11 Reasons Why You Should Detox In Autumn – August 29, 2023

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Do you need to shed some pounds you added to your waistline from all the delicious ice-cream tubs you couldn’t resist this Summer? Do you need to cool-off the heat trapped in your body that’s triggering your mind and messing up with your sleep schedule? Do you need to reset your emotions by giving yourself a much-needed breather? Come on board our collective seasonal detox where you will be in the company of fellow detoxers, growing together in health and knowledge of your body… Balance your mood swings, get better sleep, experience more energy, feel lighter.

In addition:

learn about the 4 toxins and how to identify and detox them; learn a one-day weekly protocol to help you get a full reset physically mentally and emotionally; delicious balanced recipes for full meals and snacks; and a supportive community to help you on your journey of being “good to yourself” and giving yourself the break you’ve been needing!

If you can dedicate one day a week for yourself, then this Home Detox course is for you! This program is a safe, easy, and effective do-it-yourself-one-day-a-week for six weeks home-detox. You will access to knowledge videos of Vaidya Mishra who will guide you through the Detox process; copious classroom notes and documents, checklists as well as your personal SVA Home Detox Educator. This course is designed to empower you by giving you the tools to best take care of your health and happiness on a daily basis during seasonal transitions and all the remaining days of the year.


The SVA Home Detox program includes the following modules:

  • Integral physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, detox and rejuvenation vedic understanding
  • Time tested ancient SVA protocols for modern lifestyles
  • In-depth SVA knowledge for diet, daily routine choices suited for your body type and seasonal changes
  • Personalized products for a individual experience
  • Expert one-on-one guidance throughout the length of the detox
  • Fast, easy-to-make, delicious, nourishing detox recipes that will help curb cravings and address unhealthy habits 
  • Access to SVA material, documents, video recordings via our online virtual classroom


Replay of our Free Informational Session Below

Course begins Thursday Sept 7 at 1:30pm pacific.

Course ends Thursday October 19, 2023

Early bird: $1288 – expires Sept 6 midnight




(Repeat detoxers welcome for a nominal fee!)

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