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Don’t Panic!
Practical Daily Tips
Guidelines for Boosting Immunity –
What Vaidya Mishra Taught us
We share the world with billions of micro-organisms: some friendly others deadly. What keeps the infectuous ones from taking us down daily is our immunity. Boosting our immunity is the first and foremost thing we can and must do as a preventative step in any alarming situation.  
Vaidya Mishra taught us straight from the ayurvedic texts, explaining that there are 3 primary we can and must do. 
  1. Use herbs and essential oils that carry the jantughna or bactericidal effect: using such ingredients to eliminate infectious bacteria in your environment as well as your body, for example the oral cavity, to minimize the risk of infection or contamination
  2. Support the body’s immune system or vyadi kchamatwa:  one can have either general support of the overall immune system, or targeted support of specific organs and systems, so as to strengthen the body to resist a take care-over by krimi-s or harmful micro-organisms.
  3. Prakriti vi-ghat: create and maintain a non-supportive environment in the body or specific organs and systems so that infectious micro-organisms or krimi-s cannot grow and thrive. Many essential oils like: camphor, peppermint, ajwain, and tulsi are called krimigna and have known bactericidal effect that has been researched and confirmed by modern science. These are also called jantugna
These 4 ingredients are commonly used in herbal formulations in Ayurveda, but interestingly they are also used copiously in Ancient Vedic rituals in temples and fire ceremonies meant for cleansing the environment due to their jantugna or krimigna effect.
Using these essential oils directly on the skin is not recommended as they can burn the Soma of our skin and dry it out. Vaidya Mishra has put together all these ingredients in a unique formula that uses their crystal form rather than the essential oil molecules. Tribindu is a classical formula named for the 3 ingredients that make it up: Camphor, Peppermint, and Ajwain. To make it even more potent in its anti-bacterial and protective properties he has added Tulsi, or Holy Basil. Tribindu with Tulsi has a powerful krimigna effect on the environment. Cleaning the environment we live and work in is a first precautionary step towards supporting and creating immunity in our bodies. 
What are some other things you can do? For Starters: Don’t Compromise Your Immune System!
This is called “vyadi kchamatwa.” It’s simple: excessive work, late nights, daytime sleep, stress, channel clogging food, low digestive fire and cold weather all contribute to weak immunity. When immunity is compromised, the infectuous organisms that would be killed as soon as they set foot inside the body end up thriving and multiplying… and we get sick.
All of these factors that compromise our immunity can ultimately be summarized in 2 functions they perform: shrinking and/or blocking the body’s channels and inducing poor digestion in the stomach and tissues overall. Poor routine and stress shrink the nadis (vibrational channels). Cold weather shrinks the shrotas (physical channels) – this is one of the reasons why we are more prone to catching a cold in the Winter time. Low digestive fire and/or bad food result in ama (toxins) which further clog the shrotas.
When the channels are shrunken and clogged, ama (partially digested food) gets stuck in the channels and turns to amavisha (poison ama) due to fermentation. Amavisha is a highly acidic toxic material which sparks an inflammatory reaction. The immune system then tries to ‘put out the fires’ caused by amavisha and gets spread too thin to handle the normal invaders which enter our bodies all the time.
Any kind of toxin always makes the body fertile for pathogens. Ayurveda describes this process with the aforesaid siddhanta (theory) of bhumi (land) and beej (seed). A toxic body (land) becomes fertile ground for pathogens (seeds) to grow and further weaken their host.  
Also, when the channels are blocked, nourishment circulating in the blood cannot reach all tissues effectively, thereby weakening them. And, waste products cannot get out of the tissues and be carried away by the blood as efficiently, if at all. The result is acidification in the tissues. When invading microbes enter the body, they find a perfect growing environment with little resistance from the weakened tissues.  
How Do You Boost Your Natural Immunity?
Your body naturally knows how to defend itself against deadly invaders. It was born knowing! It just can’t function properly when it’s loaded down with toxins, undigested food, and blocked channels. 
If you want to boost your immunity, the first step should be to look at your routine and diet. Do you go to bed early? When you stay up late you burn your body’s soma (cooling, nourishing intelligence of nature) and you don’t receive the soma that you would normally get when you sleep. This contributes to a build-up of acid in the body and further weakening of the immune system.
Are you stressed? Everyone knows that stress surpresses immunity. Be responsible. Do you really have to do it all? There are many ways to reduce stress… find the methods that work for you and apply them. Balance between work and play is the key. 
Do you spend too much time on the computer? EMF shrinks the nadis (vibrational channels) and blocks the normal flow of prana in the body. This can lead to head pressure, tension, and generalized pain anywhere in the body. A lack of normal pranic flow also affects the agnis (digestion and metabolism) contributing to more ama, amavisha, and weak immunity.
What foods do you eat regularly? Try to avoid tomato, potato, bell pepper, eggplant, onion, garlic, winter squashes, soy, large beans, and bananas. These foods either block or corrupt the body’s vibrational and physical channels, which automatically lowers immunity. Cook with good spices, so that your food satisfied your cravings and you don’t end up overeating and putting out your digestive fire.
Do you have slow digestion? Try eating food that is light and easily digested. Instead of consuming large portions of food, eat smaller portions more frequently. Use spices in cooking or pre-toasted spices sprinkled on your food. The Ayurvedic texts say that when agni (digestive and metabolic fires) are balanced no disease can occur.  
