Cholesterol, Migraines, Arthritis, and more! – February 20, 2014 – Vaidya Mishra’s Newsletter, No 7, Volume 4

What do high cholesterol, pneumonia, Strep throat, migraines, head tremors, H. Pylori, and Rhumatoid Arthritis have in common? SVA Healing and Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum! With simple and practical SVA protocols as taught by Vaidya Mishra, witness how Dr. Teitelbaum has been helping countless people over the past several years, regain their balance and bliss.

Dr. Teitelbaum remedies saves Claire
from the Statin & high cholesterol – January 2, 2014

 This is another excellent example of how you want to resist the temptation to treat the symptom and rather, check further and deeper into the physiology, and fix the underlying cause of the problem.
This little girl had high cholesterol, so rather than putting her on a low-fat diet (which was already done and didn’t work anyway), I was able to examine her pulse and see that her liver was extremely overheated due to too many pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics in the past.
The liver makes the bile, which has two detergents in it which emulsify the fats in the blood so they can break down into small enough molecules that can cross a delicate cell wall and absorb into all the cells of our body.  But when the liver overheats, it can become irritable and lose its intelligence and not perform its numerous functions well, such as in this case, it wasn’t able to control the cholesterol and instead allowed it to slowly build up in the blood.
In this case, we used an herb which not only cools down the liver, but brings the intelligence back to the liver — like waking it up! — so it can perform all its functions properly.  Once we cooled the liver, the cholesterol miraculously dropped back down to normal.  And all this happened even though we taught the mother to give her whole milk and ghee, both of which have cholesterol!
We see numerous cases of high cholesterol issues in our practice — each patient has a slightly different underlying cause which has to be addressed.  Automatically taking either a statin drug (which lowers cholesterol and harms the liver in the process) or a nutraceutical, such as red yeast rice (which can also harm the liver) — we don’t want to just try to lower the cholesterol, but again, fix the reason why it is happening.
And we do all this without putting the patient on a low-fat diet — the brain needs ample amounts of cholesterol, and the adrenal gland hormones and reproductive hormones (estrogen, testosterone, etc.) are made out of cholesterol, so these low-fat diets could affect not only brain function (creating memory loss or senility or worse), but rapid aging of the body when the reproductive hormones cannot be made properly from lack of raw materials.

Dr. Teitelbaum treats Blenda’s migraines,
high blood pressure & head tremors – January 2, 2014

Blenda came to our office with two main complaints:  headaches and tremors.
First, we addressed the underlying cause of the headaches, which was overheating in the liver.  The heat rises into the head and creates the headaches.  We put her on herbs to cool down the liver (always using glyceride drops and transdermal creams rather than tablets of the herbs, which would heat up the liver even more).  The transdermal creams take the herbs through the skin, directly into the system, bypassing the liver — when you swallow the herbs they have to go through the liver and in a case like this if you give too many oral tablets of herbs the liver heats up.  The glyceride drops are the vibration or memory of the herb and are given in a litre of water and sipped on slowly throughout the day thus preventing further heating of the liver.)
Then we changed her diet to a more alkaline-based diet, eliminated all junk foods and foods which would heat the liver (garlic, onions, vinegar, etc.), and took her through the cleansing process.  We cleanse the patients in a way which will not heat the liver — therefore, we do not recommend fasting or herbs such as milk thistle.
Next, we addressed the tremors.  Most tremors are caused by toxins leeching into the brain, especially the substantia nigra, where the dopamine is made.  She was a travelling sales rep for many years and had to breathe in not only the extreme air pollution we have here in New Jersey, but also the chemicals which she was exposed to in her line of work.
So, we first addressed the underlying cause, which was toxins in the brain — and we gave her the herbs to pull out those toxins.  Next she was given herbs to heal the nerve tissue and the myelin sheath (the covering to the nerve), herbs to help her make more dopamine and we showed her foods which are nourishing to the brain.
In all of our patients, we address their underlying imbalances using this general protocol:  1) first identify and fix the underlying cause of the imbalance(s), 2) teach the patient how to eat correctly and show them proper daily routine (bedtime, etc.), and 3) teach them how to cleanse without creating a detox crisis.

Dr. Teitelbaum treats
Marissa for H. Pylori – January 14, 2014

This case history is an outstanding example of how we approach the physiology at the deepest level.  This little girl had an overgrowth of a bacteria called H. Pylori.  H. Pylori is a bacterium commonly found in the stomach.  Research shows that most ulcers — 80% of stomach ulcers and 90% of those in the duodenum, the upper end of the small intestine — develop because of infection with Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori).
She was given a round of antibiotics to kill the bacteria, but it didn’t help at all — bloodwork revealed the infection was still present.  She was offered another round of antibiotics, but her mother refused and sought out care in our office.
What really needed to be done was to fix the reason why the H. pylori was allowed to grow in the first place — the little girl had received immunizations and took antibiotics, which destroy the friendly bacteria in the gut.  The friendly bacteria prevents an overgrowth of any type of organism along the channel from the mouth down to the anus — strep, h. pylori, HPV, yeast, SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth, etc.).  To use antibiotics in a case like this might kill the infection, but then it can grow right back.
We have a 3-fold approach to regrowing the friendly bacteria — it’s just like planting seeds in a garden — we use a formula that acts like a fertilizer, good seeds (probiotics) and then another formula to fix the lining of the gut, so the friendly bacteria can adhere and grow — much like bringing new topsoil into the garden.
We also fixed her sluggish bile flow –when you eat the stomach squirts out acid into the duodenum and the gall bladder squirts out bile, which neutralizes the acids before the digestive juices continue on down the digestive tract.  But all too often the bile can become thick, (since its main function is to emulsify fats, it can sometimes turn into a “sludge” and not flow properly), and when the bile doesn’t flow out of the gall bladder well, the digestive juices can become too acidic and burn the lining of the gut and the friendly bacteria.
So in this case, she was given herbs to promote the flow of bile out of the gall bladder and herbs to heal the lining of the gut.  Then once the friendly bacteria was allowed to grow, the h. pylori was gone!  We see many cases like this one — they respond so well to our very deep protocol.

Kasey’s Testimonial – Dr. Teitelbaum
treats her rheumatoid arthritis – January 18, 20014

At least 2/3 of the patients I see in my practice have one or more auto-immune diseases, such as this patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  This type of arthritis is different from osteo-arthritis, which stems from normal wear and tear of the joint.  With Rheumatoid Arthritis, the immune system is actively attacking the joints, creating extreme pain.  Modern medicine gives dangerous pharmaceuticals to shut down the immune system, which can create other serious diseases, such as lymphoma or tuberculosis.
What we do with these cases is to first address the reason why the immune system has lost its intelligence — it could be numerous factors, depending on the patient — dietary, late bedtime, lack of friendly bacteria (the friendly bacteria that resides in the gut keeps the immune system from attacking in this way, but most every patient with auto-immune diseases presents with lack of these little “yoginis” as Vaidya Mishra’s father aptly called them.)  Many times the liver is holding on to too many acidic toxins, creating overheating, which further pushes the immune system to attack the body.
So, then we have to cool the liver first, then slowly pull out the acidic toxins, being careful not to overheat the liver in the process, regrow the friendly bacteria, teach the patient how to eat an alkaline-based diet,and give the herbs to: 1) heal the joints, 2) calm down the immune system, bringing it to its normal function — not turning it off, 3) detoxify the joints and surrounding connective tissue.  Then the joint pain starts to go away,we slowly wean the patient off their pharmaceuticals, and they regain radiant health!


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