Daily Decalcification and Detox With Instant Kulthi Protein Powder

Yes, we do know: calcium is a mineral necessary for life – our bodies need it in large quantities to build and keep our bones – and teeth – strong and healthy.  But did you know that calcium also helps our blood clot? In addition, it is necessary to nourish our nerves so they can send chemical signals and messages along the neural pathways. Also: it helps our muscles contract.

We need calcium, but we have to make sure the calcium we ingest gets absorbed and used up. If you are supplementing calcium but your body is unable to assimilate it – either because you are taking too much or the kind you are taking is “dumb,” then you will end up having calcification. Calcification is the accumulation of calcium salts in a bodily tissue.  Calcium molecules travel through the bloodstream, they are carried by every cell, therefore, calcification can occur in almost any part of the body. Usually, excess calcium gets deposited in the bones, but you can also find it stored abnormally in soft tissues. This buildup can harden and disrupt our body’s normal processes: calcification can form stones in various shapes and sizes in the body, the most common being gall stones and kidney (urinary) stones.  Our arteries can calcify as well resulting in hardening; the hardening of the arteries is associated with high blood pressure conditions.

In my SVA lineage, we address calcification with Kulthi! Kulthi is a lentil that grows on hard rocky soil in the Himalayan Mountains. My father used to explain that it has the power, the intelligence, to break down calcified formations in our bodies.

The ayurvedic rishis knew well the health benefits of kulthi. In the Raj Nighanthu, we read:


This verse explainthat kulthi has:

svād: good taste;

śūlanāśinī:  Sul means ‘pain’ – it can help in colic pain, mild colic pain in the stomach, by helping clear channels clogged with ama.

arśanāśinī: light and channel opening, eliminates unwanted materials from the physical channels; can thus help with hemorrhoids;

vibandhādhmānaśamanī: Two actions are indicated here: helps if there is a tendency towards mild constipation; and opens channels to help samana vata of the stomach move freely as it should;

cakṣuṣyā: Because it is channel opening and carries a lot of nutrients; it helps with the health and longevity of chakshu, the eyes.

vraṇaropaṇī:  It clears and detoxes the circulatory channels and thus helps any wound or ulcer receive more prana, which may help heal ulcers and wounds.

The Carak Samhita says the prabhava or ultimate effect of Kulthi is ashmarinashan. Ashma means ‘stone’ and Ari means ‘enemy.’ When calcium-bound micro-molecules in the body start accumulating to form a stone, those molecules behave like an enemy.   This is why gallstones and urinary stones are called ashmari.  The ultimate effect or prabhava of Kulthi is therefore known to be ashmarinashan – destroying the enemy, destroying the stones – or any other type of calcification that acts in a hostile manner.

To really appreciate the wonderous work this little lentil does, let’s take a deeper ayurvedic look at the process of calcification.  My father used to explain this process in terms of imbalances in the sandhi, or gap, or in relation to the dhatu agni of the bone tissue – the asthi-agni.  Whenever asthi-agni is  compromised, that is, it can be either: low (manda), high (tikshna), or variable – sometimes low sometimes high, (vishama), the absorption and transformation of calcium goes into trouble, and then calcium goes unused, and starts the calcification process.  Why does the agni in the bone tissue gets compromised in the first place? If/when you consume synethetic, or heavy, or too much fat, your body is unable to process it, then you make ama, toxic build-up, in your fat tissue. Toxins from the fat get deposisted in the fat tissue. Since the fat tissue constitutes the raw material for asthi or the bone tissue, if it is impaired and not functioning well, then the bone tissue will also get impaired. The toxic build-up from the fat tissue gets transmitted to the bone tissue and puts out and imbalances the dhatu agni of the bone tissue. It’s that simple.

So when you are also ingesting unintelligenct calcium made from a bad source – many calcium supplements in the market nowadays are made from eggshells, bone meal, and all kinds of materials which should not be ingested – then you are making the situation worst. If you asthi agni is already compromized, and you are also ingesting bad calcium that is getting deposited further in your bone tissue, you are supporting further calcification. This is one reason that in spite of high calcium supplementation, many women not only still experience poor bone health, but further inflammatory conditions and problems.