In the winter time, our physical channels shrink due to colder temperatures. Thus supporting the health of your channels is utmost in the Fall and the Winter. You can do many things to keep your detox pathways running as smoothly as possible to allow all the daily toxins to be evacuated from your body, and insuring that the nutrients you ingest reach their destination and support your immunity. 
For this, consuming spices that support your channels is key. This is why Vaidya Mishra has put together the Shroto Shudhi tea and Shroto Shudhi Masala.
We suggest you select the SVA spice mix right for you: Shroto Shudhi, included in this kit, is ideal for opening clogged channels, especially in winter. Mom’s Super Spice is ideal for daily use by most people in all seasons. You can also choose Mom’s Super Spice with Green Chillies for an added spunk!
In addition to these health tips, you can further boost your immunity with the following SVA Herbal Synergies, wrapped together for you in one convenient kit basket:  
Shroto Shudhi Masala Spice Mix 
The best way to stay healthy this winter is by keeping your digestion strong and your channels open. Shroto Shudhi Masala does just this. When you use this tasty masala, you’ll find your digestion stronger and your channels more open and clear. It’s especially good for the winter months; but still, use it with care if you are a high-pitta type. If you’re high-pitta, try Mom’s Super Spice instead. Don’t use it if you suffer from burning sensations anywhere in the body.
Soma Salt Helps You Avoid Inflammation 
Most salts are very heating to the body. In winter, when the channels are more shrunken and clogged, ama (toxins) easily become stuck in the tissues. Over time, this simple ama gets transformed into amavisha (hot toxins), causing inflammation. Common salts aggravate any existing inflammation, further compromising the immune system. 
Soma Salt tastes almost sweet. Due to its near perfect profile of minerals (including calcium), it doesn’t heat the body like common salts do. Rather, it gently stimulates the digestive agni without causing inflammation and weakening the body in winter when the immunity may already be compromised.
Herbal-Memory Nectar Drops for Immune Support
One of Vaidya Mishra’s specialties is ‘capturing’ the prabhavas (special effects) of herbs and spices and delivering them directly to targeted organs and systems, by-passing the digestive system. In today’s world, almost everyone’s liver and digestive system are weak. Crude herbs must pass through these weak systems and often do not get transformed into anything useful for the body.
Vaidya Mishra’s Herbal Memory-Nectars deliver their potency ready-to-use to the tissues. The nectar drops in this kit are especially useful in the winter to boost immunity. Use one or two drops in one to two liters of neutral pH spring water and sip throughout the day.
Turmeric Herbal Memory Nectar – Turmeric is known for its ability to support the liver’s intelligence and manufacture ‘smart’ blood. The body needs this ‘smart’ blood to keep the body less fertile for bad bacteria and other pathogens. 
Cinnamon Herbal Memory Nectar – Cinnamon supports sugar metabolism. When sugar is not metabolized it turns to ama (partially digested material in the body) and quickly becomes amavisha (poison ama), making the body more acidic. This acidic state, produced from the festering ama of partially digested sugar, is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viral infections.
Clove Leaf Herbal Memory Nectar Drop – Clove is a divine spice which opens the shrotas (physical channels) without heating the body. This special property of clove helps the body get rid of amavisha.
Immuno Support Herbal Memory Nectar – This proprietary blend gently and powerfully supports the body’s power to keep its ‘land’ (bhumi) infertile at the time when it is most challenged most.
Vidanga Herbal Memory Nectar – Vidanga is mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts as a great herb for creating an environment in the body that is non-supportive to bad bacteria (in the sinus cavity through this formulation).  
Tulsi Herbal Memory Nectar – Tulsi is a divine herb with powerful immune bolstering properties. Tulsi reestablishes the connection and communication between the body and environment so that the body receives more healing energy from nature and keeps the ‘land’ (bhumi) infertile for unfriendly bacteria. Try Vaidya’s more potent Tri-Tulsi Nectar drops with all 3 kinds of Tulsi. 
SVA daily protocol for vyadi kchamatwa
  • For cooking, use Shroto Shudhi Masala in your meals (lunch and dinner). 
  • At night, make and drink Shroto Shudhi tea after dinner.
  • In the mornings, start your day with Tulsi tea. 
  • To keep your daily detox going smooth through bowel movements, add 1-2 tablets of Triphala or Prakrit or High Pitta Triphala, or SVA Lax (mild or regular potency) – based on your preference or needs. 
  • Do a daily massage with the Turmeric and Magnesium abhyanga oil – in the mornings at least on your limbs and lower back before shower. 
  • Add to your daily drinking water: 2 drops of Immuno-Support, 2 drops of Amla, 2 drops of Guduchi, 2 drops of Zinc, and 2 drops of Tulsi.
Prakriti vighat is when one creates a targeted environment for the bacteria, for the krimi-s, to subdue and eliminate their growth. Vaidya Mishra explains that the best example for this is in the oral care he has formulated: his toothpastes and oral sprays. In these, he has brought together Gymnema, Neem, and Indian kino, along with other potent herbs, to cut the supply of sugar molecules to the bad bacteria that feed on it in. The SVADanta line contains these herbs to help support the mucus membrane and oral cavity, helping you also manage bad breath, and inflammation of the gums. Gymnema is called gurmar or literally sugar-killer. As soon as this herb reaches the oral cavity, it neutralizes all the residue of the sugar molecules, thus supporting the environment for the good bacteria to flourish. Once bad bacteria are deprived of sugar molecules to feed on, they die away. The result is a healthier oral cavity with fresh breath.
Keeping good oral hygiene also supports the throat, sinus cavity, and overall total immunity.  
So be SVA-smart! Take the upper hand on krimi-s and boost your immunity with easy SVA protocols and products. We are fortunate to have this divine knowledge to help us navigate these stormy days.
all the products cited above can be purchased from
Shroto Shudhi Masala (2 oz or more)
Soma Salt (8 or 16 oz) 
caution: www. is Vaidya Mishra’s exclusive home of pranic SVA formulations.
Do not be misled by rampant impostors’ vapid claims and watch out for in-authentic SVA formulations offered on other sites.

