Celebrating Vaidya & SVA: a PodCast; Memorial Weekend Details, plus a Storewide Sale! Vaidya Mishra’s Newlsetter #14, April 11, 2018, Vol 8

Today, April 13th, it’s exactly a year Vaidya left us. We miss him terribly. 2017 was a challenging year in so many ways, but it taught us to open our hearts unconditionally – ever more – and be more receptive to the support and bounty of Mother Nature.
Vaidya Mishra has bequeathed us a wealth of knowledge and tools to inspire us, guide us, and keep us in total blissful health: his SVA technologies are rooted in the sutras and informed by the scientific findings of our age. This is our opportunity, here and now, to show him full-hearted gratitude for the wealth of knowledge, unique formulations, satwic recipes and guidelines that he shared with us so generously. This is our chance to live up to our potential and take charge of our health, our lives, with even more commitment and determination. 
It is in this spirit that I – and all those who have stepped up this past year to show support and commitment to Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda – hope to continue running all aspects of the SVA operations, educational and formulations, to ensure that Vaidya’s timeless legacy continues into the (very very) distant future.
This weekend, we celebrate our dear “Vaidya Siromani” (Vaidya who is the “jewel in the crown”) as he was called, with special events at the Prana Center on Friday, in Carpinteria on Saturday, and in Malibu on Sunday. Scroll down to find out more and join us! You can attend in person or via live-streaming. Contact our Prana Center to find out more.
I would also like to personally thank Michael Fischman for putting together a beautiful podcast on Vaidya Mishra just in time for this weekend memorial celebration. Scroll down and click and on the image to hear it.
Here’s to always more balance and bliss in life –
Melina Takvorian-Mishra
We are delighted to share the link to podcast featuring Vaidya and the SVA lineage
authored by Michael Fischman.
Click below to listen to stories and anecdotes by SVA practitioners, and followers.
Join us THIS weekend
pay tribute to Vaidya Mishra & his Legacy
We apologize for an error in last week’s newsletter
the gathering on Saturday will be held in Carpinteria
(not Montecito) at a private residence graciously offered to us
in response to all those who have been asking:
the suggested donation for the yagya is $108
you may choose to donate more – or less
For further clarification – the total fees covering meals & transportation expenses (without the yagya) are: $260 for 3 days.
If you donate $108 for the yagya you receive an automatic $18 discount off the total and pay only $350
Join Dr. Teitelbaum and Chandika at NAMA
in Plano, Texas, April 20-22,2018