Nadi-s: Healing Pathways of Your Cosmic Self

Unlike mainstream Ayurveda, Vaidya Mishra’s SVA tradition puts extra attention on the role that the body’s vibrational channels play in your health. These are known as “nadi” in Sanskrit. These channels are so important that even if you are able to maintain 100% of any healthy daily regimen, when your vibrational channels are not “perfect” in their functioning, you may still feel off. It is important to distinguish these non-physical vibrational channels from the micro and macro physical channels in your body to understand how things work.

Think of it this way: imagine your body is a metropolis or a big busy city, (perhaps New York City), with non-stop high regular traffic going in allNHPOYCS-img1NHPYCS-img2 directions. This means cars, buses, subways, and people going up and down and left and right and in and out and along the main traffic arteries. Just like the city if made of major road and highways, as well as smaller side roads and pedestrian walk-ways, our bodies are made of macro and micro physical channels. The macro channels are called “Sthoola Shrotas” and the micro channels are called “Shukshm Shrotas.” We can see the macro channels with our naked eye, but the micro channels can only be seen under a microscope. If there were a blockage anywhere on any of the pathways, it wouldNHPYCS-img3.png affect the rest of the traffic through a domino effect. In a similar way, our bodies have pathways, some large some small, they are physical channels that carry actual physical material and particles that can be viewed under the microscope. Some of our physical channels are: the intestines; the blood vessels (arteries, veins, etc); the bronchial tube; the bronchial channels; etc. When food is ingested, it gets broken down in the stomach, then transformed into blood in the liver, absorbed as nutrients in the intestines, and the unused material gets evacuated through the feces. But along with the visible, there is always an invisible aspect! Think of all the non-visible traffic that accompanies all the physical activity in the city, the stuff you cannot see with your eyes, such as all the electronic information and data that is being transmitted every second to keep the subways running on time; or the movement of heat and energy that gets released and generated by the traveling engines and walking people; or think of all the sound that is also being generated by each mobile entity and traveling all over the place; and then you can even think of more and more subtle things as well, such as the thoughts of each individual, the feelings they are carrying. All these non-visible things also occupy space and get transmitted, even if on a much more subtle level that we still cannot fully measure with machines and our technology. This kind of non-physical material needs special non-physical channels to get transmitted with. In our bodies, this is somewhat similar to the vibrational channels discussed in the Vedic tradition, called the nadi-s.

The knowledge of the nadi-s is not specific to Ayurveda. In fact, you can read most about it in a text called the “Shiva Samhita.” The Shiva Samhita (śivasaṁhitā also Siva Samhitā) is a Sanskrit text on yoga, whose author is unknown. It is a conversation between Shiva and his consort Parvati. It is a central classical treatise of Hatha yoga. The second chapter of this treatise focuses entirely on the nadi-s,NHPYCS-img4.png listing them, naming them, describing their location and direction. For example, some of the most important nadi-s or vibrational channels are: Ida and Pingala (Ida through the left nostril and Pingala through the right nostril); the Sushumna nadi, or the main vibrational nadi that is aligned along the spinal chord; the gandhari nadi in the left eye, hastijihva in the right eye, etc. In total there are, according to the Shiva Samhita, seventy two thousand nadi-s spread throughout the body. They originate like sprouts from the navel area.
Just like the macro and micro physical channels carry physical material, the vibrational channels or nadi-s carry non-physical vibrational material which isNHPYCS-img5.png primarily pranic in nature. Vaidya Mishra’s SVA lineage uses the knowledge of prana and the nadi-s very concretely. Prana is the primary vibrational energy that our bodies are made-up of, and the Shiva Samhita maps out the different channels and pathways through which this prana travels in our bodies after entering it through the Adipathi Marma point and the nadi-s. The SVA lineage uses the knowledge of prana, the life-giving, healing and nurturing energy made of Soma Agni and Marut, and Marma points, the transformative pranic delivery juncture points in the body to correct imbalances that can result in physical dis-ease.
The nadi-s are the connecting and communicating factor between cosmic energy and the physical body. Nadi-s receive prana from the environment and distribute it in the body through the sandhi-s after enteringthrough the marma points. Sandhi-s are the gaps or synapses, the junction between two nerve cells. A synapse consists of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter chemical. We have learnt through SVA that Prana is made up of Soma or lunar energy, Agni or fiery energy, and Marut or spatial energy. In our bodies, Soma predominant pranic energy travels on the left side; Agni predominant pranic energy travels on the right side of the body; finally, Marut predominant pranic energy travels in the spinal chord, being received and delivered to the whole body through the spinal chord.

While the nadi-s have a major impact on the health of the physical channels, the physical channels do get disrupted through physical materials as well. If we eat channel-clogging foods such as: large beans; or vegetables from the night-shadeNHPYCS-img6.png family (bell-pepper, eggplant, potato, tomato); or if we consume too much bread, or soy products. If we consume too many sour and/or acidic foods, or bad vegetable oils, then they become inflamed. It is somewhat easy to document and follow the deterioration of the physical channels. But how do the vibrational channels become imbalanced? Since they are so tiny and subtle and beyond the material realm, should they not be forever healthy?

