The Gall Bladder – Replay of the Talk with Dr Teitelbaum ! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter May 26, 2022 – #18 Vol 12

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Did you miss Dr Teitelbaum’s talk on the Gall Bladder from April 14?

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In our sixth week of Spring Detox, we were delighted to have Evangeline Mangune (RYT, RMT, SVA Educator) guide our Samadhi Marma session. Find out more about her offerings and services:

 We then reviewed some aspects of vibrational cleansing with Donalda Fredeen, and further delved into an animated Q&A guided by Maxine Ruzicka. Our detox is going swell, with lots of interesting tidbits and anecdotal details. Spring is such a wonderful time to be sharing and growing together in SVA knowledge. Thank you to all our educators and SVA followers – you make the ride so much more wonderful. Namaste. 

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