SVA Marma Blissful Beauty Sessions at the Prana Center Starting March 31, 2016

Starting March 31, 2016, SVA Marma for Blissful Beauty Full Sessions for men and women – at The Prana Center, Chatsworth, CA. Call 1.818.219.5499 or email: to set up your appointment.

Lie back, close your eyes, and get transported to a world of inner, outer, and everlasting beauty!  At Vaidya Mishra’s tranquil Prana Center, you will experience the Ayurvedic definition of beauty – Shubhang Karanam: beauty as the  auspicious transformation of every single body part. In SVA terms, beauty is not a state, it is the action of imbuing our total self – mind, body, and heart – with prana; it is the action of allowing satwa (the light of the soul), to radiate into every single body part, transforming us from the  inside-out. In the expert hands of SVA Marma Therapist, James Pace, come-on over to witness your own transformation within minutes!

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ALL TREATMENTS EXCLUSIVELY USE Lalita’s Line of Intelligence Skin Care –  No Synthetics, No Harsh Chemicals, No Preservatives, pranically charged herbal synergies.auspicious transformation of every single body part.

·        Lalita’s Facial Cream Clay – Deeply cleansing and moisturizing, this cream balances the friendly bacteria of the facial skin and restores the soma burnt off by EMF/EMR.

·         Lalita’s Facial Cleanser – Deeply cleans the skin without over drying.  Makes the skin ready to drink up the nutrients of Lalita’s Facial Creams!

·         Lalita’s Facial Toner – Resets your skin pores to their optimum state to hydrate, nourish, and firm up your skin again after cleansing.

·         ALA Aroma-Free Cream (Alpha Lipoic Acid) – Relaxes the eyes, making them brighter and open. ALA on eye marma also relaxes the mind, supplying relief from strain to the eyes caused by EMF (electro-magnetic fields) and overuse.

·         Lalita’s Age Defying Lip Balm – Naturally tinted lip-care with Ayurvedic flowers, plants, and tree barks. Makes lips moist, sensitive, and more beautiful while shielding them against damage from the environment.

·         Blissful Awakening Mist – Pure Sandalwood and flower essences fill the air around you creating a cool, serene environment to help you settle deep within yourself.

·         Marma Samadhi Set – Three herbalized creams (or roll-ons) are applied on specific marma points to open the heart to support and coordinate the functioning between mind, heart and soul.

·         SuperSport Roll-on –  Support Sport opens the nadis (vibrational channels.)  We apply SuperSport on certain marmas of the neck to immediatelydeliver more prana to the facial nerves and muscles relaxing the face and expanding the facial aura.

·         Maha Marma Oil – Opens the Adhipati (Maha Marma) on top of head to deliver more prana to the entire physiology and all facial marmas.

       ·         Lalita’s Age-Defying Facial Creams:  Lalita’s Age-Defying creams all contain the intelligence of 18 Ayurvedic herbs to hydrate, nourish, and combat biological and  psychological aging.  Your Lalita’s Facial Cream will depend on your package.

        Choose from 3 Blissful Beauty Packages                 

  1) SVA Ultimate Celestial Marma Experience (Ninety minutes)$155

This Ultimate package uses the entire repertoire of Lalita’s Skin and Beauty Care, starting with the soothing fragrances and properties of pure sandalwood, rose, and jasmine.   Super Sport Roll-On is applied on the neck to instantly increase pranic reception to the facial nerves and facial muscles, relaxing your face and supporting the full flow of physical and vibrational energies.  Next, we gently cleanse the face with Lalita’s Facial Cream Clay (or facial cleanser) followed by the firming/toning properties of Lalita’s Facial Toner.  Next, wefacial initiate an inner grounding through Vaidya Mishra’s Samadhi Set, supporting and coordinating the functioning between mind, heart and light of the soul.  Eyes tired and strained?  This package includes application of ALA Aroma-Free Cream on select eye marmas for making the eyes brighter and stress-free.  Time now to vibrationally cleanse and enliven twelve important facial marmas using the powerful yet gentle touch of SVA Sparsh Vigyan (touch therapy.)  Your face is now completely prepared to drink up the rich botanicals of Lalita’s Facial Creams applied on the entire face and neck using your selection of Lalita’s Age Defying Facial Creams: Navratna Celestial Radiance, Abhrak Bhasma Facial Cream, or Pearl Facial Cream.


Lalita’s Facial Cream Clay  (Lalita’s Facial Cleanser may be used for more sensitive skin)

   Lalita’s Facial Toner

   Samadhi Set & Super Sport Roll-On

   Maha Marma Oil

   ALA Aroma-Free on Eye Marmas

   Lalita’s Age Defying Lip Balm

   Choice of Navratna Celestial Radiance, Abhrak Bhasma Facial Cream, or Pearl Facial Cream. Each of these creams are available with extra Jasmine or extra Rose.  Sensitive to essential oils?  Chose one of our Aroma-Free Creams.  Find out more about the different exquisite formulations from Vaidya Mishra here:

Lalita’s SVA Formulations

2) SVA Deluxe Marma for Blissful Beauty (Sixty minutes): $90

The SVA Deluxe Marma is your next best choice for Total Beauty.  This package incorporates the steps and products used in the Ultimate Package, with certain exceptions:  Because the time (and pricing) is less, the eye marmas are not targeted.  The Ultimate Package uses your choice of our very best custom-made facial creams on the facial marma and the face overall.   The Deluxe package uses the Navratna Celestial Radiance Cream on the facial marma and the original Lalita’s Age-Defying Facial Cream on the overall face.  A great bargain with great transformational results



   Lalita’s Facial Cream Clay   (Facial Cleanser may be used for more sensitive skin)

   Lalita’s Facial Toner

   Samadhi Set & Super Sport Roll-On

   Maha Marma Oil

   Navratna Celestial Radiance Facial Cream  (Applied on twelve select facial marmas)

   Lalita’s Age Defying Lip Balm

   Lalita’s Age Defying Facial Cream (with our without aroma) applied to entire face


3) SVA Marma for Blissful Beauty On-the-Go! (thirty minutes): $60 


SVA Marma Facial On-The-Go is the best choice for those who want a quick rejuvenation without the full treatment. Don’t be fooled by the name – in just thirty minutes, you will definitely feel and see the transformation!


   Lalita’s Facial Cleanser  

   Samadhi Set & Super-Sport Roll-On

   Maha Marma Oil

   Lalita’s Age Defying Cream  (Applied on twelve facial marmas and entire face)

Read more about Vaidya’s Blissful Beauty Protocols and Formulations HERE

 or call 1.818.219.5499 to find out more


The sole purpose of this blog is to provide information about the alternative healing modalities of Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda (SVA) as practiced in Vaidya Mishra's ancestral family tradition. The information contained herein is not intended for use in the diagnosis, prevention or cure of any disease. If you have any serious, acute or chronic health concern, please consult a licensed health professional who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. Otherwise, for more information, you may call Vaidya Mishra's Prana Center toll free in the USA at 1.888.3CHANDI (888.324.2634). or 1.818.709.1005 globally, or email us at: You may also visit:, or


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