We may tend to forget that we live in a world that is carried by very powerful non-physical energies. Particularly in this day and age, our bodies are exposed to very high quantities of vibrational pollution. What is vibrational pollution? EMF, EMR, and any/all frequencies emitted by electricalNHPYCS-img7.png and/or magnetic devices. Cellphones, computers, pads, etc.! The polluting electrically charged vibrational energy from these devices enters our physiology and gets mixed up with our pranic energy. EMF being of a fiery agneya nature, it burns up the Soma in our bodies and creates imbalances. Many symptoms emerge when you are over-exposed to high quantities of agneya energy. Some people become more short-tempered and snappy; others feel fatigued very easily; yet others develop skin rashes or other more serious chronic conditions. The nadi-s or vibrational channels not only receive pranafrom the universe but they also filter unwanted vibrational energies that the body may be exposed to. When theNHPYCS-img8.png body is exposed to too much EMF on an ongoing basis, then the nadi-s become overwhelmed, and this, in its turn, affects the marma points and the sandhi-s or gaps in our cells. But it is not just vibrational pollution that affects these nadi-s. A good diet can nourish and maintain these nadi-s in good health.

Did you know that, as per the SVA perspective, the ultimate benefit from our food or herbs goes to nourish these very same nadi-s? The ultimate nourishment that you get from any physical material is called “prabhav.” Prabhava constitutes the specific vibrational make-up of any ingredient. It is vibrational inNHPYCS-img9.png that it cannot be examined under the microscope, but the vedic texts list a prabhava for every ingredient under the sun. For those who have pure physiologies, the prabhavas can be experienced or felt exactly as the texts describe them. For others who may have clogged channels, the prabhava may not be felt at all.

The prabhava of any ingredient operates only on the vibrational level and nourishes the vibrational pathways or nadi-s. Most of the time, when people are ingesting herbal supplements and not getting any benefit out of this, it is because either poor digestion, or weak assimilation, or an overloaded liver, or the lack of yogini-s (friendly bacteria in the colon), are disrupting the flow and energy and delivery of the prabhava of the herbs.

The health of the physical body matters, what you eat physically matters, but you have to also consider the vibrational health of your body through the nadi-s. Taking care of the nadi-s will automatically take care of the sandhi-s and the marma points. Vaidya relates that his father used to say: “nadi-s are the single vibrational channels, sandhi-s are when one channel branches out into many, and marma points are where all three nadi-s of all three pranic energies (Soma, Agni, Marut) are flowing unhindered, connected at each point to the individual light of the soul. So when you take care of the marma, you are taking care of the nadi-s because of pranic flow, and taking care of the sandhi-s, of everything!”

Besides food, there is also another highly effective way of supporting your nadi-s, and that is transdermally. You see, the “lom randra”-s, or every hair follicle of your body is connected to a nadi. So when you apply any topical or transdermal product which has the prabhava of the herb captured in a good living natural base, it will penetrate the body through the nadi, and reach the gap or sandhi-s and marma-s. You can also guide, based on your need, how and what to apply where in order to supply specific herbal prabhavas for specific organs or organ systems. Vaidya Mishra’s SVA Transdermal Marma System™ teaches this method, so you can apply specific creams on specific marma pints to target specific organs or sandhi-s connected to that marma point.

In this sense, the very first transdermal product Vaidya made in order to support, toNHPYCS-img10.png open, clean, and nourish the nadi-s was about 10 years ago. He called it SuperSport. It contains Prasarini as its main ingredient, a very important ayurvedic herb that is commonly used in the SVA tradition to enhance the reception of prana to the nadi-s, sandhi-s, and marma points. In addition to Prasarini, Vaidya’s formula also contains:

  • Parijat: a specific herb that supplies prana directly to the nerves;
  • Vitex nigundo, or nirgundi, dilates the gaps for the proper reception of pranic energy;
  • Camphor: clears the physical channels to receive prana more readily;
  • Tea-tree: unblocks the physical channels from ama to receive prana;NHPYCS-img11.png
  • Guggul: unblocks and cleans the fat channels to receive prana;
  • Mimosa pudica: enhances the reception of prana to the nerve endings;
  • Ashwagandha: supplies more pranic energy to the physical nerve;

NHPYCS-img12When you apply Vaidya Mishra’s SuperSport herbal synergy either as a cream or a roll-on on your marma points, you are taking care of the marma point itself, but also addressing the sandhi, and the nadi-s that connect to that marma point. When you enhance coordination between these three vibrational aspects(marma, nadi, sandhi), you are then supporting your physical channels and nurturing your physical organs and systems from the inside out!

What happens when your physical channels, organs, and systems are able to receiveNHPYCS-img13.png prana in an unhinder edmanner? It supports them by re-establishing Nature’s intelligence in them, so each cell in your body can run optimally by itself as it has been programmed to, for detox, and self- maintenance. When pranic flow to all the physical aspects of the body is unhindered, then any physical approach a physician takes to heal physical organs will work even better.

The SuperSport Herbal Synergy, either in the cream format, or the lipid and water soluble roll-on formats also helps if you have to work in a highly electronically charged environment, if you are highly exposed to EMF at work or at home. The SuperSport group of products also help calm the mind and enhance the coordination between mind and body, by allowing for the free unhindered flow of prana all over the physiology.


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