A Recipe for Bliss – with Dr Lisa Raskin – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter July 6, 2023 – #26, Vol 12

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Recipe for Bliss….

“It’s very hot outside. Very. As I write this post, it is now 99 degrees (feels like 104) here on the Space Coast of Florida. In Ayurvedic terms, we are receiving a LOT of Agni. Hot vibrational energy from the sun.

In Shaka Vansya Ayurveda (SVA) we always start with Prana. Prana is life force, life energy. And Prana has 3 aspects, Soma, Agni and Marut. Soma is that nourishing, healing, cooling energy that we receive from the moon, Agni is that heating, drying transformational energy that we receive from the sun, and Marut is the space that contains the Soma and Agni and directs its flow.

Nowadays, because of EMFs, chemicals in the environment, air and water and our fast-paced lifestyles, among other things, we never seem to have enough Soma, that lunar, cooling healing energy. And in the summer this lack of Soma can create a great impact on our mind and body.

So we have to get more SOMA, that cooling, healing vibrational energy into our systems.

How to do this? How to keep cool? There are many things we can do, but I’d like to recommend a drink that you can make that is super easy to put together that will not only cool and rehydrate but balance Sadhaka Pitta. What is Sadhaka Pitta?

OK – I must backtrack! When PRANA (The energies of Soma, Agni and Marut) enter the body they give rise to what are called the 3 doshas called Kapha (from Soma), Pitta (from Agni) and Vata (from Marut).

Each dosha is divided into 5 sub-doshas. And one of the subdoshas of Pitta is called sadhaka pitta. Sadhaka pitta has to do with our emotional heart. It tries to balance the hot blood and hot emotions. Do you notice that you can become more irritated and aggravated when it is very hot out?

The following recipe from Vaidya Mishra calms and balances this sadhaka pitta to bring back your summer bliss! Chill out and enjoy!

You can never have enough Rose in your life! Specially in the Summertime. Here’s another way to incorporate it in your daily diet and routine. Scoop out half a teaspoon of Vaidya Mishra’s delicious Rose Petal Preserve whenever you feel hot or emotionally upset. And just eat it! It will give you immediate relief. Or add 1 tsp to a glass of 8oz water, stir, and enjoy. As many times as you need anytime in the day every day! Read more about the health benefits of rose petals below.

In the summertime, Rose should be on your list of must-haves. Here are the top 11 Properties of the “Queen of Flowers” as taught by Vaidya Mishra

1. Pacifies Vata and Pitta Dosha: Since it carries the sweet and unctuous properties, it pacifies Vata dosha - the sweet rasa, or taste, pacifies vata. The rose’s snigdha or unctuous property also balances vata, since vata that tends to be dry. Any dravya or item that has the unctuous lubricating guna or property is pacifying to vata. Then due to its cooling virya or potency, as well as bitter and astringent taste, it is pacifying for Pitta dosha. 

2. Enhances brain health: rose is known to be a medhya, that is, it enhances dhi dritti smriti. These are the 3 primary functions of the brain for the actions of registering, storing and recalling knowledge and information. When they are operating in a balanced and coordinated manner, the brain is in a stress-free state of bliss. 

3. Uplifts spiritually: Rose carries a unique property called “Som Nasya Janana.” This means that rose creates good coordination between the mind and Satwa, the light of the soul: it’s an instant bliss generator! 

4. Strengthens the stomach: according to Ayurveda, rose is balakarika, meaning it strengthens the stomach, intestine and liver organ systems. Bala means strength. In addition, due to its deepana properties, it balances appetite. It is also pachana – it enhances overall metabolism. 

5. It is anulomana: it helps pacify apana vata by making sure the downward movement of apana is maintained – make note, however, that it does not act as a laxative, unless you consume excessively large quantities of rose. When consumed in small but regular quantities, it enhances absorption of nutrients. 

6. Balances the metabolism: consuming rose petal products is particularly beneficial when people have high pitta and high vata imbalances. These imbalances are also usually associated with low agni or low metabolic fire in the stomach and tissues. Low agni results in toxic build-up, weight gain, body aches and pains, etc. Eating rose will pacify these two doshas and help reset the physiology on its way to blissful balance. 

7. Helps with skin conditions: Rose pacifies the heat in the blood, and thus keeps imbalances in the skin from erupting. 

8. A Great Pitta Pacifier: Other specific ailments that Rose has been known to help with are amenorrhea (absence of menstrual flow), inflamed eyes, dizziness, headache due to Pitta aggravation, sore throat, enlarged tonsils, nervousness, grief, dullness of the skin and acne caused by Pitta imbalances.

9. Nurtures and Supports Beautiful Skin: Whether ingested orally or applied transdermally, Rose is used in Ayurveda for individuals who experience heat or burning sensations in their limbs, or their body overall. This is one of the most important uses of rose for the skin. When taken internally, it purifies the sweat of hot acidic toxins that cause harm on the surface of the skin when a person sweats. Regular transdermal use of rose either in poultices or cream formulas cleans the sweat externally, by neutralizing the pH of the sweat, so that when it is released through the skin, it does not cause irritation.

10. Helps Heart Health: In Ayurveda, rose is also used as a remedy for the physical circulatory system. It is a cardio-tonic, called a “hridya.” 

11. Enhances Romance: Rose is also known for its “vajikarna” properties: we find a lot of recipes in Ayurveda that use Rose to enhance as a remedy to support romantic conjugal life. 

Rose is great for vata and pitta doshas. Kapha body types may feel they do not fare so well with too much rose. They can use less of it, or: if they want to enjoy the rose petal preserve, they can sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper on top.

Here’s to more of everything turning up roses in your life! 

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