Diet for Women’s Health

We received more questions regarding women’s diet and general health. This week Vaidya replies to:

Sofia I.

1.     I read two very important articles about pre and post period diet in your last newsletters, what should be a diet for women during the period as blood is lost.

2.  Is it normal to have a period on a new moon or it is best to have it around the full moon.

Vaidya Mishra replies:

1.     The diet to follow during menstruation for each woman depends on her  flow:

·      Heavy Flow – Women with a heavy monthly flow should eat less estrogenic foods during this period. For example: do not consume asparagus, papaya, pineapple, fennel, or any type of dairy products. Also it is advisable to stop eating sweets and sugars. If you are craving sweets, have pears, apples, grapes. Add more cooked leafy greens – kale, collard, swiss chard, etc (vitamin K helps with reduction of blood flow).

·      Regular flow- Women who experience regular balanced monthly flow should incorporate some estrogenic foods into their diet during this period. But not excessively. Have some pineapple and/or papaya every your meal. Have an estrogenic vegetable at one of your daily meals (asparagus or fennel).

·      Light flow- For women with light and/or delayed flow, they need to incorporate estrogenic products, fennel seeds, papaya, asparagus, pineapple in large doses to support the menstrual cycle and a fuller cleansing.

These are general guidelines. For anyone with specific concerns, please consult with a SVA expert to tailor a detailed protocol suited for your individual needs.


2.     The ayurvedic shastra-s, ancient medical texts, explain that the expected time for the menstrual cycle is during the full moon. During the full moon, women have access to the flow of uninterrupted soma. However, due to stress, hectic lifestyle, imbalanced diet, and many other factors, many women will tend to have their cycle erratically, not with or around the full moon. Most have their cycle during the new moon. This is an indication that there are imbalances that need to be addressed. It is a sign to pay more attention to restoring the natural cycles of her body, and to support it, so that she can get back on track and have her flow with the full moon.



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  1. Thank you Vaidya. This is wonderful information- especially because I believe it is common belief that women should be bleeding on the new Moon. I like this adjustment in thought because it corroborates with the Jaimini Jyotish understanding of Suklanta- starting our “new Moon” calendar with a Purnima or full Moon. Since the full Moon is when our cup is completely full and the maximum for the cycle has been reached, it makes sense that the body would be experiencing the same. Thinking of the Moon blood cycle in this way is powerful! I wonder then if ideal time for ovulation would be during new Moon or Amavasya?

    Many abundant blessings to you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom so freely. Namaste.

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