Tridoshic Coconut & Curry Leaf Chutney? Yes Please! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Sept 3, 2020 – #34, Vol 10

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Love coconut but don’t know how to eat it? Coconut is cold and full of soma and even though we crave it we may not be able to fully digest it regardless of which body type you are, unless your digestive fire, pachak agni, is fully on. This Coconut Curry Leaf Chutney was one of Vaidya Mishra’s favorites and it supports agni! It takes 5 minutes to make and will give you extended bliss through a hot summer day. In addition, we have once more supplied the details on Mom’s Masala – a highly versatile delicious tridoshic balancing blend of spices that adds flavor and balance to this or any other chutney. Mom’s Masala will add layers of subtle flavors to your meals – soups, salads, lassi, fruit, and more!
Vaidya shared this wonderful spice mix (masala) with us as it was his very favorite – his mother used it. It is not pungent, it is tridoshic, and what’s best, it is pre-toasted so you can use it with or without cooking. Plus, no need to add salt – already contains Soma Salt. So you can just sprinkle this delicious masala not only to add more flavor to your food, whether it’s a salad or a soup or rice or protein, but you can also sprinkle it on top of your fruit slices. It’s a highly versatile masala, with layered flavors. It will not overtake your meal with a strong “curry” smell. It blends in very gently into whatever you add it to, bringing out the flavors of your meal without overpowering it. What’s even better than that? Read all about what it does in your body! Each ingredient serves a purpose and was added to work harmoniously with all the others. So you support your metabolism, re-ignite your digestive fire, pacify all 3 doshas, and have a happy lovely day – because our digestion is at the root of our health and happiness as we all know…
What’s in Moms’ Masala & Why?
21 Ingredients in Mom’s Super-Spice & Why They’re Good for You:
Coriander Seed: A pro-diuretic spice, calming, blood-cleansing, cools the mind, helps evacuate ama-visha from the body;
Cumin: digestive spice, burns ama, provides good environment for the friendly bacteria in the colon;
Turmeric: an anti- inflammatory, anti-oxidant, immuno-modulator supports liver detox (for more information see the book Turmeric Superspice);
Black Pepper: “channel-opener,” supports the digestive system, improves cellular oxygenation; Curry Leaf: an aromatic leaf that supports liver detox;
Fenugreek seed: improves fat and sugar metabolism;.
Fennel Seed: harmonizing, carminative, cooling for the digestive system;
Tejpatta (Indian Cinnamon Leaf): improves sugar metabolism;
Mace: Calming, satisfying, fragrant;
Green Cardamom: tridosha pacifying, aromatic, cooling, supports and balances the digestive system; supports the flow of “prana” to heart;
Large Cardamom: supports the taste buds, the digestive system;
Cinnamon Tamala: enhances flame (agni) supports downward (normal) flow of apana;
Clove: appetizer, taste bud enhancer, digestive, enhances the secretion of salivary glands – a special spice for pacifying pitta and enhancing agni;
Cobra Safran: appetizing, digestive, enhances hydration and Molecular absorption, supports the probiotic environment of the colon;
Pink Pepper: mild aromatic anti-oxidant;
White Pepper: mildly pungent aromatic anti-oxidant;
Cinnamon- China: digestive, appetizing, supports the liver;
Cinnamon- India: enhances sugar metabolism, enhances absorption of nutrients; purifies the blood and increases ojas production;
Ajwain: enhances the taste buds, appetizer, supports the digestive system;, supports the downward flow of apana vata, pacifies stomach colic, builds the intestine a good environment to grow good bacteria for pro-biotic support;
Kalonji: supports the flow of digestive enzymes;
Ayurvedically dried ginger: appetizing, taste enhancing, pacifies samana vata, supports the digestive system to fight colic, enhances protein synthesis;
Soma Salt: tridoshic cooling salt.
(Serving size ½ to 1 tsp twice a day)

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