The Gallbladder – Sign Up For Dr T! Plus: SPRING Detox – CATCH THE EARLY BIRD! One More Session with Sofia – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter March 31, 2022 – #10, Vol 12

Vaidya Mishra reminded us that the Ayurvedic texts say it clear and loud: shroto mayo purusha: “the whole body is nothing but shrotas.” What are these “shrotas”? The shrotas are physical channels (visible to the naked eye or microscopic) that circulate and deliver nourishment; heat; energy. Plus they carry the dhatu-s or tissues; evacuate toxins; and do so much more. Only when the channels are healthy and dilated/open, and free from acidic toxins, can overall health be optimal. Only when the channels are balanced can nourishment reach deep into the body and can toxins be evacuated completely from the body. Spring time is the time to support your body by clearing your channels, keeping them warm, and clear and free from seasonal/winter accumulation.
In the SVA lineage, we are very careful to maintain the intelligence in the shrotas which helps determine what to eliminate; how much to eliminate; when to eliminate; what to absorb; how much to absorb; where to deliver things to; when to deliver; how much to deliver.
Try a cup of Shrotto Shuddhi tea to find out for yourself. It will revive you, plus it’s full of flavor! A delicious blend of aromatic spices perfectly balanced and balancing eachother: Allspice; Cinnamon; Clove; Nutmeg; Mace; Black Pepper; Green Cardamom; Ginger; White pepper. Discover the delicious panoply of flavors created by Mother Nature, as you support your body’s balance and bliss!

This year, we are delighted to offer an even more integral experience of SVA Detox with additional knowledge modules, enhanced by video footage of Vaidya Mishra
~ learn directly from the master himself ~
Watch 2 clips below to get a taste of to expect

No Detox is complete without balancing heart and mind. With Vaidya Mishra’s SVA protocols, learn an ancient simple powerful technique to reset bliss and balance in heart and mind during detox – AND everyday for the rest of your days!
Why Is Spring the Best Time to Detox?
Another Opportunity to Study with Sofia

Vedic Fire Ceremony (Yagya)
World Peace, Harmony, and Unity
conducted on March 17, 2022, by the priests of the
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