Why is Neem Good for your Skin? – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Nov 18, 2021 – #45, Vol 11

What’s In Your Soap & Bodywash?
Do you know what the chemical ingredients and synthetic scents and additives in commercial soap or body wash do to your skin? They not only strip your skin of its natural oil balance, drying it out, but they also depopulate the colonies of friendly bacteria, AND deliver synthetic toxic chemicals -preservatives, and fragrances – transdermally and instantly into your blood stream and therefore to your entire physiology – WITHIN SECONDS!
The majority of soaps on the market carry toxic foaming agents (SLS), or preservatives (Parabens), or many more coloring and aromatizing synthetic chemicals that reduce the natural lubrication of the skin with regular use. The skin is governed by 3 ayurvedic principles: shleshak kapha, vyana vata, and bhrajak pitta. Shleshak kapha helps maintain moisture levels and keep the skin lubricated; Vyana vata keeps the balance of friendly bacteria and nutrients of the skin well distributed; and Bhrajak pitta – the agneya or metabolic principle – protects the skin by warding off unwanted particles and molecules from entering and going into the blood stream, while it invites and takes in all good molecules that are applied on the skin. Just like we take extra measures not to imbalance the 3 doshas in our stomach or whole body, just so we need to pay attention and take care of not aggravating the doshas governing the skin. When you use soaps and cleaning products with chemicals, you disrupt the balance established by these 3 ayurvedic one after another, and you may eventually develop chronic skin imbalances. For example, regular soap bars dry your skin – this means shleshak kapha goes low. When Shelshak kapha is off, then vyana vata goes high automatically, and this eventually brings down bhrajak pitta – the skin loses its intelligence as to what to absorb and what to reject. Using a drying synthetic soap bar for prolonged periods of time may eventually invite deeper imbalances.
 Vaidya’s unique SVA aromatherapy soaps are made with the best organic Shea Butter, packed with the goodness of flower and plant essences, to achieve optimal therapeutic benefits. They also all contain Sweet orange – Sweet orange is an uplifting aroma whose properties also include: digestive, diuretic, expectorant, fungicidal, stimulant, stomachic, tonic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, carminative. 
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Why Is Neem Good for Your Skin?
Neem is yet another divine very bitter tasting herb that is well known and used extensively in Ayurveda internally and externally. Neem, overall, is used for detoxification, especially of the skin, and for immuno-modulation.
In Sanskrit neem leaf is called nimba. The Ayurvedic text Bhava Prakash describes it as sheeta (cooling), tikta (bitter), grahi (enhancing absorption), katupaka (pungent effect after digestion), and krimipranut (making it hard for harmful microbes to live with).

Neem is one of the most powerful herbs for detoxifying the liver. With the compromised state of the modern physiology and liver in the world today, this herb must be used with extreme caution: if the liver is detoxified too quickly, the old toxins sitting there will go back into the bloodstream and relocate in other parts of the body with the potential to cause serious problems and disease. That’s why Vaidya developed Trans-dermal and Trans-mucosal application of this potent plant. 
Neem Transdermally is Safer!
Neem taken in large doses is very powerful. In fact, the crude form of this herb should not be taken in large doses as it may awaken the detox process faster than the toxins can be safely evacuated. Neem soap, however, delivers many of the properties of neem that support immunity but in a manner that will not overwhelm the body’s detox pathways. 
Another benefit of neem in the transdermal delivery system is that it can be used directly on targeted areas of the skin, when and as/where needed for gentle detox and to support skin immunity. For example, here is what you can expect with the Soap:

  • Transdermal absorption of neem while you bathe
  • Only the prabhavas (special qualities) of neem are delivered. The highly bitter and detoxifying rasa (taste) is not present.
  • Allows for targeted topical application of neem on specific areas of the skin
  • No SLS foaming agent or harsh preservatives found in most soaps
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