“What’s in Your Travel Bag?” by Corinna Maharani, plus: Mini SVA Retreat in Santa Barbara – CA; Shyama- A Dance Drama not to be missed! Vaidya Mishra’s Newsletter June 28, 2018, # 25, Vol 8

What’s in your travel bag?
Greetings from Germany! 
When I take to the road, I like to bring along my favorite “life savers” in my handbag. Keeping your precious self-care favorites near is simply smart when you’re on the road! 
While traveling, Vata Dosha becomes easily imbalanced, and you may experience symptoms such as general dryness, anxiety, digestive issues – which can result in crazy cravings and even constipation. Excess movement enhances the air and space qualities in our bodies. Any mobility/movement carries the properties of the air and space elements in the universe. Whenever we are on the move and we don’t take a break, we accumulate more air and space elements and those translate in our body as “vata dosha” or imbalances of “vata,” namely: poor digestion, anxiety, dryness, etc. There are many things you can do to pacify Vata, or to avert becoming Vata imbalanced, specially when you are travelling. 
I would like to share with you my favorite tips and SVA “must take with you” items, created by my teacher – Vaidya R.K. Mishra.

Soma Netra Eye drops made with Rosewater: Dry and reddish eyes love these refreshing drops of cooling rosewater, and keep you from looking like a rabbit when your relatives meet you at the airport! 
Blissful Awakening Facial Mist: Sandalwood scented facial spray will help keep your mind clear and calm while stress is high at the airport. Also your breathing pathways will be thankful to breath in some moisture. But keep in mind that any aroma can disturb your travel neighbors. I spray a little on my face or on my scarf and feel like a Maharani – no pun intended, haha!!! 

Nasal drops: Called Nasya in Ayurveda, these nasal drops are made of herbalized oil, oleating your mucus membrane to keep it from dryness and protecting the nasal cavity from unhealthy air-born particles. My favorite Nasya drops are the Gymnema Nasya drops, but there are some others worth considering, such as: Maha Nasya; Tridoshic Nasya oil; or the lovely Ida Pingala drops
Stay healthy/kill germs: In any place where millions of humans are transiting, like airports, we get exposed to multiple, unfamiliar germs and viruses. I carry a tiny spritzer of “Tribindu,” a natural spray that has antibacterial and antiviral properties, and rub it on my hands. This is especially great when I find myself trapped in an airline seat and can’t get up to wash before the long awaited lunch tray arrives (yeah to plastic food)! But did you also know that the scent of Tribindu repels mosquitos?! You can choose between Tribindu with Tulsi (Holy Basil – that carries so many healing properties) or the regular Tribindu (without Holy Basil). 
Speaking of food: while traveling, do not drink alcohol or anything that dehydrates you, like coffee. Also – it is best not to activate the digestion much, so eat light and chose semi solid, soupy and warming foods – these help keep Vata dosha in check!
My favorite neck wrap: bringing silk is the bomb when you are on the road and while I lean towards a vegan lifestyle in general, I have many silk worms on my conscience! I always deeply appreciate my orange scarf because, daaahhh, it’s orange, my favorite color!!!!  But this lovely scarf was also a gift from my teacher – him and his wife Melina brought it back for me from India. Wearing silk around your face and neck and shoulders can help purify the air, keep your head and shoulders warm (important when trying to reduce/balance Vata). In the summer it also transforms into a cool wrap – that’s the unique property of silk and why it is so prized – it keeps you just at the right temperature: neither hot nor cold. And um, sorry, you can’t have the wrap, IT’S MINE …but here is the link to order all the other wonderful SVA products – order HERE.
So tell us, what favorite MUST-HAVE SVA products are you carrying in your travel bag this summer?!!  
Corinna Maharani is a certified Shaka Vanshiya Ayurvedic educator and expert; as well as a panchakarma therapist. She offers courses and treatments at her clinic in Santa Barbara. For more information, visit: www.maharani.us

because you deserve it!
it’s time to give yourself the break you’ve been promising yourself and hand your body over to expert therapists!

This event is organized with Maharani Ayurveda, a SVA clinic in Santa Barbara where you can sign up for panchakarma and SVA treatments. Call or email Corinna Maharani to find out more: www.maharani.us
Vaidya’s Best-sellingToxin-Free
Devi Incense

Aside from chemical toxicity, there is another very important reason why you want to chose only 100% pure aromas – only natural aromas contain the subtle prabhavas, special divine properties, of the herbs. The artificial aromas in most incenses today add toxicity to your environment and your body in the name of spiritual purification. Do you really want to breathe in toxins while you meditate? Choose to use an incense that will open your mind and heart to the divine without creating toxins for your body. In fact, this incense is designed specifically to detoxify the lungs with the herbs contained in it. Pushkarmool and Indian Sarsaparilla both help to detoxify the lungs. There is a whole chapter of Charak Samhita, the oldest textbook of Ayurveda, devoted to the therapeutic effects of herbal remedies delivered in smoke form.
Ingredients & their properties
this incense comes in loose moist powder form and is to be used on a burner (charcoal) as shown in the image above
Pushkarmool: strengthens and detoxifies the lungs
Frankincense Pearl: divine aroma which opens the heart lotus and helps to connect the individual consciousness to the universal consciousness—this frankincense is collected directly from the tree and is delivered to you with no alteration;
Indian Sarsaparilla:  purifies the lungs
Camphor: highly aromatic and purifying—we use only natural camphor – not synthetic
Lavender oil : calms the mind
Himalayan cedar oil: aromatic, divine tree which opens the heart and expands consciousness
Grapefruit oil: adds a subtle aroma
Mom’s Ghee: divine vibration of cow’s ghee coordinates all of the other ingredients and adds sattwa.

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