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How & Why Are Below Formulations Effective?
1. Vaidya Mishra’s Tridoshic Nasal Oil, which nourishes and lubricates the nasal cavity. With over 15 herbs in a synergistic blend it detoxes and supports the immunity of the nasal passages, enhancing the intelligence of the physical and vibrational channels. Since COVID-19 or any other virus or airborne pathogen enter through the nose by breathing in or touch, this oil provides a barrier.
What’s in it? All the good antiviral and antibacterial herbs, plus calms the mind! Here’s the list: Black Pepper, Cumin, Turmeric, Sunthi, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Large Cardamom, Tulsi, Boswelia, Greater galangal, Bacopa, Lodhra, Guduchi, Kantakari, Manjishta, Saffron, Jatamansi, Clove leaf and Sweet basil in a blend of Sesame and Jojoba oil base

2. I love his Sinus Cough ‘n Cold Inhaler which not only unblocks the nasal cavity and lung channels, but supports the resistance to infection. This inhaler will also support the chest area when there is a mild cough. Contains Organic Camphor, Peppermint, Ajwain, and Holy Basil (Tulsi) - see below for more details.
Protect, Unblock, Support Sinus and Lungs with
SVA Sinus Cough’n Cold Inhaler 
This inhaler contains natural essential oil that are known for millenia in Ayurveda to help unblock the nasal cavity and support the lung channels. The aromatic molecules instantly travel through the sinus pathways without irritating them, and support the nasal cavity to resist bacterial infection and contamination. This inhaler will also support the chest area when there is a mild cough. Carry this inhaler with you in flu season, or any time, for a quick and easy way to unblock, protect, and refresh your sinus pathways. Whether carried in your purse or pocket, this inhaler is your sinuses’ best friend. Ayurveda has for millennia used aromatherapy with an array of delivery systems – incense, perfumes, balms, etc. Vaidya Mishra has introduced this new delivery system with his convenient to carry nasal inhalers. These nasal inhalers are based on Sugandha Vigyan - the Ayurvedic wisdom of how scents and aromas enter into and affect the mind and body. The aromatic molecules of the SVA inhalers readily travel to the nervous system through the nostrils – directly yet gently. Vaidya Mishra’s nasal inhalers are easy to carry with no spill or stain risks. They contain all organic essential oils where available and contain absolutely no synthetic or artificial ingredients or fixatives.  
What’s in your Inhaler?
Ingredients and their ayurvedic properties: Organic Camphor, Holy Basil or Tulsi, Ajwain, and Peppermint.
Camphor is an FDA-approved topical antitussive (anti-cough), Camphor has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties; Holy Basil or Tulsi, in Ayurveda, is known to relieve symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, colds, congestion, coughs, flu, sinusitis, sore throat, and similar ailments. To clear your sinuses, inhale the steam from a fresh cup of tea before you drink it, or just use Vaidya’s Cough’n Cold inhaler;
Ajwain: helps clear nasal blockage by discharging the mucus easily; Peppermint: helps reducing the harmful bacterial growth in the mouth, is a great decongestant when inhaled; is used for treatment for cough and cold or throat irritation.

