SVA Home Detox Notes (Includes Detox DVD)


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“SVA Home Detox” 2-DVD set, 4 ½ hours. (Includes SVA Home Detox Notes)

Safety in detoxification has been a big concern. This DVD will show you how to do “Home Detox” as a blissful and enjoyable experience.

Course overview:
•Which are the four kinds of toxins and where do they come from? — Ama, Amavisha, Gharvisha,  Indravajravijanyavisha (EMF). 
•The channels: beginning and end of total health. 
•Pathways through which the toxins enter into the physical body. 
•Impact of toxins on Shrotas and Sandhis — physical and vibrational channels. 
•How to avoid accumulation of all four kinds of toxins. 
•Safety measures for detox. 
•Safe and effective way of detox without any adverse side effects. 
•Why preparation of both physical and vibrational channels is necessary for detox. 
•Preparation of organs for detox, like: lungs, kidneys, liver and colon. 
•Method for preparing organs and channels for detox. 
•Protocols for preparation of channels through dietary guidelines, routine, herbs and Transdermal Marma System (TM). 
•Daily home detox, weekly home detox, fortnightly home detox, and monthly home detox 
•Main objective of this detox program is to clean organs, system, and tissues without damaging their existing intelligence while restoring their lost intelligence.


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