Arjuna – Learn About the Best Herb for the Heart


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Arjuna is the number one herb used in Ayurveda for the heart (according to Charak Samhita, the oldest Ayurvedic text), and you will find out why in this 21 minute lecture by Vaidya Mishra.

The Sanskrit name, arjuna, literally means infinite vibration of “a” that never declines.  The sound, “a,” (the most open sound the mouth can make) in Sanskrit signifies the most open, all embracing field of life, pure consciousness.  it is this connection that the arjuna tree has with unbounded consciousness or intelligence in nature that makes it most suitable for strengthening the heart. 

The heart needs lots of “a” value to be able to transform all that comes to it.  All transformations need space.  The openness of consciousness, represented by “a” is necessary for the heart be effective in finding its way around and through the various problems presented to it.  You know that when your heart is shrunken, it is not effective in dealing with problems.  And when it is expanded, no problem seems to phase it.  This is the value of a lively connection between consciousness and the heart.

Arjuna provides a great support for the heart by sharing its connection with unbounded consciousness.  Like increases like.  The natural divine intelligence of the arjuna tree inspires the heart to become connected and remain steadfast in its connection with unbounded awareness.

It is this hridya prabhava (arjuna’s special quality of strengthening the heart) that has given it such great fame in Ayurveda.  Bhava Prakash describes arjuna as nadisarjascha kirttitah (with name and fame as long as the divine rivers).

What You Will Learn in This Section of the Course

You will learn about the name of arjuna, and why this name fits its function perfectly. You will also learn other synonyms for Arjuna which are used in various Ayurvedic texts to describe this tree with slightly different emphasis on its different qualities.

You will learn all about arjuna’s main prabhava (special property), which is hridya (good for the heart).  Charak Samhita says, hridayah chetanasthanam (the heart is the seat of consciousness). Arjuna has the vibration of consciousness very much alive in it, and it nourishes the physical and emotional heart on the basis of its deep connection with consciousness.

You will know seven other prabhavas (special properties) of arjuna in this lecture, as Vaidya Mishra goes through the Sanskrit verse word by word. And you will learn the physical properties: rasa (taste), guna (qualities), virya (potency), and vipak (post-digestive effect) for this divine herb. Don’t let your knowledge of Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia go without a thorough understanding of this important herb.

This herb is available here as a loose bark, transdermal cream, Herbal Memory Nectar, and in tablet form.

How to Use the Course Materials

When you download the zip file for this section of the course (and unzip it using a free unzip program like 7-Zip), you will find a PDF file (which can be opened with the free Adobe Reader) and an MP3 file (which can be played on any MP3 player such as iPod or iTunes).  You can listen to the audio alone, but for the first time through (at least), we recommend that you follow along with the PDF documents to make sure that all of the concepts are clear.  The PDF’s sometimes contain visual diagrams in addition to the Sanskrit verses.  If you learn visually, reading along with the PDF will be helpful.

We also recommend reviewing the PDF, and re-listening to the MP3 file many times, so that you begin to recognize the knowledge and own it.  These MP3 files are especially good to put on your MP3 player so you can listen in the car.  Just as it is easy to remember songs you hear over and over on the radio, you will find that the knowledge in these lectures will stick to you with no effort when you hear them over and over.  You will also find that your understanding of the material deepens each time you hear them.


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