“At What Cost?” – with Dr Raskin – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter May 11, 2023 – #18, Vol 12

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Lalita is the goddess of bliss and beauty in the vedic pantheon, and this is why Vaidya’ ayurvedic beauty products are named after the most divine of all goddesses – Lalita. Vaidya Mishra’s Lalita skincare line is formulated using guidelines from the ancient Vedic texts, the teachings of SVA, and traditional beauty recipes. The ingredients support, nourish and enhance outer and inner beauty, promote luster, and slow the aging process. The blends are chemical- and preservative-free and therefore do not disturb the vibrational potency of the herbs – or prabhava. The herbal ingredients provide a rasayana effect and enhance the coordination between our mental functions thus delivering a positive effect to our gunam / inner beauty. All of the materials and methods that Vaidya Mishra used enhance our skin’s cellular beauty as well as our spiritual beauty, strengthening our mind-body-soul connection.

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~ Dr Lisa Raskin (D.C.)

How many of us experience fatigue during the day? if you are tired and need energy you can just take cocaine, right?    Of course not. Everyone knows that cocaine is a terrible drug that does great harm – at GREAT cost to the body/mind/spirit.

In my lineage (Shaka Vansya Ayurveda or SVA), we believe that it’s a good idea to take the phrase ‘at what cost’ into consideration every time we decide to consume something that might be of question.

There are so many ‘potions and lotions’ available out there right now promising to do everything from giving us more energy to helping us lose weight to cure our acne. And many of them say they are natural and won’t hurt you in any way.

But is that really true? Perhaps the developers of these products believe it is true, but can they know for sure?

The phrase ‘at what cost’ is something my teacher and mentor, Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra used to say.  It is one of the core tenets of my own healing practice. Will what I recommend for you result in side effects now or later on? If yes, then I won’t recommend it. Even if it gives great relief right now, I won’t take the chance on later damage and suffering. Why would I when I have the means to help so many conditions using products that only create healing?

It is easy to see that taking cocaine for energy is pretty dumb. But there are things that many of us are using, whether it be vitamins, herbs, nutraceuticals or even some foods, that make us feel better right now but are creating havoc.For example, we now know that eating seed oils are quite damaging to the body. But several years ago, seed oils were praised! We now know that butter is healthy, and that margarine is not. But our parents and grandparents ate margarine because the ‘research’ showed it was healthy. Modern research (along with the industries they are associated with) tells us that this and that are good for us. But then it is later discovered that many of these things are actually quite damaging.

I feel so fortunate to be in an ancient living lineage of health and healing that is thousands of years old. We know on the deepest levels of tissue the effects of foods and other items. And this knowledge and insight remains over millennia informing the latest fads.

So please don’t jump on the latest fads: there are so many time-tested remedies and methodologies that can truly restore balance and address chronic conditions….

Vaidya Mishra was a renowned herbalist and product formulator.  His unique pranically charged products are pure and the remedies are quite effective. I use many of these products in my practice. If we haven’t yet met, schedule a free 20 minute Discovery Call where we can discuss any issues you might have.  BOOK A CALL HERE

“As many know I have been a health practitioner and “health investigator” for decades. I’ve learned so much, been trained in so many healing modalities and therapies, and garnered so much knowledge of how the body/mind functions. But it wasn’t until I met Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra and he initiated me into his lineage of healing knowledge in 2008 that did I see really powerful and sometimes remarkable health changes in people. This 5000-year-old system of healing the body/mind/spirit never ceases to amaze and fascinate me, and I look forward to sharing more of this ancient science along with some other useful vibrational and frequency healing tips!”

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Spring Detox 2023

We got this! We can do it! The key to success is conviction AND PERSISTENCE! Once you find something solid, something gold, it is not enough to do it once. Benefits and results only come from repeated concerted effort. This is our 5th week and we are all holding strong and chugging along, supporting each other as we release the bad and adopt the good in our mental, emotional, and daily dietary habits. Delving into the deep ocean of SV Ayurveda, we resurface with gems of knowledge and delicious easy recipes to keep us shedding the unwanted and transform from inside out. Beautiful job detoxers – keep it up!

This week we had Dr Marianne Teitelbaum as a guest speaker and she delighted us all with her wisdom, expertise, and healing gifts. Onward and forward!

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