Top 25 Benefits of Wild Amla

Beat the Heat with Wild Amla & Chyawanprash

Sprouted Mung Medley to Beat the Summer Heat! A Quick & Delicious Summer Protein SVA Recipe

Still feeling too hot after several glasses of iced beverages, juicy fruits, ice-cream, a cold shower, and full-blast AC? Then you probably need (more) protein! When Summer is in full swing, pitta dosha spikes in response to the increase of Agni in the environment. Luckily, Vaidya Mishra has taught us easy and effective ways of […]

Moringa – in your tea, as a soup, for your water, or in your soap!

Case Study of “Everything Under the Sun” – with Video Testimonial

When presented with patients like this it is best to stop, take a breath, and remember what you are taught:  don’t get caught up in the names of the diseases.  This patient was diagnosed with 13 diseases, including fibromyalgia, osteopenia, asthma, ADHD, rheumatoid arthritis, chemical poisoning (from his time in the military) and many more […]

SVA Community News from Coast to Coast & Canada

From the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda, Arcata CA, Traci Webb writes:  We enjoyed an amazing debut week together at the new SVA Ayurveda Culinary Academy in Arcata, California.  Students learned SVA Ayurveda Nutrition theory and prepared special recipes passed on from Vaidya Mishra from his parents and grandparents. It was truly a blessing to be steeped in […]

Diabetes with Concurrent Neuropathy – A Case History and Video Testimonial

This patient came to our clinic only two months ago  seeking remedies for his diabetes and neuropathy – this is an accompanying condition when the nerves in the extremeties (hands and feet) get numb and degenerate due to high blood sugar levels . As you know, with Vaidya Mishra’s SV Ayurveda protocols, we do have […]

Why You Should NEVER Drink Water on an Empty Stomach BEFORE BREAKFAST!

Is it true that we drinking water on a fully empty stomach first thing in the morning, before breakfast, will improve your health by reducing bloating, flushing out toxins, cleansing your colon and activating your bowels? Is it true that it will increase your appetite? That it can prevent headaches? Reduce bad breath? The SVA […]

Memorial Day Sale

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