Introduction to Vaidya Mishra’s Transdermal Marma System Audio CD


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Do know what marma points are? Different traditional systems for understanding the human body call them by different names.  The Chinese call them meridians and got their knowledge of these sensitive points in the body from India when the Buddha traveled east.

Marmas, according the to the ancient Ayurvedic texts, are switches in the physiology.  Ayurveda understands that there are thousands of vibrational channels, called nadis in Sanskrit, that connect all the different parts of the body so that they can function in an integrated way.  These vibrational channels intersect at certain points called marmas

By learning about the marma points and understanding how to restore balance in these critical areas, we can open up the flow of prana to the areas of the body which each marma point controls.

Vaidya Mishra explains his Transdermal Marma System in this audio CD.  It involves the use of herbalized creams specific to each marma point and is a powerful way of regaining balance.


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