Spring Detox Anyone? Catch the Early Bird – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 25, 2021 – #7, Vol 11

detox anyone? April 15 – June 3
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Ayurveda Practitioner/Herbalist Training
with Traci Webb & Guests
Starts March 2, 2021
Heal Yourself Naturally & Create a Career as Good for You as It is for the Planet!
 Are you ready to heal yourself and others naturally through ancient Ayurvedic herbal wisdom?
Are you ready to take your Ayurvedic Herbal & Body Wisdom to the next level? Ready to stop the confusion and overwhelm of learning it alone?
 Attention all nature-loving wellness pros, parents, yogis, and massage therapists..
* Ayurvedic herbal properties and usages of over 150 ayurvedic herbs
* Heal imbalances naturally in each bodily system
* Learn to source the root cause of imbalances through the special Ayurvedic imbalance mapping system
* Make your own herbal medicines
* Launch your Ayurveda Herbalist career or herbal product line
*Part of our Ayurvedic Practitioner Training
Your Experience:
* Weekly Video Lessons & Live Calls
* Monthly Community Ayurveda Health Clinic Day
* Bimonthly Moon Meditations & Peer Support Circles
Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine Making Immersions
* Monthly one-on-one personal support sessions with your certified Ayurveda Herbalist
* Ayurvedic Herbal Internship (optional): including seeing live clients 1-on-1 and in group format, client intake forms & handouts
* 1-Day Ayurveda Self-Care Workshop
* 3-Day Ayurveda Assessment Immersion (learn to tell a person’s constitution, systems/organs of weakness, and more, thru face, tongue, pulse)
* 3-Week Shaktidetox (group guided detox)
* Textbook Delivered to Your Doorstep
* Downloadable Ayurveda Herbal Materia
Become a certified Ayurveda Herbalist in 2021!
Claim your spot to heal yourself naturally and launch a career which is as good for you as it is for the planet!
  • Join our gifted teachers with decades of clinical experience and wisdom. Traci is long time student of our beloved Vaidya Mishra whose lineage knowledge she joyfully and respectfully passes on with his permission in all of her programs and trainings. 
  • Dates: Starts February 2 / Deadline: January 30
  • Discount Code: CHANDIKA100 (take $100 OFF by January 30)
  • Schedule Discovery Call:  https://ayurvedicliving.youcanbook.me/ (* MENTION “Chandika” during your discovery call to receive $100 course discount and to support Chandi LLC)
  • Learn More & Register:  https://www.ayurvedicliving.com/a/20339/Kk3wJz9n

with Irina
Santa Barbara

Experience full SVA Marma and massage therapy services in Santa Barbara with Irina. Call or visit the website to book or find out more: www.somaskinspa.com
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We concluded our live assessment sessions yesterday with flying colors – CONGRATULATIONS to all who worked so hard to see this course through! YOU DID IT! We will be holding our virtual graduation ceremony on Thursday March 18, 2021.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at: info@prana-center.com, or call us: 1.818.709.1005

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