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Enjoy the divine sound of the bamboo flute and tabla by two master Gandharvans, Pandit Radha Prasad (flute) and Debashish Chaudhuri (tabla), live at the Prana Center, February 13, 2010. 

The music of the flute is played to open the lotus of the heart and allow the prana to flow through the nadis (vibrational channels) of the body again.  Vaidya Mishra gives a short explanation before the concert begins.  Total time 140 minutes.  This concert is also avaialbe in CD format.

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Five Ragas are included on this DVD

  1. Madhuvanti Alap Gat in Madhyalaya (medium tempo) and Drut (fast tempo) in Teen Tala (16 beats)
  2. Pahadi Dhun Gat in Drada Tala (6 beats) and Kaharva Tala (8 beats)
  3. Chandra Kauns Alap composition in Teen Tala (16 beats)
  4. Durga Alap Gat in Madhyalaya (medium temp) in Rupak Tala (7 beats) and Drut (fast tempo) in Teen Tala (16 beats)
  5. Bhairavi Dhun Gat in Dadra Tala (6 beats) and Kaharva Tala (8 beats)

Pundit Radha Prasad

Pt. Radha Prasad is a senior disciple of world famous flutist Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. He is a gifted and competent classical and light music performer. He has given numerous solo flute performances on All India Radio and National TV network in India and stage shows in Asia, Europe and U.S.A.

Pt. Radha Prasad was born and brought up in India and taught himself to play the bamboo flute at a very early age. He came to Bombay after hearing the music of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, India’s foremost and world renowned flutist, and received 18 years of rigorous and comprehensive training providing him with a broad knowledge of Indian classical and folk music and with mastery in bamboo flute.  In 1990 he was granted the degree of Master of Arts in Music by “Vrindaban Flute Institute” of Mumbai, India run by Pt. Chaurasia.  In 2003 he received the Alliance for the California Traditional Arts (ACTA) Award.

Radha Prasad has performed in various concerts all over India and has given several programs on All India Radio and Television.  He has toured Europe and USA with Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia teaching classes and workshops and giving performances. He has also superbly guided and tutored music students desiring to play Indian classical music on guitar, violin, or any other instrument.

The flute or the Bansuri is a traditional wind instrument fashioned from the bamboo reed, which has mythological associations with Lord Krishna, who is believed to have enchanted the Gopis of Brindavan with his divine flute.  The classical bamboo flute music of India is very ancient and rich in tradition.  The bamboo flute has remained simple with few embellishments and is a wondrous instrument in the hands of a skillful musician.  However it is difficult to obtain a good bamboo flute because there are very few qualified flute makers. For this reason, Radha Prasad himself makes professional quality bamboo flutes with great precision.

Radha Prasad established his own music institute in Los Angeles, teaching Indian classical and folk music to a large number of students.  He can be reached by telephone at (310) 316-7599 for classical and folk music concerts, lessons, film background music, music workshops and recordings.  Radha Prasad is an excellent Indian Classical and Folk music teacher. His teaching not only specializes in Indian Classical bamboo flute but also in various instruments such as Guitar, Violin etc

Debashish Chaudhuri

Debasish Chaudhuri is one of the most promising and acclaimed tabla players from Kolkata, India, currently based in Los Angeles, for the past three years.
He began learning Tabla (Indian hand percussion) from the age of five
 from late Pandit Nanku Maharaj of Benaras and subsequently from late Pandit Kanai Dutta of the Farukkabad gharana.
For more than thirty years, Debasish has been under the noble guidance of his guru and uncle, the world-renowned tabla maestro Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri of the Lucknow Gharana.
He is a graded All India Radio artist and has a diploma in tabla – “Sangeet Pravakar.”

 Debasish has performed in many concerts in India and in the United States, including tabla solos, percussion ensembles and accompanied with countless instrumentalists and vocalists namely, Dr. Omnakutty (vocal), Ajoy Pohankar (vocal), K. Sekhar (tavil)
, Ustad Aashish Khan (sarod),  Alam Khan (sarod), Ganesh Kumar (ganjira), Late Pandit V.G. Jog (violin), Kartick Seshadri (sitar), Pandit Jasraj (vocal), Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri (tabla) to name a few.

For the past three years, Debasish has been teaching tabla in the greater Los Angeles area and performing throughout the United States with various artists, including visiting renowned artists from India.
Previously he served as a tabla faculty for Pandit Jasraj School of Music Foundation, LA Chapter.  He is also a visiting tabla faculty for Rupak School of World Music – Los Angeles, CA, in Phoenix, Arizona

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