Charak Course Kapha Dosha

Thanks to the generous donation of our sponsors, this Charak Course lecture on kapha is free of charge.

Learn about the third dosha, kapha in this two hour lecture by Vaidya Mishra.  In this course, you will learn all of the qualities of kapha and how to maintain its balance.

You may know that kapha is heavy and full of soma.  You may know that it is kapha which gives structure to our physical body.  But do you know all of the qualities (gunas) of kapha?

During spring season you may especially notice that kapha increases in your body.  When you know all of the qualities of kapha from the ancient texts, you will be better able to choose food and activities that balance kapha instead of aggravate it unknowingly.

Download the PDF course notes here.

Download the two hour audio file here.