Pre & Pro- Biotics Inside Out with Dr T – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 7, 2019, #4, Vol 9

Inside and Out for Total Health
SV Ayurveda has always been aware of the fact that the gut is loaded with little “yoginis,” the term Vaidya’s father used to refer to the friendly bacteria. These friendly bacteria are the foundation of our health, as they stabilize the immune system, preventing it from losing its intelligence and attacking food or even worse – attacking the body and resulting in auto-immune conditions. This is why many people develop autoimmune diseases as their immune system spirals out of control. This is particularly the case if they have a history of taking birth control pills, extended use of antibiotics, immunizations, or other pharmaceuticals.  
We also now know that roughly 90% of the neurotransmitters for the brain are made in the gut. This is also why many children are extremely hyperactive nowadays, as many of them have never had the opportunity to grow the necessary colonies of friendly bacteria in their gut due to their incessant exposure to these various pharmaceuticals in their early childhood years, at a time crucial for their development.
The friendly bacteria also help the digestion of food, breaking it down into smaller and smaller particles, for proper assimilation into the cells. Studies performed on rats whose bowel flora were destroyed had to eat 30% more food in order to stay alive. Thus, when our gut flora is disturbed we can become weak as we are no longer able to absorb nutrients optimally.
Every breath we take has infection in it — viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Our friendly bacteria are the first line of defense, dismantling these harmful substances so that we don’t pick up every infection that is going around. When these delicate flora are depleted, it is easy to pick up colds and flus, and we will find that it takes longer to overcome them. Plus, we can develop infections in the throat, such as strep, or in the stomach, such as H. Pylori, or small intestine (SIBO), or candida albicans overgrowth in the intestines. 
There are also friendly bacteria in the bladder and vaginal tract, preventing bladder infections and other infections, such as human papilloma virus (HPV). Ironically, the shot they recommend for preventing HPV (known as the gardasil shot) destroys the friendly bacteria, making it easy to get this virus. Many of our patients who have a history of taking the birth control pill will find that later in life they will easily develop HPV, as the birth control pill depletes the friendly bacteria in the vaginal canal.
And many people will develop bladder infections (UTI’s) once their friendly bacteria are missing, usually from previous antibiotic use. We have helped hundreds of women slowly break the cycle of repeated UTI’s and antibiotic use, just by regrowing the friendly bacteria in the bladder and gut.
If you have been keeping up with our newsletters, you probably know all about the bowel floras’ function in preventing disease.
However, what many people may not be aware of is that the skin also harbors friendly bacteria for the same reason. Our skin is loaded without thousands of pathogens that could otherwise do us harm or cause infection. Luckily our skin’s probiotic cultures prevent infections from taking hold.
However, if very hot/acidic toxins, such as ama visha (from improper digestion of food — see previous articles) and gar visha (man-made environmental toxins — pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, air pollution and other chemicals) are exiting through the skin, they can destroy these delicate flora residing there, causing infection to take hold easily. Always remember that the skin is an organ of elimination, dumping toxins through the pores all day, every day. In this modern era people are exposed to many environmental toxins, burning the flora, then infection sets in.
I see many people with fungal infections, MRSA and other staph infections, who are given both antibiotic creams and oral antibiotics for these infections who fail to gain relief.  
While fresh home-made yoghurt is your best source of friendly bacteria, sometimes, for many different reasons, it is not possible to have it. Vaidya used to recommend supplementing with capsules. Natasha Trenev, owner of Protren probiotic company has stated that “Probiotics are to the 21st century what antibiotics were to the 20th.” She is absolutely correct! I have found that by treating the body internally with probiotics, many of these gut infections disappear fairly rapidly.  
The same is true of skin conditions. When you see infections on the skin, first think of replenishing the friendly bacteria instead of reflexively resorting to antibiotic use (unless it has developed to the point where it is life-threatening). We are so fortunate in that Vaidya was one of the first in the world to develop Prebiotic and Probiotic creams for the skin to do just that. 

The first step you have to take is to have the person stop taking the toxins in — they must change their diet in the ways we have described in previous newsletters, drink alkaline water, keep the digestive system alkaline by promoting proper bile flow and cooling down the heat in the liver. If the liver and blood are cool and alkaline, the toxins coming through the skin will cool down.
You also want to cool down the liver, using bhumi amla, DGL cream, liver clay. Next stop the reactivity of the toxins coming through the skin using manjistha drops or powder. Use coriander drops in water or a dilute coriander tea to direct the toxins away from the skin and into the urine. Rose petals in the tea and/or rose petal jam is also recommended because of their pitta-reducing activity. Neem (drops and/or powder) and zinc bhasma may also be used to address infections on the skin.
This patient depicted in these two photos had tried numerous rounds of antibiotics and steroids. Next she saw a holistically-oriented doctor who put her on milk thistle, turmeric, B vitamins, Vitamin C, zinc, L-glutathione and many other vitamins, unwittingly heating up her liver and blood more. This created a severe worsening of her eczema, erupting it into highly infected sores which caused the skin to break open and weep. She was in dire straits. This is when she presented to our clinic, after all else had failed.
I had her stop all the pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, changed her diet, put her on the herbs prescribed above, and once the skin was able to handle creams we recommended she use the Prebiotic and Probiotic Creams, as well as the Turmeric-Magnesium Oil for a daily oil massage. 

Her skin responded quickly, for which she was so grateful.
I see hundreds of patients whose skin is erupting with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, itching, weeping, and those with recurrent bouts of MRSA, all being treated incorrectly and not gaining any relief. I especially see people who are on statin drugs who have developed chronic and intense rashes and itching as these toxic drugs are dumped out through the sweat pores.

It is truly wonderful to help them regain the health of their skin and stop the repeated rounds of steroids and antibiotics as they cool and clean the liver, the blood, stop the unnecessary pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, and learn how to cleanse in a way that keeps the liver cool.
We are continually grateful to Vaidya Mishra, who developed these ingenious remedies to help these tortured patients regain the normal function of the skin easily and quickly.
To make an appointment with Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum call her clinic at: 1-856-786-3330

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