As always, I recommend that you EAT what your body needs. That is, if your body needs calcium, try to eat calcium-rich foods before thinking about supplementing. No medicine is needed if you maintain a balanced diet made of fresh intelligent foods. However, if things have gone too far to correct through just food, and calcium supplementation is necessary, then I recommend either my Soma Cal Capsules and/or my Soma Cal HMN (drops.)

Soma Cal is made exclusively from coral calcium branches that are sustainably harvested and ecologically grown. The coral is gathered from ‘above the sea’ coral calcium, not dredged up from under the sea.  For one, this method is more eco-friendly.  Second, due to concerns of radiation contamination, the coral branches we use are sourced from the Caribbean, not Okinawa – a primary source of commercially used coral.

But you should also know that there is more to calcification conditions. Calcification that results from over-supplementation is not the end of the story.  Garvisha (xenobiotics) from pesticides; chemical fumes you may be exposed to in your car, or in house-cleaning products; preservatives you may be consuming through your food; heavy metals (in your tooth fillings); or amavisha, reactive toxic junk that may be sitting in your own body from years of poor detox; all these can fuse with the unused calcium in your body and form virulent toxic crystals.

Garvisha, or exogenous toxins, carry a vikasi property, that is: they easily cross the gaps of the dhatus to quickly reach the deepest tissues, including asthi dhatu, or the bone tissue.  These toxic crystals, particularly those created from consuming ‘dumb’ calcium, or lack of proper agni or proper transformation, in the bone tissue bind together and result in a great problem.  Sometimes they get deposited in the physical bone or they float in the bone tissue, creating osteopenia or osteoporosis by hindering the proper formation of the bones.  This toxic brew of ama and calcium can also wind up in our feet as gout, or in our fingers as hard bumpy arthritis nodules, or harden our arteries and glands.

Be careful about what goes in your body. When you brush your teeth with chemically preserved toothpaste, for example, the toxins absorbed from your oral mucosa can reach the bones and crystallize with undigested or partially transformed calcium. These xenobiotics can even cross the intelligent barriers of the dhatus and go to majja dhatu or the bone marrow.  When toxic build-up occurs in the bone tissue, cancer or auto-immune related diseases can happen.

Even on its own terms, untransformed calcium can cause gall stones, renal stones, and deposit anywhere else in the body.  In my SVA practice, I often recommend that people age 40 and above consume Kulthi twice a week to disintegrate any possible micro crystals floating in their body. Or to do so if anyone has even a remote tendency to have less asthi-agni. When used correctly and regularly, the kulthi lentil can perform miracles.

My colleague and SVA practitioner, Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum, has been recommending this to her patients for several years. Here is what she had to say about it:

I love these lentils – Vaidya had taught me how to use them first to break up kidney stones. My first case history using them for breaking up kidney stones was in a 60-year-old man who had an extremely large stone. His doctors warned him that it was going to be extremely painful when he passed it. He came to me to see if there was anything he could do to shrink it. I put him on a regimen of kulthi lentils for 3 months. Then he went back and had an ultrasound and the stone was completely gone! 

How Kulthi Breaks the Rocks of Calcification

Kulthi grows in very sunny areas, so it inherently carries a lot of the energy of the sun. It also grows in rocky areas, and is endowed with the ability to break the calcified crystals of amavisha and garvisha, helping clean and clear the circulatory channels and resulting in overall good health.  Kulthi does this by its ashmarinashan prabhava, which increases the asthi-agni, restoring it to its fully functional intelligence.

This action helps in two ways:  If someone is or has been eating dumb calcium, Kulthi lentils can disintegrate and help pull out the unused calcium.  Or, if someone is eating good calcium but has an imbalance in asthi-agni, kulthi can help correct that imbalance.  Even people eating calcium-rich food must still have great asthi-agni to transform that calcium.  Kulthi increases the agni of the bone tissue and disintegrates deposited calcium.  In this way, kulthi nourishes the bones, breaks existing calcifications, and even hinders new formations from occuring.

Kuthi – A Superfood in Its Own Right

I’ve been recommending kulthi to all who come to see me with calcification problems, and they’ve been experiencing great results. However, since it was hard to procure on the market, I decided to make it available through www.chandika.com In addition, since kulthi can also be hard to cook, I’ve decided to give different options to make it palatable and easy to prepare. Let’s talk about that power and how to prepare and use my delicious and nutritious SVA Kulthi, Kulthi Vadis, and my newest Kulthi products – Kulthi Instant Vegan Protein Powder & Kulthi Split Lentils.  

