Confidence, “Celestial Radiance Cream,” and the Planets….

“Dear Vaidya Mishra: A couple of months ago, a friend gifted me your SVA Face-lift DVD along with all related products, including your most divine Lalita’s Celestial Radiance cream. I watched the DVD and have been doing the facial self-marma protocol since then along with your products and I must say I am pleased with the results! Friends are asking me what I have done, whether I got a surgical face-lift, or what creams I am using… You have to understand that I am a 50+ professional woman and my years show, or used to show should I say, on my face! But ever since I started to do the SVA Facial Marma with the Celestial Radiance cream, not only has my skin improved with firmness and glow, but something more than skin-deep seems to have shifted. I am calmer, more confident, and I feel I communicate and convey my thoughts better. This is why I am writing: I want to know if it is actually possible, and iflalitasfacialcream so, how is it that your Celestial Radiance cream seems to work not only on the physical level of my skin but has also helped increase my levels of confidence during my workshops and speeches – I am a motivational life-coach. I really feel that an abundance of wisdom is flowing through me much more readily, and being imparted to my audience with greater ease. I tested things on my own and noticed that on days I did not use the marma protocol and the Celestial Radiance cream, things were ok, but on days when I did, things went with greater ease. What’s in your Celestial Radiance cream that might have this kind of effect? Vaidya Mishra please enlighten me!

Elisabeth P.”

Dear Elisabeth: in our SVA tradition, whether it is skin care, body care, organ care, or any other level that needs attention, we make sure that 4 aspects of health are always addressed. These 4 aspects are: 1) physical, 2) mental, 3) emotional, and 4) spiritual.

In the context of beauty, this translates more specifically into a verse that says:L-img3In other terms: beauty is considered complete when all the molecules or parts of the body are made to be auspicious. What does this mean and what does auspiciousness have to do with beauty?

The answer lies in the first part of the verse that talks about 3 pillars:

  • rupam – or the physical aspect of beauty that we gather through the use of our senses, this concerns the structure, and physical properties of one’s skin and other physical attributes;
  • gunam – this is the interal property or “guna” of the soul, or the “light of the soul” that is not visible through the senses but radiates through the skin and thus becomes visible to the eye. This happens, as the SVA lineage explains, when body, mind, heart, and spirit/soul are all connected and working together in harmony, not fighting each other.
  • Vyastyag – this pillar lists the knowledge of herbs, of a balanced lifestyle and diet, and other factors that can arrest chronological aging, that can defy aging, so an individual can be beautiful inside and out – beyond their age.

So when I formulate a skin care product, I keep this structure in my mind. For example, I use specific herbs that address  the specific function and structure of the skin – the skin on your cheeks is unlike  the skin on your elbows, each has different  levels of exposure to light and other factors, and hence distinct needs. By taking these points into consideration, I address the first pillar, or the “rup” of the skin.

Then to address the second pillar, or “gun,” I always use specific herbs that enhance the communication between mind, heart, and soul. When there is blissful coordination between mind and the light of your soul, as well as your heart, you will will experience it as an inner sense of power and confidence. Any words you utter will come from that level, and will have great impact on your audience.

Rest assured that you are not the only one who has testified to experiencing similar growth of inner peace and confidence after using the Celestial Radiance cream, and this is because, in addition to the synergy of herbs that I use in the cream, and the fact that you are applying them on marma points, you are harnessing the power of the 9 planets.L-img4

As you know, the Lalita’s Celestial Radiance cream in infused with the vibrational intelligence of the 9 gems that represent the 9 planets. Jyotish, or the ancience vedic science of light, explains that our individualities are the result of our past karmic actions, and the map that shows the benefits and set-backs dictated by our karmic past is found in the alignment of the planets at our birth. Lalita’s Celestial Radiance cream is formulated to give you a balanced tonic that can support the weaker planets that you may have in your chart, while it pacifies the malefic planets that may be aggravated in your chart. In this way, through the use of the Celestial Radiance cream, you can boost the “guna” pillar of beauty by strengthening or neutralizing things from within. The Veda-s clearly state that while we have freedom of choice as human individuals to make the right ethical decisions, the planets can sometimes cast their shadows on our mind to distract and divert us from the right decisions. Shielding ourselves from vibrational negativity through the use of gems and other remedial measures is an ancient science, and Lalita’s Celestial Radiancemakes that science available for all those who want to apply the cream, especially on the marma points, to make for a more powerful delivery.

The third pillar of beauty is “vayastyag” as noted. It is my duty, as a SVA formulator, to include in all my formulations, an herbal synergy as well as blend of aromatic molecules that will carry age-defying properties and result in visible changes with regular long-term use. Not only the ancient ayurvedic texts, but modern science also confirms the age-defying properties of hundreds of herbs and plants. When put together, as long as they are pranically preserved, and used on a regular daily basis, one can only reap benefits.

L-img5For example, many flowers, including jasmine, are reputed for carrying the property that helps keep all the layers of the skin snugly attached to each other resulting in beautiful firm skin. Other plants, such as Sensitive Plant, nurture the tactile nerves. Yet others support the lubricants in our skin to maintain optimal levels if hydration. While others ensure the flow of pranic energy, that connects our external organs and the skin to our inner spirit and soul.