3. Sneh Gandush for oil pulling, which is a procedure to hold and swish 1-2 teaspoonfuls of herbalized oil in your mouth for 5-10 minutes. Medical News Todays list the following benefits: 
Killing harmful bacteria in the mouth. The mouth contains hundreds of bacteria, some of which are harmful and may lead to tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease. …
Reducing bad breath. …
Preventing cavities. …
Reducing inflammation and improving gum health. 
Vaidya Mishra’s formulation accomplishes lipid oral detox with a mixture of sesame and coconut oils into which different herbs have been synergistically infused to address the different needs of the oral cavity. By killing harmful bacteria in the mouth oil pulling encouraging the growth on beneficial bacteria keeping the oral cavity healthy and preventing airborne pathogens from penetrating and invading.

4.Zinc Bhasma glyceride drops.
Another way to stop the COVID-19 in its tracks is by using Zinc. If you google the benefits of Zinc one of the first things that comes up is that is modulates the immune system. You will find many scholarly articles on Zinc and its antiviral properties. 
Journal of Virology (American Association of Microbiology) states “the requirement for zinc ions for the antiviral activity is further substantiated. Therefore, an increase in intracellular zinc levels provides the basis for a new antipicornavirus mechanism.”
An easy to assimilate Zinc products are the “bhasmas”

Anti-bacterial Immuno-supporting Uses of Tribindu
  1. Sinus Support: discourages bacterial growth and support your sinus cavity when inhaled. Spray it on a scarf and gently inhale. Keep away from your eyes. 
  2. Sanitize and prevent infection: apply on your toe and finger nails after clipping them to ward off the chance of infections;
  3. Anti-bacterial air-freshener: spray it in your room – on your couch, pillows, carpet, desk, or just in the air. All the ingredients in this formula help remove bad odors through their “krimigni” or anti-bacterial properties. You can also use with it with an essential oil diffuser.
  4. Uplift and pacify the mind: Tribindu pacifies Vata dosha through its thermogenic properties and support kapha dosha by improving circulation – it’s your best friend in the winter time and in cold weather; and when you are feeling vata-ed out or stuck and stiff!
  5. Ward off mold and fungus: through its potent bactericidal properties this formula can be used in area where there is mold and fungus growth. Spray on directly (carpets, upholstery; drawers; nooks and crannies!) – 2-3 times a day.
CAUTION: if you inadvertently get the spray in your eyes, rinse with cool/cold water and it will wash off easily and immediately. 

As the situation worsens with more cases detected nationwide, we need not panic. There are many things you can do to prevent infection. Did you know that pathologists who have been studying Corona viruses for decades say that these viruses can be killed by zinc?
In SV Ayurveda, we use zinc bhasmas which are meticulously prepared metallic zinc processed through various calcinations, as depicted in this article, into a nanoparticle. This resultant nanoparticle is an extremely small particle which can enter the cell much easier than its unprocessed large heavy metallic zinc.

Known as “Yasad Bhasma” this zinc nanoparticle has been shown to be highly effective in treating the various forms of Corona viruses.
We have two strengths, and are in the process of stockpiling them for the expected epidemic coming our way.
Add 5 drops to a glass of room temperature spring water and stir. For added potency, add 5 drops of Boswellia Nectar Drops. Stir well and either sip on it slowly throughout the day or drink it down immediately.
We use the zinc primarily in adults but may use it in some children who have weak immune systems but in different dosage.
Read the article HERE which shows all the steps involved in processing the zinc so it is more biologically available and thus more active in your cells.
Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum

In our session yesterday March 19, we covered the key concepts and tools of SVA Marma that make it so unique and effective; delved into the heard Heart Lotus Sutra; covered the relationship between Cosmic Prana & Synthetic Prana – what’s that?! Learnt the “Vibrational Cleansing Massage” and the “Self-Marma Massage.”
It was an in-depth and enlightening session. A big “thank you” to our SVA instructors from the USA and Canada for making this online portion of the course so special and so powerful. Mooooooore next week!
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at:, or call us: 1.818.709.1005

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