Many SVA clients are already decalcifying their bodies and enjoying the nutty flavor of my wild-crafted Kulthi Dhal.  Kulthi is quite nourishing as well and a good addition to anyone’s diet. It has a very low glycemic index and very few calories. It enhances the digestive fire or pachak agni and the dhatu agnis, making sure that no ama or semi-digested material is formed.  It also provides a good source of vegetarian protein.  On top of that, Kulthi can assist with weight loss or the maintenance of optimal weight, especially when cooked with one of my Garcinia Masalas.  Kulthi owns an excellent nutritional profile.  We might as well just call it an undiscovered ‘Superfood.’

For 100 grams of kulthi lentil, this is what the nutritional contents look like:


Kala Channa – Your Other Superfood!

Speaking of Superfoods, I have to also remind you about the amazing nutritional benefits of kala channa, or black chickpeas. I recently launched my Instant Vegan Protein Powder  made from specially processed kala channa – black chickpeas. This high-protein powder for shakes, smoothies, or sprinkling on food is much like Kulthi an amazing addition to any diet, and carries all the properties of a Superfood. I specifically want to mention it here because it also helps build strong bones (calcium), build blood (iron), form strong muscles (protein), fortify immunity (iron and folic acid), and provide a great dietary supplement for everyone.  It’s particularly nutritious and supportive for anyone with auto-immune or blood sugar metabolism problems.

Nutritional Profile and Facts per 100 grams of Kala Channa

•    Carbohydrates: 45 grams

•    Protein: 15 grams (30 percent of daily value) 

•    Calories: 2260 (‘Clean’ calories)

•    Sugar:  9 grams (Very minimal sugar)

•    Glycemic Index: Seven  to eight (A perfect glycemic index)

•    Fat:  0% (Fat only in whole lentil. Removed in roasting process).

•    Dietary Fiber:  12 – 18 grams.  (A great source of dietary fiber and pre-biotic)

•    Potassium 477 mg (14% of daily value)

•    Sodium:  300 mg

•    Ratio of Sodium to Potassium:  Idea ratio of these vital minerals

•    Iron: 4.7 mg (28% daily value. Essential for hemoglobin and tissue oxygenation)

•    Calcium:  80 mg  (8% daily value)

•    Folate:  282 micrograms (71% daily value. Helps prevents birth defects; boost immune system; very essential trace mineral.)


SVA Guidelines for Consuming Kulthi

In India, Vaidyas traditionally recommend kulthi lentils for gallstones, kidney stones, and other calcifications.  But Kulthi should not be eaten more than 2 x weekly, and it is best to eat it along with binders (okra, taro root, arrow root, barley, etc.). The SVA logic is that once the calcifications disintegrate we need to bind the micro toxins so they come out safely and fully.   This recommendation is mandatory with whole Kulthi, especially in known conditions.  In a heavy dose or with frequent use, whole Kulthi can break the stones rather quickly.  Disintegrated stones can have sharp edges, which can damage the srotas or physical circulaory channels as they pass through and out of the body.

Because of this, I thought about making two additional kulthi products that can be eaten safely – in proper quantity – on a daily basis: SVA Organic Mung Kulthi Vadis and Kulthi Instant Vegan Protein Powder. This is the safest ways to consume this lentil and still get all the benefits.

Kulthi Instant Vegan Protein Powder – For Safe, Daily Use

I am very happy to introduce to you my latest SVA product, the Instant Kulthi Detox Protein Powder. I have taken wildcrafted Kulthi lentils and carefully dry roasted them, de-husked them, and stone-ground them.  Pre-roasting makes the Kulthi lighter and easier to digest, without losing its pranic energy or ashmarinashan prabhava.  With a rich and distinctive nutty flavor, this powder gives the properties and benefits of whole Kulthi without any hassle.  It does ZERO cooking.  Mix in with some water and drink; or sprinkle and mix 2 TBSP per person on your vegetables, or soups or any broth, after cooking.  Unlike whole kulthi, this powder can be consumed daily because I reduced the inherent heat by soaking the lentils in water for 24 hours.  After the water is discarded, I steam clean, dry roast, and remove the husk, which also carries more agneya or heating properties.  This unique process retains the effectiveness while giving greater safety.  For maximum benefit, consume daily but do not exceed 4 tablespoons per day.

