the massage oil contains and how and why can it help you?

Indian Sarsaparilla: Indian Sarsaparilla purifies the fat tissue, fat channels, sweat, sweat glands, and swedavaha srotas (sweat channels) particularly purifying them of amavisha (hot, reactive toxins). Nutmeg: Nutmeg (jatiphal) has a shamaka (pacifying) effect on the nerves and calms down prana vata (governing the mind) and will help calm down hyperactivity of the channels that make occur from cleansing them; Black Pepper: Black Pepper (maricham in Sanskrit) is excellent for amapachan, burning ama in the tissues and srotamsi (channels); Sunthi: (Ayurvedic ginger) opens the channels without overheating them and with less risk of aggravating amavisha (reactive acidic toxins); Ajwain: Ajwain is another great channel opener that operates through its strong thermogenic property; Clove: Opens the channels, helps burns ama without overheating them, and gives a pleasant, stimulating fragrance; Nirgundi: Reduces inflammation and inflammatory conditions in the channels that can result in blockages; Manjistha: Opening the channels can sometimes cause unwanted reactions by the immune system, Manjistha is the perfect plant to keep the immune response under control; Coriander: Helps bind and eliminate virulent toxins stuck in the channels (heavy metals, etc.) and supports the elimination of toxins through the urinary system; Pashanbhed: Growing on rocky soil, this remarkable plant is quite useful in cases where toxins are resistant to removal because they have hardened and crystallized; Mint: Opens the nadis (vibrational channels) and srotas (physical channels), this action helps with pranic reception in the channels and gently opens them without overheating; Camphor: Camphor (kapoor) both unblocks and helps to relax the physical and vibrational channels. 





~ Dr Marianne Teitelbaum

In my busy Ayurvedic practice I see many patients with slow circulation. And as we state with all the diseases and symptoms we treat, the underlying causes are usually numerous and are different in each person.

Circulation is something you want to address because if it gets too sluggish you could suffer some consequences if you have lack of blood flow to an area. 

Many of us know that smoking cigarettes can affect our circulation as the nicotine in the cigarette smoke shrinks down our arteries, decreasing the blood flow. The same thing happens when we eat the nightshade vegetables since they also contain nicotine. 

In fact, that is how I learned how to feel the channels in the pulse. My teacher Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra had me take my son’s pulse. He was 10 years’ old at the time. His pulse was beautiful and clear as he had an impeccable diet when growing up and plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise. 

Then my teacher had him eat some organic roasted potatoes that I cooked with Indian spices, cilantro and lime. Within 10 minutes of eating them Vaidya told me to take his pulse again. I could feel all the physical channels had shrunken down, affecting not only the circulation of blood but the circulation of all the other fluids in the body, including the channels that carry lymph, tears, sweat, and urine. From that point on I excluded potatoes from our diet and substituted taro root, which tastes exactly like a white potato.

But I also learned how to feel the channels in the pulse, which was so exciting for me to finally be able to feel.

In addition to eating the nightshade vegetables, our circulation can slow up by our sedentary lifestyle. Sitting all day allows the blood to pool in the legs, so it’s a good idea to get up and move around every so often.

We also teach our patients to avoid the foods which could shrink up the channels, clog them, harden them and inflame them. In all of these cases the channels could become sluggish, which affects our circulation.

When we are under stress, we release cortisol which shrinks our physical channels down and closes up our circulation as well. Luckily, we have lots of remedies to prevent the release of cortisol and just as important we have lots of therapies to open up the channels again.

Which brings me to the next point: Ayurveda is loaded with all kinds of remedies, teas, transdermal creams, herbal and mineral baths to open up the channels.

Many times when we want to increase someone’s circulation we use thermogenic or heat-producing foods, spices and herbs to open the physical channels up again, allowing circulation to flow again.

This is something we have treated since antiquity in Ayurveda.

Here is where my teacher added new treatment modalities and approaches to accommodate the changes to our physiology in this modern era.

He felt that in this day and age, we are now loaded with hot toxins since we have surrounded ourselves with over 80,000 chemicals within the air, food, soil, water, pharmaceuticals, skin-care products, and on and on — and the problem is that many of these toxins are extremely hot, causing a tremendous amount of heat to circulate throughout our bodies.

