TODAY@3 PM: The Gall Bladder – with Dr Teitelbaum; Plus: Mental, Emotional, & Physical Rejuvenation – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter April 14, 2022 – #12, Vol 12

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SVA Home Detox is NOT panchakarma; it’s not an organ-flush program (liver, colon, or lymph); it’s not a juice or fast cleanse; or a fat-burning diet; or something else that might be trending nowadays… SVA Home Detox is a full protocol designed by Vaidya Mishra to allow yourself the time to let-go and release, in order to recover and reset body, mind, and heart. It comes with clear step-by-step guidelines with a treasure trove of easy and delicious recipes. Plus: an ancient technique to revitalize your body’s energetic cosmic channels for mental and emotional rejuvenation (see Samadhi Marma video below).
The program also highlights the different types of toxins. It’s not just about what and when you eat, but also about the toxins you create through stress and emotional upset (watch the video immediately below). And environmental chemical as well as “vibrational” toxins. This is a crucial aspect of SVA Home Detox: identifying the toxins and designating their exit pathways is half the job done! You will gain a wealth of knowledge that you can use over and over again - literally for the rest of your life! And as Vaidya Mishra always added: “this is ancient time-tested knowledge that has never been recalled!”

When it comes to the area of food and your mood, specifically depression, there is so much that Ayurveda can offer us. Changing your bedtime and waking up earlier resets your entire metabolism helping you fight off mood swings and regulating your hormonal system. That’s a first step. The second would be avoiding foods incompatible with your bodily needs -and you don’t know until you know! Third: would be consuming foods that support your optimal health and happiness. And finally: when/if needed supplementing with herbs transdermally and/or orally to further support overall balance. 
Modern science is still researching this topic. A recent article from Harvard* asked: “can the things you eat influence your risk for depression — and can dietary changes potentially improve your mental health?” And their conclusion: “the research regarding dietary factors and depression is still inconclusive, (…) but there have been hints that food may play a role in depression.” With Ayurveda we can proceed with confidence in our choice of diet and food items – ayurvedic understanding of “dravya” – edible medicinal items – is unparalleled in its depth and breadth. Join us to discover what the ancient time-tested science of Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda can teach you about the relationship between your food and your mood – and so much more.

*Ref: click here click here to read the Harvard article on Depression & Diet
This year, we are delighted to offer an even more integral experience of SVA Detox with additional knowledge modules, enhanced by video footage of Vaidya Mishra
~ learn directly from the master himself ~
Watch 2 clips below to get a taste of to expect

Reset bliss and balance in heart and mind during and after detox – the science of Marma for daily bliss!
Why Is Spring the Best Time to Detox?
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