Instant Kulthi Vegan Protein Powder Recipes

Shortly after getting the powder from India, I experimented in my kitchen and came up with some tasty and fast recipes. You can also make up your own and email us.

1) Kulthi with Cabbage. Add shredded cabbage to a pan, add a little sesame oil, fine chopped ginger, green chilies (optional) and Soma Salt.  Stir and cover to capture the aroma.  Cook over medium to low heat for about ten minutes.  (Stir again while cooking.) Keep it a little crunchy.  Remove from heat and sprinkle on Kulthi powder, two tablespoons per person.  This dish comes out so flavorful, like a Chinese stir fry – minus the soy and garlic!

2) Kulthi Hummus. A creamy spread that looks and tastes just like hummus, but is better than hummus! Combine two tablespoons of this powder with two tablespoons of my original Instant Vegan Protein Powder. Now add one tsp. of fresh lime juice, Soma Salt per taste, Virgin Olive oil ½ tsp, and one-half tsp of grated ginger.  Mix in water to thicken and give texture.  Or, make a pro-biotic version by mixing with freshly made yoghurt.  Eat as is or as a spread with some crackers or bread.

3) Kulthi Protein Patties.  Make a very thick paste with Kulthi powder, a little olive oil and Soma Salt.  This will give you a nutty tasting protein patty.  To make it tastier (though not necessary) put it in a toaster for a few minutes and serve warm.

4) Kulthi & Rice. Of course, you can get the benefits of Kulthi just by sprinkling the powder on rice with Mum’s Ghee and Soma Salt.  Be sure to mix well.  This will give your rice a delicious, nutty flavor.  You can put original Instant Vegan Protein Powder on your rice as well.

5) Kulthi Instant Beverage. Mix your powder, water, Soma Salt and drink it the instant way.  To make it tastier, blend with lime juice and chopped cilantro leaf.  Gives instant energy. Best way to make when traveling. You can alternately add some yoghurt with the water to make a protein lassi!

Kulthi powder goes great on savory (sour and salty) dishes.  But, it does not go with or taste good with sweet dishes.  For sweet dishes (including use in milk) use my Instant Vegan Protein Powder – made with ground and roasted black chickpeas.

Mung & Kulthi Vadis (Regular & Spicy)

Here is a quick, easy, nutritious way to introduce protein from lentils to your diet with ‘vadi’ – pronounced ba-reeA vadi is a ‘lentil dumpling’ popular in North India. It adds a unique texture and flavor to any meal or as a stand-alone. It is light yet highly nutritious.  A safe and delicious way to detox and get your protein intake, the Mung and Kulthi Vadis are more specific for maintaining proper calcium metabolism. You can combine them with your vegetables and protein, in soups or broths, or just eat alone in broth.  They go very well with louki (an indian squash that can be purchased from Indian or Asian grocery stores, sometimes also called “opo”) but these vadis make all dishes delicious!

•    Mung and Kulthi Vadi: 80% Organic Mung and 20% Wild-Harvested Kulthi, Organic Turmeric Powder, & Soma Salt

•    Spicy Mung and Kulthi Vadi: 50% Mung with 50% Kulthi, along with Mum’s Masala, Thai chilies, and traces of Asafoetida and Black Salt for deeper detox.

Cooking Instructions:  Place 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of vadis in a dry pan, stir and toast until color turns golden and aroma is released. Add Mum’s Ghee or the oil of your choice, add the spices of your choice (cumin seeds, ginger, curry leaves, or Mum’s Masala).  Mix well, then add 1/2 cup water. Cook for 3-5 minutes on medium heat until soft. Your vadis with broth are ready to serve. You may add fresh squeezed lime and a few sprigs of fresh cilantro. You may also add vegetables or protein to your vadi.  Add these just before adding the water to make the broth. If you are adding paneer, it will not need additional cooking time; however, chicken will need to be precooked or pre-steamed. Vadis also go great with rice or quinoa. Learn more about Mung and Kulthi Vadi and how to prepare them on my YouTube channel.

Wild-Crafted Kulthi Dhal (Black and Brown)

I have two types of whole Kulthi – Black & Brown.  Black Kulthi is very rare and has more minerals and a slightly different nutty flavor.  This Kulthi is very powerful.  I recommend this one for people who have a known problem, especially long-standing problem, of calcification.  Brown Kulthi is also powerful, but more appropriate for on-going consumption.  Consequently, neither of these dhals should be eaten more than 2 x weekly and no more than 2 tablespoons at a time per person.