Last but not least, when you apply this cream, on the marma points, you are applying and touching the “gateway of the light of the soul,” because marmas are junction points for all 3 cosmic pranic energies, Soma, Agni, and Marut. Each marma point converses with the “light of the soul” or “satwa.” By gently re-awakening each marma point to enhance the flow and circulation of pranic energy, you are enhancing the communication between your mind, senses, and their connection to the light of your soul. You are infusing more prana into your physiology, and grounding yourself. This inevitably improves the mental properties of Dhi, Dritti, and Smritti (power to gather, store, and recall), which has a direct impact on speech, hearing, and all the sense, including intuition…L-img6

Daily and Weekly Lalita Facial Protocols

L-img7Enhance beauty from the inside out with daily Lalita protocols.

4 Easy morning steps:

  • In the mornings, do a quick cleanse with Lalita’s Prebiotic (you may also use the regular) facial cleanser
  • Then apply the CreamClay, leave it on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water and dry your face
  • Apply Lalita’s Skin Toner, spread with the finger tips and gently massage, wipe off any residual drops
  • Apply Lalita’s Age-Defying cream, or Celestial Radiance cream – if you have allotted time then it is best to do a facial marma massage with your cream, then spread out the cream from the points onto the rest of your face.

3 Easy Step for Night Protocol:

  • At night before bed, clean your face from the residue of the day with Lalita’s Facial cleanser (use the Prebiotic cleanser to replenish your skin).
  • Apply the toner, gently massage and spread and dry.
  • Apply Lalita’s cream – a) if your skin is dry and tender, use Lalita’s Facial oil – do a marma massage if you have time for calming your mind at the end of your day; b) if your skin is not too dry, use Lalita’s Probiotic Facial Cream to replenish the friendly bacteria and ready your skin for another morning.

L-img8Lalita’s daily protocol helps clean, nourish, and replenish your skin so it can stand the test of daily stressors – climate, mental and emotional stress, imbalanced diet, etc. The Lalita’s CreamClays are designed specially to cleanse the  dead skin, pulling out and absorbing the toxins into the clay base, but without drying your skin. The CreamClays will not deplete your skin of their essential nutrients and essential fats. They will, instead, nourish it and replenish it with herbs and essential oils, as well as coral calcium.

When you spray the toner on, it will help restore the pores to their original size naturally, hydrating them along the way.

The cream of your choice for daily application, whether it is Lalita’s Age-defying cream, or Lalita’s Face-Lift Cream, or Lalita’s Probiotic Cream, or Lalita’s Celestial LalitasFaceliftCreamRadiance cream will nourish either the aqueous or lipid areas of your skin’s cells. If you skin is extremely dry and you live in high altitude and very cold climate, it is best to use the lipid-based Face-Lift cream, otherwise any of the other water-soluble creams are great.

At night, you may find that after a long day of having your face exposed to environmental toxins, EMF as well as other stressors, it may feel unusually dry. That’s why Vaidya Mishra recommends that at night, after cleaning your face with the cleanser, you apply either the Lalita’s Facial Oil or the Face­‐lift cream. This will address your skin’s daily need in its totality.

Lalita’s Weekend Deeper Detox and Rejuvenation Protocol

Whether you follow a daily skin care regimen or not, it is nice to pamper yourself at least once a week for a deeper detox and deeper nourishment session.

Start on Friday night

  • Clean your face with Lalita’s Prebiotic CreamClay, leave on for 5-10 minutes, then wash off. Make sure you add more CreamClay on and around the nostrils, between the eyebrows, and the chin area, as these areas secrete more lipids and more lipid soluble toxins.
  • Apply a thin layer of either Lalita’s Facial oil, or Face-Lift cream. We are using the lipid-based products to oleate the skin so that the lipid molecules can bind the toxic molecules of the facial skin.
  • In the morning, use the SVA Facial steaming pack – directions are included on the label. Be careful not to burn your skin, keep a distance from the steaming bowl. Steam for 8-10 minutes with a cover around your head. The steam process will help you totally eliminate any toxins that were mobilized the the night before.
  • Apply a little thicker layer of toner and gently massage in.
  • Apply Lalita’s Pro-biotic cream which will replenish the friendly bacteria of your skin, along with all the benefits of herbs and essential oils that it carries – just like the Age-defying cream.

On Saturday night, do a quick cleanse with the Prebiotic Cleanser, wash off and apply the Pro-biotic cream.

Once a week

On Sundays, or any day of your choice when you feel you can “let your hair down,” give total rest to your skin – this means: no cleansing. Just apply the cream of your choice, Lalita’s Age-defying cream, or Celestial Radiance, or Probiotic Cream, or

L-img10Face-Lift Cream. Massage gently in, with or without marma points, and let it seep in.

The Lalita’s products are free from any synthetic preservatives, scents, colors, fixatives, to make sure that they do not cause any short or long term toxicity, and do not disturb the vibrational communication between the body and the light of the soul.

For more information on any of the creams – ingredient-wise, please visit:




The sole purpose of this blog is to provide information about the alternative healing modalities of Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda (SVA) as practiced in Vaidya Mishra's ancestral family tradition. The information contained herein is not intended for use in the diagnosis, prevention or cure of any disease. If you have any serious, acute or chronic health concern, please consult a licensed health professional who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. Otherwise, for more information, you may call Vaidya Mishra's Prana Center toll free in the USA at 1.888.3CHANDI (888.324.2634). or 1.818.709.1005 globally, or email us at: You may also visit:, or


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