Now here’s the problem my teacher encountered. There were many times when we wanted to open up a channel, but the channels were too inflamed and hot, so we could no longer use the thermogenic or heat-producing herbs and treatments to promote circulation when it was impaired.

Here were some of the obstacles we were up against:

In some cases we wanted to open up the circulation to the optic nerve to prevent all the common eye conditions we hear about, but the problem we encountered is that the eyes are a pitta organ, sensitive to light and heat, so if you want to increase the circulation here you can’t use hot therapies.

Sometimes we wanted to treat our MS patients and those patients with demyelinating diseases where the myelin sheath, which is the covering to the nerve, was being burnt for various reasons from toxins both internal and external to the body. In these cases we also couldn’t use hot therapies to open up the inflamed channels.

We wanted to treat varicose veins, but the blood circulating through the veins was so hot causing them to bulge, we knew we couldn’t use heat to open up the blood flow through those hot and inflamed veins.

These are just a few of the examples of the obstacles which were presented to us as our patients harbored their hot ama visha and gar visha, two types of toxins which are highly inflammatory. These two types of toxins are responsible for causing both autoimmune diseases and cancer due to the heat they contain and the inflammation they cause. 

And on top of that most of our patients work on computers all day, exposing themselves to another type of hot inflammatory toxin known as EMF’s or EMR’s, electromagnetic frequencies and electromagnetic radiation. This type of toxin is agneya or hot and fiery, and is also responsible for many of the inflammatory autoimmune conditions and cancers that we hear about.

So what to do? Fortunately Vaidya always thought long and hard about the obstacles we encountered during our two decades of seeing patients together. And he came up with his own unique way of opening up the channels without using heat, which was unheard of!

He developed many transdermal creams which gave us the capability of applying the creams right to the areas of weak circulation, whether it was around the eyes, into the brain, on the extremities, and just about anywhere around the body where the circulation was impaired.

Keep in mind low circulation is responsible for making us feel dizzy, as there is less blood flow up to the head. If the blood circulates too slowly you can have a heart attack or a stroke as the blood coagulates due to its slow movement.

And if there is lack of blood flow to any organ or gland, whether it’s the kidneys, the optic nerve, the reproductive glands or anywhere, that organ or gland’s function becomes impaired.

This is why it’s so critical to treat circulation as part of any patient’s protocol.

And rest assured we can treat it whether you are harboring hot toxins or not!

And finally, think of this: if you have cardiac myopathy where the heart muscle is weak making it hard for the heart to deliver blood to the body, you definitely want to open up the channels of circulation in the arms and legs making it easier for the heart to do its job.

This is yet one more example of how my teacher helped me and his other doctors treat our patients in this modern era, going beyond the normal treatments recommended by the ancient texts, since many of these types of toxins weren’t around when those texts were written.

Fortunately my teacher upgraded Ayurveda for the modern era, which the ancient doctors highly recommended in their texts, as they knew they wouldn’t be able to foresee what types of problems would happen in the future.

Thank you,

Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum

Cinnaminson, New Jersey


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Rose Carol

Can’t Sleep? Feel Overwhelmed? Headaches? Inflammation? Experiencing Grief? Anxiety?

You might just need a SVA Marma Session!

Shaka Vansya Ayurveda Marma Therapy is based on techniques used over 2000 years ago to help open blocked energy channels to heal physical and emotional pain, doshic imbalances, inflammation. stress, and overwhelm. It also improves the complexion and appearance. This unique healing session involves gently applying SV Ayurveda herbal transdermal creams (formulated by the late Ayurvedic physician, Vaidya Mishra) to a variety of marma points along the spine, and on other points on the body has an immediate relaxing effect that can bring about immense healing and rejuvenation.

The body can heal itself once it becomes more self-referral, when the blocked prana starts to circulate throughout the body, a state of equilibrium is restored.

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About Rose Carol, MA LPC, SVA Practitioner

Rose has been an Ayurveda Health Practitioner since 1989 and studied Vedic Science at Maharishi International University and mentored with master Ayurvedic healer, Vaidya Ramakant Mishra for many years. She is also a licensed professional counselor with a master’s in clinical counseling that integrates Ayurveda and Psychology integrating mind, body and consciousness. To schedule text or call 847 636 2744 (same # whatsapp)

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