Whole Kulthi takes lots of time to cook because of its hard rocky nature. In order to remedy this, dry toast it in a pan, grind in a coffee/spice grinder, then soak overnight.  Cook the next day.  You don’t have to grind it before each use.  Grind and toast a large quantity, store in a glass jar, and remove a portion for each use.

Don’t eat Kulthi alone.  It’s too powerful.  It’s always best to cook 50% Kulthi with 50% mung or masoor lentils along with any recommended or desired spices.  Combining Kulthi with the other lentils is a samyog (intelligent combination) that minimizes the potential to over-heat the bone tissue -asthi dhatu.

Your dhal will need at least 45 minutes cooking time in 32 ounces of water. (About 20 – 30 minutes in pressure cooker.)  Always cook with one teaspoon per person coriander powder, some Mum’s Ghee, and add Soma Salt per taste at the end.  Coriander will pull out toxins through the urinary system and Mom’s Ghee will smooth the micro particles of calcification (and any toxins released) and lubricate the channels.

Ingredients: Wild-Crafted whole Kulthi lentils (Black & Brown)

Directions: Use only two tablespoons of Kulthi per person.  Mix with vegetables, soups, broths, on rice, etc.  Consume only 2 x weekly.

Kulthi Split Lentils

This is a new product, also useful – but more convenient – when a person has a specific calcification condition and for on-going consumption.  It is split, pre-toasted, and de-husked.  It saves preparation time; and because it has no husk, it cooks faster – about 20 minutes.  But, the cooking directions are basically the same as above.  Use the same amount of water, as it’s best taken a little soupy.  Please note that neither the split lentils nor the whole lentils will become totally mushy.  No matter how much you cook them, they will be crunchy in the middle.  This is normal.

Ingredients: Wild-Crafted brown Kulthi pre-toasted, de-husked, and split.

Directions: Use only two tablespoons of Kulthi per person.  Mix with vegetables, soups, broths, on rice, etc.  Consume only 2 x weekly.

Kulthi with Garcinia Masala (Excellent for Weight Loss & Maintenance)

Another way to use Kulthi Dhal is cook it with Garcinia, the ‘holy grail of weight loss.’  You can use it this way to lose or maintain your weight.  To make this easy for you, I formulated three different Garcinia Masalas (spice mixes): Vata, Pitta and Kapha. In weight gain situations, shleshaka kapha typically goes high.  But sometimes due to channel blockage, vyana vata can go high; and due to a hot liver and hot stomach, pitta can go high too.  That’s why I made three kinds of Garcinia Masala.  Choose accordingly the Vata, Pitta or Kapha masala.

Simply cook either your whole Kulthi (Black or Brown) or your Kulthi Split Lentils as previously described.  You simply modify those recipes by adding ½ tsp. your choice of SVA Garcinia Masala.  Besides helping with weight loss or maintenance, Kulthi with Garcinia Masala tastes incredible!

So to wrap things up, calcification is quite common, and while it may not always cause major stone formations, in the big picture, it does impact our health.  Eating highly nutritious Kulthi not only supports the body’s calcium metabolism, it’s also great for our energy and daily requirement of essential nutrients. Here’s to your health – enjoy!

Precautions: Whole Kulthi and Kulthi Split Lentils – Do not consume more than 2 x weekly and not more than 2 tablespoons per serving in a day.  The Kulthi Vegan Protein Powder can be taken daily up to 4 tablespoons.  Anyone with a known or recurring calcification condition is advised to first consult with their primary medical provider. Do not give any of the Kulthi products to children 10 years or younger.

These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All of the information above is intended to be used for educational purposes only and may not be used to replace or compliment medical advice.


The sole purpose of this blog is to provide information about the alternative healing modalities of Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda (SVA) as practiced in Vaidya Mishra's ancestral family tradition. The information contained herein is not intended for use in the diagnosis, prevention or cure of any disease. If you have any serious, acute or chronic health concern, please consult a licensed health professional who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. Otherwise, for more information, you may call Vaidya Mishra's Prana Center toll free in the USA at 1.888.3CHANDI (888.324.2634). or 1.818.709.1005 globally, or email us at: info@prana-center.com. You may also visit: www.vaidyamishra.com, or www.chandika.com

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